City Council’s Strategic Plan Framework

The framework concentrates on making North Bay a better place to live, work, play and learn.

The framework also defines values which are expected to guide the operations and decision making of the City.  Most important, key areas of concentration are defined.    These include;

  • Growth and Development: Creating a climate of compatible and community growth
  • Vibrant, Active, Healthy and Safe Community
  • Prudent operation of the City

Within each key area, specific goals and objectives are identified.  These goals and objectives will be the priorities which Council believes are important and which will be the focus.


Mayor’s Message

City Council has listened to the community's call for a common vision and a future path forward. Starting in January 2016, we have held five separate sessions for the purpose of establishing a strategic plan framework.

As Mayor of the city of North Bay, it gives me great honour to introduce North Bay City Council's 2016-2026 Strategic Plan Framework. While this framework will be used in guiding City operations, Council will engage the North Bay community and key stakeholders this September in a consultation process focusing on further developing the Strategic Framework into a final Community Strategic Plan.

Our priorities focus on making North Bay a better place to live, work, play and learn. This means working collectively to grow and diversify our economy, while striving to ensure our community is not only a great place to live, but also a place where there is engagement and vibrancy.

This Strategic Framework outlines three areas of concentrations: Growth and Development; Vibrant, Active, Healthy and Safe Community; and, Prudent Operation of the City.  Each area identifies key goals and objectives that Council believes they should focus on.

A key theme arising from our sessions was the need to be “united” not only as a Council, but also as a community. Subsequently, one of our defined objectives is the requirement to have a Collaborative Environment with a common vision which fosters the creation of a community with a positive environment that instills pride and confidence, while supporting a resilient diversified and inclusive economy.

I extend my appreciation to all of Council for moving forward with the development of this framework. I encourage and invite the community and stakeholders to work with us in developing a Community Strategic Plan that will move us into the future.


The City of North Bay will be a place for our families to live, learn, work and play – a vibrant community that strives to grow while fostering a higher quality of life and place.


Integrity & Trust

We shall understand and live by the spirit and the laws of our community creating an environment built on trust. We are open, honest and accountable.

Community Focused

We endeavor to understand the needs of the community and strive to meet or exceed expectations. We are proud of what we do.


We value input, treat all people with dignity and provide a diverse, engaged and inclusive community and work environment.


We relentlessly pursue outstanding and sustainable results and strive for continuous improvement.


We protect the environment, promote a healthy, safe and vibrant community, work safely and manage risks.


  • Improving, growing and valuing our City and community.
  • Creating a positive environment that generates pride and confidence.
  • United Council and staff.
  • Sustainability.
  • Removing barriers, work with partners and stakeholders to identify and find solutions to remove barriers.
  • Improving communications; provide information to educate the community and to provide understanding.
  • Developing, maintaining and leveraging effective partnerships & relationships.





  1. Economic prosperity & diversity
  2. Attraction & retention of sustainable jobs
    • Expansion of private sector jobs
  3. Labour (skilled labour, youth retention/attraction, immigration)
  4. Investment Attraction
    • Support business development, entrepreneurs and new business development
  5. Current Business Retention & Expansion
  6. Strategic investment and leverage of city funds and resources



  1. Increase population (youth retention, immigration)
  2. Age friendly
  3. Diversity
  4. Safe community
  5. Welcoming community
  6. Healthy community
  7. Access to full spectrum of housing
  8. Environmental stewards (balanced approach)
  9. Affordable/living within our means
  10. Preserve and develop quality of life and place


  1. Vibrant active downtown/waterfront
  2. Engagement/support of Arts, Heritage & Culture
  3. Age friendly
  4. Recreation facilities and
  5. Range of entertainment & activities
  6. Engagement of volunteers



(Create a climate of compatibility & community growth)

Strategic Priorities 2016-2026

  • Collaborative Environment: Foster the creation of a community with a positive environment that instills pride and confidence and supports a resilient diversified and inclusive economy.
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive communication plan which engages both external and internal stakeholders.
    • Promote and support private/public sector investment. 
    • Continually focus on developing policies and practices that create a welcoming environment that supports development and growth.
    • Work with partners and stakeholders to identify and find solutions to streamline processes and remove barriers.
    • Establish strong strategic public and private sector partnerships and relationships.
  • Investment Attraction: Implement and utilize processes, services, assets and infrastructure to attract compatible, diversified investment.
    • Define the development of the waterfront and revitalization of the downtown.
    • Target specific small medium sized enterprises and sectors that provide highly engineered products/services.
    • Continually explore and implement opportunities that streamline processes, policies and practices that make it easier and more effective to do business within the City.
    • Enhance the DART process with all stakeholders to continually build support for development and growth within the community.
    • Invest in key projects that are catalysts for further development.
  • Entrepreneurship: Create an environment that supports new business development and entrepreneurs.
    • Support and develop programs, infrastructure and networks that encourage and complements startup and scaling of business ventures.
    • Increase the % makeup of startup and private sector businesses.
  • Business Retention and Expansion: Cultivate the growth, expansion and retention of existing businesses within the community and region.
    • Engage existing businesses in support of plans for continuity/expansion of business.
    • Continual review and development of Community Improvement Programs and other programs designed to support and encourage development.
    • Engage and Utilize the community to identify , develop and act upon leads.
  • Labour Market Development
    • Work with key community stakeholders in defining long term work force needs and the development, attraction and retention of talent.
    • Engage Canadore College and Nipissing University with local employers in developing skilled labour and development opportunities.
    • Be engaged in Immigration activities to meet labour needs, grow the local population, embrace diversity and be an inclusive communty.
    • Develop and engage in programs, and activities geared to develop, retain and attract youth to the City.


Strategic Priorities 2016-2026

  • Safe, Healthy & Accessible Community:
    • Work with community stakeholders to enhance safety and integration throughout the City.
    • Facilitate and assist the community in having access to the broad spectrum of health services.
    • Facilitate the development of housing options to service the needs of the community.
    • Ensure the City is prepared in the event of a Community Emergency.
  • Healthy Active Living:
    • Continuously work on the development and implementation of a healthy active living strategy that includes the incorporation of Age Friendly practices and services.
    • Develop an Integrated Active Transportation.
    • Develop and provide recreational and community centre services geared to meeting the broad spectrum of needs in the community.
    • Utilize resources and partnerships to beautify and enhance the appearance of the City.
    • Engage, promote and actively lead sports tourism.
  • Environment Leadership & Stewards:
    • Strive to protect, promote and enhance the environment in all aspects of the City’s operations and plans.
    • Invest in technology and work practices to reduce the energy consumption of the City.
  • Arts, Heritage & Culture
    • Engage the community in promoting, celebrating and supporting Arts, Heritage and Culture throughout the community.
    • Support and promote community and special events.


  • Service Delivery:
    • Provide quality value added services, focused on community needs and Ensure services support citizens and businesses by making it easier to work with the City and strive to control costs.
    • Effective use of technology to improve efficiencies and delivery of services.
    • Explore integrated service delivery opportunities between departments and public sector organizations.
    • Develop key performance indicators that are meaningful measurements which track performance levels and assists in decision making.
  • Strategic Investment in Infrastructure:
    • Improve City Web site and social media interaction.
    • Improve quality and timeliness of internal and external communications.
    • Ensure consistent branding of the City.
  • Fiscal Stability
    • Establish, review and adjust Long Term Financial Policies.
    • Provide facilities, programs and services that are cost effective and provide for continuity of operations and services to the community.
  • HR Management
    • Strive to be the employer of choice for highly qualified employees.
      • Recruitment/selection of the right people (increasing job complexity).
      • Retention of qualified staff (succession planning).
    • Positive labour/employee relations.
    • Employee engagement.
  • Risk management
    • Safe and enjoyable work environment.
    • Due diligence.
    • Business Continuity.