Community Services

The mission of the Community Services Business Unit is to enhance the personal, social, economic, and environmental quality of life for our customers in the community in an equitable, effective, and efficient manner.

Community Services Business Unit Goals

The following are the goals of the Community Services Business Unit in pursuit of its mission:

  • Enhance personal health, safety, and protection to property and the environment.
  • Maximize the use and effectiveness of all resources of the Business Unit.
  • Ensure coordination of policies, programs, and resources within the Business Unit, and between the Business Unit and the balance of the Corporation.
  • Innovate in the provision of services to our customers.
  • Enhance a sustainable business climate in and for the community
  • .
  • Improve the mobility and accessibility of the population.
  • Create the highest possible level of customer service.
  • Ensure that the community development and growth is planned in an orderly and coordinated manner.

Relationship to City Council

The Community Services Business Unit, through the Managing Director and the Chief Administrative Officer, is accountable to the Mayor and members of City Council. For reporting purposes, the Business Unit as a principal relationship with the Community Services Committee of Council. At all times, it is understood that the programs and services delivered by the Business Unit are derived from the by-laws, policies, and budgets approved by the entire City Council.

Relationship to Agencies, Boards, and Commissions

City Council has also appointed a number of agencies, boards, and commisssions (or ABC's) to assist in a wide variety of local government activities. In some cases, these groups are required by legislation; in others, the groups are advisory to Council; while in a third group, bodies may function at arm's length. In all cases, there is a financial and staff resource allocation to the work of these organizations. The Community Services Business Unit provides administrative and technical resources to the following agencies, boards, and commissions (shown in random order).

  • Planning Advisory Committee
  • North Bay Committee of Adjustment
  • Fence Viewing Committee
  • North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee
  • North Bay Property Standards Committee
  • North Bay Integrated Transit Advisory Committee
  • Canada Day Committee
  • Business Adjustment Service
  • North Bay Airport Advisory Committee