Water Special Review Committee Recommendations

The Water Special Review Committee has developed the following recommendations.  The public is invited to make presentations to the special Review Committee meeting starting at 5:30p.m. Monday September 28, 2015 in the City Council Chambers concerning these recommendations or other water meter related matters.

  1. Approve the utilization of meter size in the establishment of water rates.
  2. Approve 2016 water rates being calculated using 60% fixed costs and 40% variable with an annual review to consider adjustments.
  3.  Approve a uniform variable rate per cubic meter.
  4. Approve a process for customers to apply for meter size adjustments under special circumstances.
  5. Approve the calculation of the Water Filtration debt recovery fee be on meter size basis.
  6. Re-affirm the frozen water policy and include a brown water policy.
  7. Council review whether certain capital costs and firefighting costs should be transferred to the Property Tax Budget.
  8. Approve a conservation program for 2016 to be funded from the Water Completed Capital Reserve for an amount of up to $100,000, being a rebate program, for the installation of low flow toilets.
  9. Consider assistance programs in the future.
  10. Re-affirm organizations using water in production of products may be exempt from wastewater charges as per clause 18 of the current City By-law 2015-88.