Century of Service

The Municipal Heritage Committee appreciates the contributions that businesses have on North Bay’s heritage. The North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee is pleased to announce that we will be introducing a new program recognizing these long-time businesses in the community, titled the “Century of Service Recognition Program”. The goal of the program is to acknowledge the contributions that these businesses have made to the City of North Bay.

The Heritage Committee invites any businesses that have been in operation for 100 years or more to fill out the short application form and submit it to the Committee’s Secretary-Treasurer. The program does not have a deadline; businesses can apply at any time.

For further information contact:

Peter Carello

Secretary-Treasurer, North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee 474-0400, ext. 2409 Peter.carello@cityofnorthbay.ca


Peter Carello
 Senior Planner, Current Operations
 (705) 474-0400 x2409