Illustrative Guide to Heritage Sites in the City of North Bay

The North Bay Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (LACAC) was formed to advise City Council on the identification of heritage buildings under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The North Bay LACAC was established in 1996 consisting of a Council appointed body of local architects, historians, citizens and community representatives. The main objective of the LACAC was to identify and evaluate local heritage buildings and sites with the aim of recognizing buildings and/or sites within the community which have architectural and/or historical significance.

In November of 2003, the provincial government decreed that henceforward these bodies would be identified as Municipal Heritage Committees, consequently, as of the reconstitution of the North Bay body in 2004, it was renamed the North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee.

As of April 2005, the provincial government passed new legislation strengthening the authority of municipalities in their efforts to identify, protect, and promote the heritage of our communities. Further, clarification was made that heritage properties include buildings, streetscapes, districts and landscapes.

Additionally, the Ministry of Culture expanded the mandate of these bodies to include the identification of properties of heritage value in a broader historic context that would include newer properties worthy of recognition as part of our legacy for future generations.

In principle, the definition of heritage as that which is worthy of inheritance, is of guidance in the determination of the goals, objectives and actions of the Municipal Heritage Committee. Inherent in this program is the aim of educating the public as to the worth and value of those sites and structures that deserve to be conserved and preserved, to develop a communal spirit of self-respect, and to instill a pride of residency in the City of North Bay.

The North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee has implemented two programs to evaluate and recognize properties with heritage characteristics.

The Site Evaluation program, sometimes referred to as the Glass Plaque program, has been at the core of the Committee’s activities for many years.

Under this program, Committee volunteers attend a property and conduct an evaluation, scoring the site on characteristics such as architecture and history.

The scoresheet used by the Committee to score properties is unique to the North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee. It was developed based on similar scoresheets used by heritage committees throughout the province and has been modified slightly based on local circumstances. There are two versions of the scoresheet: the standard scoresheet to be used when properties have a building and a scoresheet for properties without buildings that removes any grades for architectural features and accentuates history and context.

The Appendix, beginning on Page 61, outlines the procedures followed by the North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee in identifying and recognizing heritage properties or sites under the headings of Property Evaluation System, the Evaluation Process and Priority Rankings.

The Heritage Site Plaque program is the newer program, established in 2010. The purpose of this program is to identify and recognize sites that are historically significant to the community but have undergone considerable changes. In many cases, the building described in the Heritage Site Plaque is no longer present.

The following provides a representative list of properties in the City of North Bay that have been identified by the Municipal Heritage Committee and approved by City Council.


If you prefer, the Illustrative Guide is also available as a downloadable PDF: Illustrative Guide to Heritage Sites in the City of North Bay (2015 Update)

Priority Site No. Title Location
Priority One 1 Former Canadian Pacific Railway Station 100 Ferguson Street
Priority One 2 Former Mulligan Block 123 Main Street West
Priority One 3 Pro-Cathedral of the Assumption 480 McIntyre Street West
Priority One 4 Former North Bay Collegiate Institute & Vocational School 555 Algonquin Avenue
Priority One 5 Coleman Residence 607 Jane Street
Priority One 6 Begg Residence 578 Copeland Street
Priority One 7 Senator Gordon Residence 591 Copeland Street
Priority One 8 Browning Residence 590 McIntyre Street West
Priority One 9 Angus Residence 839 Main Street West
Priority One 10 Angus Family Residence 847 Main Street West
Priority One 11 North Bay Masonic Temple 183 First Avenue West
Priority One 12 Beamish Residence 768 McIntyre Street West
Priority One 13 Former Canadian National Railway Station 198 Second Avenue West
Priority One 14 Former Normal School/Teacher's College 200 First Avenue West
Priority One 15 Capitol Centre 150 Main Street East
Priority One 16 Former Ontario Northland Railway Offices 195 Regina Street
Priority One 17 St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church 1265 Wyld Street
Priority One 18 Former Scollard Hall Boys' College 1000 High Street
Priority One 19 St. Joseph's Mother House 2025 Main Street West
Priority One 20 Cochrane-Dunlop 122 Main Street West/123 McIntyre Street West
Priority One 21 Gateway Arch Lee Park
Priority One 22 Former Empire Hotel 425 Fraser Street
Priority One 23 Sons of Jacob Synagogue 302 McIntyre Street West
Priority One 24 King George Public School 550 Harvey Street
Priority One 25 Milne Residence 610 Copeland Street
Priority One 26 Dr. Carruthers Public School 380 McPhail Street
Priority Two 27 Former Bank of Nova Scotia 126 Main Street West
Priority Two 28 Former Railton Building 143 Main Street West
Priority Two 29 St. Andrew's United Church 290 Algonquin Avenue
Priority Two 30 Angus Block 374 Fraser Street
Priority Two 31 Bourke Residence 658 McIntyre Street West
Priority Two 32 Second Bourke Residence 663 McIntyre Street West
Priority Two 33 Trinity United Church 111 McIntyre Street East
Priority Two 34 St. John's Anglican Church 301 Main Street East
Priority Two 35 Former Cecil Hotel 300 Wyld Street
Priority Two 36 McNutt Residence 715 Durril Street
Priority Two 37 Parfitt Farm 1800 Four Mile Lake Road
Priority Three 38 Wallace Residence 102 First Avenue East
Priority Three 39 Carmichael United Church 521 Four Mile Lake Road
N/A 40 CPR Yards Heritage Site Plaque Downtown/Waterfront Underpass
N/A 41 Royal Theatre Heritage Site Plaque 289 Algonquin Avenue (Parkette)
N/A 42 Court House Heritage Site Plaque 390 Plouffe Street
N/A 43 Ferguson Block Heritage Site Plaque Main and Oak Parkette
N/A 45 Mackey House Heritage Site Plaque Corner of Oak and Ferguson Streets
N/A 46 Old Post Office Heritage Site Plaque Main and Oak Parkette
N/A 47 Old Town Hall Heritage Site Plaque 101 McIntyre Street West
N/A 48 Cormack Block Heritage Site Plaque 158 Main Street West
N/A 49 Manitou Islands Heritage Site Plaque
N/A 50 Queen Victoria School Heritage Site Plaque Near Intersection of Ferguson Street and Worthington Street
N/A 51 Nipissing University at Cassellholme Heritage Site Plaque Near Intersection of Cassells Street and Olive Street
N/A 52 BOMARC Missile Heritage Site Plaque Lee Park (Veteran's Fields)
N/A 53 North Bay Hospitals Heritage Site Plaque 750 McLaren Street
N/A 54 North Bay Arena Rink Heritage Site Plaque Memorial Drive, past the intersection of Main Street West and Murray Street
N/A 55 New Ontario Brewing Co. Ltd Heritage Site Plaque Near Intersection of Memorial Drive and Regina Street
N/A 56 Commerce on Lake Nipissing Heritage Site Plaque North Bay Waterfront
N/A 57 The Empire Heritage Site Plaque 425 Fraser Street
N/A 58 North Bay Carnegie Library Heritage Site Plaque 200 McIntyre Street


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