Request a Zone Change

Requesting a Zone Change

Important points to remember include:

  • Consultation with a Planner in the Planning Division is encouraged before submitting an application. Staff is available to explain the process, indicate the feasibility of the requested change and problems which may be encountered.
  • Applications will not be accepted if insufficient or inaccurate information is provided.

Processing Stages - Amendment to Official Plan or Zoning By-Law

  1. The application is received and reviewed for completeness by Planning Services.
  2. When the application is deemed to be complete, Planning staff send an acknowledgement letter to the Applicant and forward a copy of the application to the City Clerk.
  3. The Clerk presents the application to City Clerk.
  4. City Council refers the application to the Planning Advisory Committee for circulation and a Public Meeting.
  5. Planning staff give notice of the Public Meeting of the Planning Advisory Committee to all owners and tenants of land within 120 metres of the subject property, as well as to several Municipal departments and agencies that may have an interest in the matter.
  6. Planning Advisory Committee holds a Public Meeting to solicit comments on the application.
  7. Planning staff prepare a technical report on the application.
  8. Planning Advisory Committee holds a second meeting to consider the technical report and make recommendations to City Council by way of a Resolution.
  9. City Council receives the recommendation of the Planning Advisory Committee by Resolution and refers the recommendation to the Community Services Committee for Public Meeting. Planning staff prepare by-laws to amend the Official Plan and/or Zoning By-law.
  10. The City Clerk gives notice of the Statutory Public Meeting (as required by the Planning Act) to all owners and tenants of lands within 120 metres of the subject property, as well as to Municipal departments and agencies.
  11. The Public Meeting is held on a Committee meeting date by the Community Services Committee.
  12. At the next regular meeting of Council, City Council will recommend by way of a Community Services report that:
    1. the application be approved and that the by-laws be given first and second reading, or
    2. the application be denied, or
    3. that the application be left on the Community Services Committee file for more information or further discussion
  13. If the recommendation is to approve (see 12.i above), at the next regular meeting of Council, the by-laws are given 1st reading.
  14. At the next regular meeting of Council, the by-laws are given 2nd and 3rd readings and passed.
  15. The City Clerk gives notice of the passing of the by-laws in the manner and for the persons prescribed by Provincial Regulation.
  16. Anyone may appeal a decision of the City Council to the Ontario Municipal Board within twenty days after the day of the giving of written notice by the City Clerk.
  17. Where no appeals are received by the end of the appeal period, the by-law is deemed to have come into force and effect on the date it was finally passed by City Council.
  18. Where an appeal is received, the Clerk notifies the Ontario Municipal Board which subsequently schedules a hearing date to consider the appeal.
  19. Where the application involves a major Amendment to the Official Plan or a new Official Plan, the City Clerk will, upon City Council passing the Amending By-law, send the proposed Amendment to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing for Ministerial approval.
  20. The Official Plan Amendment is deemed to be in force and effect at such time as the City has received notice of the Minister's approval.


How long does it take?

The process usually takes between four to six months from submission of the application to consideration by City Council.

If no objections are submitted, the Zoning By-law amendment comes into effect a month later. Complex applications, for example where there is also consideration of an amendment to the Official Plan, can take longer.

Application Form

Zoning By-law Amendment Application forms are located on the Forms Page


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