Parks, Recreation & Leisure Services

Mission Statement

The City of North Bay's Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services Department, in partnership with other volunteer, public and private service providers, will contribute to a healthy community and enhance the quality of life for the citizens through the planning, management and delivery of parks, recreation, sport, art and cultural opportunities.

Department General

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services is responsible for the planning, maintenance and programming of over 100 city parks, sport fields, beaches, marina and arena facilities. The Department works in a Community Development role with local parks, recreation, sport, art and cultural service providers to facilitate the growth of community based services, programs and special events. It employs 45 full time staff and 120 students and seasonal part-time staff. The Department's budget expenditures total $5,000,000 with revenues of $1,400,000.


Feronia - Begining October 2, 2015
City Hall Grounds Reconstruction, Phase II - Begining September 21, 2015

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Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services, Administration

200 McIntyre Street East,2nd floor

Rhéaume Bellehumeur
Facilities Manager
(705) 474-0400 x2327
Melinda Fry
Manager of Sports & Events
(705) 474-0400 x2662
Erin Vaughan
Community Event Facilitator
(705) 474-0400 x2312
Bryan Kimber
Community Development Facilitator
(705) 474-0400 x2321
Robin Cameron
Facilities & Parking Supervisor
(705) 474-0400 x2313
Sandy Moffat
Clerk Stenographer
(705) 474-0400 x2329

Park Office Contact
800 Memorial Drive (705) 472-3932

David Schroeder
(705) 474-0400 x2601
Elaine Pepin
Parks Supervisor
(705) 474-0400 x2602
Carolyn Cundari
Clerk Dispatcher
(705) 474-0400 x2600

Memorial Gardens Contact
100 Chippewa St. W. (705) 474-3770

Alain Lecompte
Facility Supervisor
(705) 474-3770 x2661
Nicole Beaulieu
Clerk Cashier
(705) 474-0400 x2663

Pete Palangio Contact
603 Wallace Rd. (705) 476-2000

Roger Dutrisac
Facility Supervisor
(705) 474-0400 x2612
Louise Ranger
Clerk Stenographer
(705) 474-0400 x2610
Rhandi Melvaer
Water Billing Clerk
(705) 474-0400 x2243

West Ferris Arena Contact
42 Gertrude St. (705) 474-3930

Roger Dutrisac
Facility Supervisor
(705) 474-0400 x2612

North Bay Waterfront Marina
Memorial Dr. (705) 495-3959