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Primary Goals of the North Bay Fire and Emergency Services

The goal of the North Bay Fire and Emergency Services is to provide fire protection services through a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature; first to their municipality; second to those municipalities requiring assistance through authorized emergency fire service plan and program (mutual aid) activities; and third, to those municipalities which are provided fire protection by the fire department via authorized agreement.

Primary objectives of the North Bay Fire and Emergency Services:

In order to achieve the goal of the North Bay Fire and Emergency Services, necessary funding must be in place and the following objectives met:

  1. Identify and review the fire services requirements of the municipality.

  2. Provide an administrative process consistent with the needs of the department.

  3. Ensure that fire fighting equipment and operating personnel are available within the municipality to provide adequate response to a citizen's call within a reasonable length of time.

  4. Provide departmental training to an accepted standard which will ensure the continuous upgrading of all personnel in the latest techniques of fire prevention, fire fighting, and control of emergency situations and co-operate with other municipal departments with respect to management training and other programs.

  5. Provide a maintenance program to ensure all fire protection apparatus, including allied equipment, is ready to respond to emergency calls.

How to Contact Us

The mailing address for the North Bay Fire and Emergency Services is:

    North Bay Fire and Emergency Services
    119 Princess Street West
    North Bay, Ontario
    Canada  P1B 6C2

    Tel: (705)474-0626 ext.4800
    Fax: (705)474-6290

Phone Numbers and E-Mail

Fire Chief Grant Love
(705)474-0626, ext. 4801
Deputy Fire Chief
Manager of Operations and Training
Mike Figliola
(705)474-0626, ext. 4805
Deputy Fire Chief
Manager of Fire Prevention and Administration
Mike Bechard
(705)474-0626, ext. 4802
Clerk Stenographer Kathy Faulkner
(705)474-0626, ext. 4834
Chief Fire Prevent Officer Randy Vezina
(705)474-0626, ext. 4835
Fire Prevention Inspector Joe Gardiner
(705)474-0626, ext. 4841
Public Education/
Fire Prevention Officer
Sheri Korn
(705)474-0626, ext. 4806
Clerk Stenographer Gwen Parks
(705)474-0626, ext. 4855
On Duty Platoon Chief
  (705)474-0626 ext. 4812
Fire Station No. 1
- Princess St.
  (705)474-0626 ext. 4800
Fax: (705)474-6290
Fire Station No. 2
- McKeown Ave.
  (705)474-0626 ext. 2641
Fire Station No. 3
- Marshall Ave.
  (705)474-0626 ext. 2651