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North Bay Public Library

GENERAL INFORMATION                        


Mission Statement
Contact Us
Library Board Members
How do I Use This Site?
How Do I Get a Library Card?
Loan Periods, Limits, Fines, and Charges
How To Renew Materials
Library Layout

Mission Statement

The North Bay Public Library will strive to meet the lifelong informational, learning, cultural and recreational needs of the people of North Bay by providing information and related services through access to collections, use of facilities and assistance of staff.

Fundamental Beliefs:

We will be the best source of information for the public.
We will encourage exploration of the broadest range of ideas, knowledge and culture.
We will provide quality service in an equitable and non-judgmental manner.
We will recognize our responsibility to collect and preserve our community heritage.
We will continue to build an innovative, efficient and accountable organization.

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Contact Us

You can contact the library in person, or by mail, fax, telephone or e-mail.

North Bay Public Library
271 Worthington St. East
North Bay, ON P1B 1H1
705-474-4830 FAX 705-495-4010

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Library Board Members - January 2014

Jan Perfect (Chair)
Peter Handley
Christopher Regele
Margaret Anne Surtees
Richard Smith
Lisa Poeta
David Wolfe
Mike Anthony (Council Representative)

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How do I Use This Site?

If you don't find what you are looking for on the North Bay Public Library's website, go back to the home page, and consult the list of categories there. If you are in the library, please feel free to ask library staff for assistance.  You can call 474-4830 if you are accessing the site from home.

To renew items that are out on your card, from the homepage select Search the Catalogue and then the menu option called My Account, or click here to access our Catalogue using iPAC.

If you are using a graphically oriented browser, such as Netscape or Explorer, you will use a mouse or trackball to "point and click" on the coloured text (known as hypertext) to move across the Web. Any colour other than black can indicate a hypertext link.

Move the mouse or roll the trackball to control the arrow which appears on your screen. When you move the arrow over hypertext, it will change to a hand with a pointed finger. Now click the button on your mouse or trackball to connect to a new document called a Web page.

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How do I Get a Library Card?

Please feel free to browse through the library and become familiar with the library materials, facilities and programs. If you have questions, ask one of the Library Staff. To check out materials, a valid North Bay Public Library card is required.

Library cards are free to:

  • all people who live in the City of North Bay.
  • all people who own property in the City of North Bay.

Everyone else must pay a non-resident fee to obtain either a visitor's card, student's card, or non-resident's card.

To get a library card, adults must show two pieces of identification (ID). One of these must have your current address on it.

Acceptable identification includes:

  • Driver's license
  • Automobile registration
  • Bank statement or personalized cheque
  • Rental agreement (officially signed)
  • Hydro bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Personal mail with current postmark
  • Credit card
  • Bank card
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Band Status card
  • Cheque cashing agency card.
  • Student ID card (issued by local highschool)
High school students may use the following identification: -Student I.D. card (issued by high schools).

Children in grade six or under, or under the age of thirteen (13) do not require proof of address but must have the children's application form signed by a parent or guardian. Adults may not borrow material for their own use on a child's library card.

You are responsible for all the materials borrowed on your card and for any charges on items that are overdue, lost or damaged (see the circulation rules for details.)

If you lose your library card, tell us right away. We will make a note in the computer so that no one can use it. There is a $3.00 charge to replace a lost card.

Please let us know if you change any information you have given us so that we can update your record (i.e. address). There is no charge to update a card.

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Loan Periods, Limits, Fines, and Charges

To ensure that the Library has an adequate supply of materials for all patrons, the following loan periods, fines and charges and limits on number of items allowed out at one time apply to all holders of North Bay Public Library cards.

  • You are responsible for all the materials borrowed on your card and for any charges on items that are overdue, lost or damaged.
  • Library materials must be returned before closing time on the due date or placed in the bookdrop or video drop overnight. Once the library re-opens the day after an item is due, it becomes overdue.
  • Charges for lost or damaged materials that have been catalogued will include a handling and processing fee. To replace a library item, several hours of staff time plus processing materials must be used before it is ready to be loaned. This fee is used to help cover the cost of this process.
  • If an item is currently on loan, you may put a hold on it. There is no charge for placing a hold.
  • Most items can be renewed twice unless someone has reserved the item.
  • In the Children's Department there is a limit of ten (10) items on a child's card, and a limit of two (2) book per subject (non-fiction) on any card.
Note: A borrower who has 4 items overdue, fines over $5.00, owes more than $5.00 in lost or damaged material, or has 5 claims returned items will lose all borrowing privileges until the matter is cleared from his/her record.

Item Loan Period Limit Renewals Daily Fine Maximum Fine
Books 21 days * 2 30 $15.00
Paperbacks 21 days * 2 30 $10.00
Magazines 21 days 20 0 10 $10.00
Children's Books 21 days 10 2 10 $7.50
Talking Books on Cassette 21 days 10 2 30 $15.00
Videocassettes 7 days 5 0 $1.00 $15.00
DVDs 7 days 4 0 $1.00 $15.00
Music CDs 21 days 6 2 30 $15.00
CD-ROMs 21 days 2 2 30 $15.00
Video Games 7 days 2 0 $1.00 $15.00
Talking Books on CD or MP3 21 days 6 2 30 $15.00
Playaways 21 days 3 2 30 $15.00

Fines and charges effective as of May 1, 2006.

Fines and charges listed are subject to change.

For more detailed information on fines contact the library at 474-4830.

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How To Renew Materials Yourself Using iPAC

  1. From the top iPAC menu, select the tab for: "My Account".

  2. You will be asked to type in your library barcode and PIN number. After you have entered both, press Enter.

  3. The menu will display several options. Select: "Checked Out".

  4. The items that you currently have out will be displayed. Click in the box beside the item you want to renew and click on the "Renew" button at the top or bottom of the screen.

  5. If the item has been successfully renewed you will see the new due date displayed beside the item.

Click here to renew materials using iPAC.

Renewal Error Messages in iPAC

If you have selected an item that you have had out the maximum number of times allowed for that item type, the following message will display:

"You may not renew [title of item]; limit reached."

If you have selected an item that is on hold for someone else, the following message will display:

"You may not renew [title of item]; on hold for someone else."

If you have charges, overdues or lost items on your card, then you will not be able to renew item. The following message will display:

"You may not place any renewals, please contact the Circulation Desk."

Overdue items can be renewed at the Circulation Desk or by telephone. Overdue items can not be renewed using the iPAC. If item is on hold for another patron, then you will not be able to renew it.

Two renewals are allowed for books, paperbacks, audio cassettes, and instructional and National Film Board videos. Magazines cannot be renewed.

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Library Layout

To take a peek at the library, click here!

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