Business Development Process

A building under developmentNorth Bay is truly open for business. With a very pro-business municipal council and administration, the City of North Bay works to streamline the development process for existing and new investment. To expedite the process with respect to development applications, the City has created the Development Application Review Team (DART). The DART reviews of all development applications, including Site Plan Control Agreements, Committee of Adjustment Applications, Official Plan Amendments, Rezoning, Subdivision and Condominium Applications in a planned and coordinated approach. The Committee also meets with applicants, as necessary, to review new proposals and to receive clarification on and discuss development applications.

The City of North Bay has established a Development Application Review Team (DART) which is charged with meeting bi-weekly to review proposals and to provide feedback prior to entering into a Site Plan Control Agreement or undertaking a Planning Act application (Official Plan / Zoning By-law Amendment, Plan of Subdivision or Condominium).

DART is made up of representatives from all internal City departments and many external agencies that would normally comment on proposals as part of the approval process. Representatives from the local Conservation Authority, North Bay Hydro and the Ministry of Transportation routinely sit at the table with City staff to review proposals.

The Chair of the DART presents the site plan, or the proponent or his/her agent are welcome to do this in person if so desired. The Chair provides the group with all of the background and tertiary information regarding the proposal and distributes the necessary site plans and accompanying studies where required. An open discussion under the terms of the strictest confidentiality follows.

The SPCA must be registered prior to the issuance of a building permit. The required studies (Stormwater, Traffic, etc.) should be submitted concurrently. Architectural drawings can be submitted, but will only be processed as part of the building permit after the SPCA is approved. The goal of DART is to establish timeline for the efficient review of proposals, to identify any "show-stopper" issues early on and to cut through the red tape of the development approval process by having all of the approval bodies at one table.


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 Manager, Planning & Building Services
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 Zoning Administrator
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 Manager of Economic Development
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 Interim Chief Administrative Officer
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 Executive Assistant
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 Director of Public Works
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