Business Immigration

The City of North Bay's Economic Development Department considers immigration as a means of strengthening and enhancing the community to be a priority.

With this in mind, the North Bay Newcomer Network was created. The North Bay Newcomer Network (NNN) consists of representatives from the private and public sectors as well as from all three levels of government and their agencies, not for profit organizations, service clubs and the education sector. The overall goal is to develop a strategy that will result in North Bay and area being a community that values and benefits from cultural diversity, thus strengthening our economic growth and development. The objectives of the strategy include:

  • Exploring new solutions and innovations in partnership with NNN stakeholders and the community for attracting, retaining and integrating newcomers
  • Developing and strengthening partnerships to develop leaders in the community and beyond to lead strategic initiatives
  • Building public awareness and education about diversity to create support for positive changes in the community
  • Working with local employers to build their capacity to hire skilled immigrants and newcomers
  • Working with all levels of government to build support for NNN initiatives and activities
  • Growing the population base
  • Filling current and future gaps in the skilled and professional labour market
  • Assisting in the development of immigrant support networks and mentorship programs within the current business community
  • Developing support services infrastructure for the attraction and retention of new immigrants

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