Municipal Incentives

The North Bay City Council has reduced Industrial taxes by 66% to one of the lowest levels in Ontario and eliminated Industrial Development charges. They also introduced a 20 year Commercial Tax reduction program that is stimulating strong growth in that sector. This supports our strategy of providing a very competitive operating cost environment. Our Financial Incentive programs also help offset both operating and capital project costs.

North Bay's industrial parks offer fully-serviced land at attractive prices, choice of location and size of parcel, combined with Provincial and Federal incentives. In addition to its low industrial tax rate, North Bay provides added economic benefits for companies planning to locate or expand within the City.

Expedited Permitting

Through the Development Application Review Team (DART) all the staff members that you need for your project are available at once to review your proposal and give you comments right at the table! The DART reviews all development applications and Site Plan Control Agreements to ensure that we are doing everything we can to move your project forward quickly and to meet project deadlines.

No Industrial Development Charges

North Bay's pro-active business City Council has eliminated industrial development charges and implemented a 20 year commercial tax reduction strategy.

Competitively Priced Land

The City of North Bay offers a variety of municipal owned site options for development, including 600 acres of fully serviced air and ground side parcels for sale or lease at North Bay Jack Garland Industrial Business Park, and commercial acreage at the south entrance to the City, all competitively priced. Close proximity to major transportation routes and access to advanced telecommunication network make North Bay’s industrial properties an excellent expansion or relocation option.
For further details please contact a member of the Economic Development Team.

Airport Community Improvement Plan (ACIP)

North Bay's Jack Garland Airport is situated at the northern portion of the City, accessible by Airport Road. NBJGA is 1 of only 15 airports in Canada and the only airport in Northern Ontario to have a 10,000-foot runway. This feature is a tremendous asset for the region, enabling the community to accept aircraft of all sizes. Several companies utilize this capability to ship large products throughout the world. The runway is also frequently used by airlines as an emergency diversion destination.

Based on existing operations, both aerospace and general industrial, NBJGA is well suited to accommodate the community's future industrial growth. Existing uses already situated in the vicinity of the airport would be compatible with further industrial development. With over 1,000 acres of publicly-owned, vacant land, and opportunities for airside locations, North Bay Jack Garland Airport can house a wide range of new developments.

A series of investments by the City of North Bay has extended full municipal services to the first phase of these lands. Currently, 120 acres of serviced industrial development lands are available. The implementation of the Airport Community Improvement Plan is expected to assist in the development of these lands.

To help private sector proponents overcome the financial barriers associated with new development, the City of North Bay has launched the Airport Community Improvement Plan, which provides a combination of financial incentives.

The goal of the ACIP is to successfully develop an attractive Airport Industrial Business Park. The objectives of this Plan to reach this goal are:

  • To stimulate the development of new employment lands
  • To help facilitate the growth of the aerospace sector and complimentary industrial and industrial service uses
  • To ensure North Bay is competitive in attracting new and follow-on investment
  • To support and grow the North Bay Jack Garland Airport
  • To stimulate sustainable development
  • To support our Industrial Diversification Strategy
  • To provide employment opportunities needed to retain and attract skilled workers
  • Youth retention


The ACIP investment incentives include:

  • Municipal Fee Rebate Program
  • Tax Assistance Program
  • Landfill Tipping Fee Reduction


More information, guidelines and application forms for ACIP


Brownfield Community Improvement Plan (BCIP)

A Brownfield is defined by the province as an undeveloped or previously developed property. It was likely, but not necessarily, used for industrial or commercial purposes in the past and may now be underutilized, derelict or vacant. A Brownfield has known or suspected contamination problems, which prevents or limits potential redevelopment opportunities from proceeding. The City of North Bay has a number of sizeable and strategically significant sites in the Downtown and surrounding areas that are classified as a Brownfield.

A series of investments by the City of North Bay has created a unique opportunity to redevelop these Brownfield sites. Most notably, the City of North Bay is in the process of redeveloping over 20 acres of Brownfield site into a Community Waterfront Park. As well, the implementation of the Downtown Community Improvement plan has assisted in the redevelopment of the Downtown core.

The next phase of revitalization is to redevelop Brownfield sites. To help private sector proponents overcome the financial barrier to investing in these Brownfield sites, the City of North Bay has launched the Brownfield Community Improvement Plan, which provides a combination of financial incentives.

More information, guidelines and application forms for BCIP


Downtown Community Improvement Plan (DCIP)

The Downtown Community Improvement Plan (DCIP) is a City-funded incentive program that is designed to stimulate private-sector investment in the Downtown. The goal of the DCIP is to improve the attractiveness of the Downtown by encouraging sustainable businesses and residential projects. For more information on the Downtown Community Improvement Plan contact Downtown Improvement Area at (705) 474-7824 or visit their website at

More information, guidelines and application forms for DCIP