Armed Forces Day

People on a beach
People swimming
People walking a boardwalk beside the marina
Arial of the marina
The North Bay Gateway arch
Children in front of a military helicopter
Children gather in a hanger
Military personnel being interviewed
People congregating in front of an airplane
People gathering on a grassy area with military vehicles in the background
People playing football in a crowd
A child with a toy airplane
Snowbirds taxing down the runway
Closeup of a Snowbird
Snowbirds in formation
A closeup of a snowbird
Children pose in front of a plane
Military personnel speak with the public
Snowbird pilot speaks with the public
People walking around military vehicles
People getting into a large military transport
People on the government dock watching an air show
A large plane dropping parachuters
People parachuting with Canada flags
Large Canada flag
Excited kids with airplanes at a demonstration in a hanger
Snowbirds flyover
People gathering
A girl swinging from a thing
More snowbirds fly in formation as people watch in the foreground
Closeup of snowbirds
Closeup of parachutes
Parachutes landing on the beach
Children looking at a jet with Canada 150 logo
Pilots signing autographs and speaking with children
High five
Closeup of the nose of a jet
Two snowbirds fly head-on
A man runs down an opening in a crowd to a stage
A band plays music
People dance
Musicians playing
People attend a concert
Snowbirds fly over
A mean singing
The Chief Commanda is pulling into port
Sunset over the marina
Stage light at night
Sunset over the bay
North Bay Ontario Canada