The North Bay work force is hard working, cooperative and loyal; absenteeism and turnover are low and labour/management relations are excellent. The people of the area are committed to staying here and that makes for employees who are dedicated to making business work. North Bay is home to a variety of educational institutions and training facilities that support our workforce, including:


There are also several private training institutions dedicated to educating the North Bay community, including:


The Labour Market Group is a not for profit organization with members from across the regions that are knowledgeable about the labour force development issues in the Districts of Nipissing and Parry Sound. LMG's objective is to engage communities in a local labour market research and planning process that will lead to cooperative efforts to find local solutions to local labour market issues.

The spectrum of customized training opportunities available to meet the changing needs of industry is diverse, as are the opportunities they create. Campuses also offer public access to a multimedia presentation centre, video conferencing facilities, information technologies training centre and internet.