Appear Before Council

Would you like to provide information or express your view on a matter to North Bay Council? If so, you have the opportunity to appear as a presenter at an upcoming Council meeting.  The following is the process that must be followed in order to make a presentation to Council at an upcoming meeting.

Making a Request to Present to Council

Any member of the public wishing to make a 10 minute presentation to Council must complete the Request Form for Presentation Before Council and submit it to the City Clerk:

  1. By email at
  2. By fax at 705-495-4353
  3. In person to the Clerk’s Office, 5th Floor City Hall, 200 McIntyre St. E., North Bay

The maximum number of presenters in any presentation is three (including the spokesperson). 

Presenters will be contacted by the Clerk’s Office to confirm the date of their presentation. There will be a maximum of three 10 minute presentations per meeting; as a result a presenter may not be placed on the agenda for their preferred meeting.  In this instance, an alternate date will be provided. 

The deadline to submit a request to make a presentation to Council is 12 p.m. on the Wednesday before the Council meeting.

Presentation Information

If you intend to use any visual aids, such as PowerPoint presentations or overhead slides, please ensure they are submitted to the City Clerk no later than 10 a.m. on the Thursday prior to the Regular or Special meeting.  The City will do the set-up for the meeting and distribute a copy to members of Council.


Speak During Open Forum

Members of the public can speak to any item or topic within the jurisdiction and mandate of Council at the beginning of all Regular and Special Council meetings.  Each speaker will be provided five (5) minutes to address Council.

Individuals must submit a request by email, letter or telephone to the City Clerk’s Office stating the matter they wish to speak on by no later than 12 p.m. on the day of the Council meeting.  The individual will be contacted by the Clerk’s Office to confirm their request.

Individuals making a 5 minute presentation will not be allowed to make a PowerPoint presentation.


Presenting to Council

Please wait until the chair announces your presentation before going to the podium.  Remember to introduce yourself, as well as anyone who may be accompanying you to the podium.  You may be asked to provide your address.

Address your presentation and answers to any questions through the meeting chair.  Members of Council may, through the chair, ask you a question following your presentation.  No more than one person will speak at a time and proper language, speech and decorum will be maintained at all times. The chair may ask any person who violates proper decorum to stop presenting and/or to leave the meeting.

After you have finished presenting and answered any questions from Council or Committee members, please return to your seat.  You are not required to remain for the entire meeting duration; you may leave after your presentation is finished.