Types of Permits

Listed below is information required to apply for a permit. Permit processing time varies depending on the complexity of the project.

Building Permit - New Construction and Renovations to Existing

  1. Permit Application 
  2. 2 sets of all applicable drawing
    (Ontario Land Surveyor survey complete with lot grading and drainage, all floor plans, elevations and cross sections)
  3. General Review Commitment by Architect and/or Engineer 
  4. (if applicable)
  5. Residential Mechanical Ventalation (if applicable)
  6. Approval by other authorities having jurisdiction
    (ie: North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority, Ministry of Transportation)
  7. Manufacturer's Specifications
    (ie: Truss, Beam and/or joist specifications) (if applicable)


Demolition Permit

  1. Permit Application 
  2. Guarantee to Tipping Fees 
  3. Copy of Contractor's Liability Insurance; Minimum $2 million coverage.


Blasting Permit

  1. Permit Application 
  2. Owner's Consent 
  3. (if applicable)
  4. Copy of Contractor's Liability Insurance
  5. Pre-Blast Survey


Fence Permit

  1. Permit Application 
  2. Site Plan


Change of Use Permit

  1. Permit Application 
  2. Site Plan (if applicable)
  3. All applicable drawings
  4. If your Change of Use Permit is for a Secondary Dwelling Unit, then you must also include all applicable information and Registration of Secondary Dwelling Unit Application.


Amendment to Existing Permit

  1. Permit Application 
  2. Existing Permit Number
  3. All Applicable Drawings
  4. Manufacturer's Specifications


Carol Dunford
 Administrative Assistant
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