Application for Inquiry into Alleged Contravention of Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

An applicant who wishes to make an Municipal Conflict of Interest Act complaint must complete the application form  and deliver it by mail, in person or by email to the Office of the Integrity Commissioner within the times prescribed in the Municipal Act. 


Use of Your Information / What happens Next

The Integrity Commissioner will use the contact information you have provided to communicate with you about this complaint.

If the Integrity Commissioner conducts an investigation, you, the Member(s) and other persons may be asked for more information.

At the end of an investigation, the Integrity Commissioner will report to Council about whether the Member(s) contravened the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. The Integrity Commissioner may disclose in the report such matters as in the Integrity Commissioner's opinion are necessary for the purposes of the report. Reports to Council become public documents.

Contact Information

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Phone: 416-865-5164    Toll Free:  877-609-5685
Fax: 416-364-7813