Fencing Replacement at Wastewater Treatment Plant


Venasse Building Group Inc.

Award Amount

$285,000.00 (plus HST)

Project Description

This project provides for the partial replacement of the perimeter fencing at the Wastewater Treatment Facility. The fencing will be replaced along Monk Street and extending down Memorial Drive which will include a sliding gate secured with electronic locks, three swing gates and a man door.

Project Need

Currently, the chain link fencing in several areas is severely damaged, which poses a security risk at the plant. The existing swing gates also pose a security risk at the facility. This project is necessary in order to prevent further deterioration and damage of the fence and to improve the security of the facility.

Work Schedule

The contractor will mobilize on site at the beginning of September 2019. Fencing replacement will be completed mid-October 2019 with the installation of the underground conduit to be completed by mid-November 2019. All equipment installation to be completed by the end of November 2019. Total project completion by the end of December 2019.

Traffic Delays

There will be detouring of pedestrian traffic on the Kate Paceway along Memorial Drive.

Project Completion

85 Working Days which is approximately 12 weeks.

City Staff

Project Manager: Karin Pratte
Onsite Inspector: Mike Hoffman

Inquiries Contact

Karin Pratte
E-mail: karin.pratte@cityofnorthbay.ca
Phone: (705) 474-0626 ext. 2309

Project Location Map

Location of Fencing Replacement at Wastewater Treatment Plant