Lakeshore Drive Overpass Deck Replacement and Substructure Rehabilitiation


Miller Paving Limited

Award Amount:

$6,947,500.00 (plus HST)

Project Description:

This project involves the replacement of the Lakeshore Drive Overpass’s deck, sidewalks, parapet walls and asphalt including rehabilitation works to the substructure.  The work will be staged in order to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction.

Project History:

The Lakeshore Drive Overpass Bridge is the City’s largest bridge structure which was built in 1967. A Condition Survey and Life Cycle Assessment Report were completed in 2007 and 2008 respectively, to provide a summary of the overall bridge condition and rationale for recommended rehabilitation/replacement strategies.  Given the recommendations of the study, works on the Lakeshore Drive Overpass are warranted.

Project Need:

The City of North Bay's Official Plan provides policies which encourage the provision of a high quality transportation network in the City that is capable of supporting current and future traffic volumes. Because of the Lakeshore Drive Overpass’s significant role in connecting the downtown to West Ferris, it is considered a very important feature of North Bay's transportation network.

Work Schedule:

Project construction has been phased over two years.  Construction on the substructure (i.e. underside of bridge) will be completed in 2016 with minimal to no impact to traffic and the deck replacement will be completed in 2017.  Project completion is anticipated to be late September, 2017.

Traffic Delays:

There will be minimal to no impact to traffic in the 2016 construction phase.  Traffic will however be impacted in 2017 during the deck replacement as only one lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained.

The Kate Pace Way will be detoured for the duration of the project as users will not be granted access to the pathway beneath the bridge for the safety of the public.

Project Completion:

Late September 2017

City Staff:

Project Manager: Reid Porter

On-Site Inspector: Mike Hoffman


Contact: Reid Porter


Phone: (705) 474-0626 ext. 2304

Project Location Map:

map of project