Lakeshore Pinewood Park Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension

On June 2, 2011 a Public Information Centre was held regarding the City's plans to extend the sanitary trunk sewer along Lakeshore Drive, from Sunset Park Public School to Decaire Road on Pinewood Park Drive.

The project will be completed in two phases. The first phase is scheduled to begin in October 2012 and will involve the sanitary sewer extension and road reconstruction along Lakeshore Drive, from Sunset Park Public School to the La Vase River Bridge. The replacement of the La Vase River Bridge, under a separate contract, is anticipated to begin in September 2012. Both projects are anticipated to be completed late spring of 2013. The second phase of the project includes the extension of the sanitary trunk sewer on Pinewood Park Drive from the bridge to Decaire Road. The City anticipates these works to begin in late spring of 2013.

Also as part of this project, the City will be providing sanitary sewer laterals to the property line for each individual property. A fixed fee to connect to the service will be as follows:

  • Residential Property = $5,000/lot
  • Commercial Property & Vacant Land = $10,500/acre


There will be no fee if you choose not to connect to the service. The fee for the commercial property & vacant land may vary slightly depending on the tender costs and funding received from the federal and provincial government.

For those who do not have a water service to their property line, you will have the opportunity to have one installed at a cost to be determined by the awarded tender. The City will need to be advised as soon as possible from those who are interested.

The sanitary trunk sewer will be installed in the center of Lakeshore Drive to minimize impacts to adjacent properties and utility installations. The contractor will require the partial closure of Lakeshore Drive in the immediate area where construction is being undertaken; however, local access to private properties is to be maintained except for a short durations when the work undertaken will require that driveways to be closed. Sufficient advanced notice of driveway closures will be given by the contractor and signage will be provided to indicate access to commercial establishments. The signed detour will likely be via Booth Road to Birch's Road to Lamorie Street to Lakeshore Drive. Although the bridge will be under construction, one lane over the bridge will always be open to vehicular traffic.

The City will be holding a Public Meeting in the foyer at City Hall on August 21st, 2012 from 4 to 7 PM regarding the proposed works. Further questions or comments regarding the project can be answered at that time or if you wish, you can contact exp Services or the City of North Bay using the information provided below.

Exp Services Inc.
Dave Richards, P. Eng. 
Project Manager 
1850 Bond Street 
North Bay, ON North Bay, ON
P1B 4V6 
Tel: 705 474-2720 Ext. 206 
Fax: 705 474-8515 

The Corporation of the City of North Bay
Reid Porter, P. Eng 
Infrastructure Engineer 
200 McIntyre St E, P.O. Box 360 
P1B 8H8 
Tel: 705 474-0626 Ext. 2304 
Fax: 705 495-0936