Merrick Landfill Cell 7 Liner System


$823,607.55 (HST not included)


Bruman Construction Inc.


The City of North Bay owns the Merrick Landfill Site which landfills approximately 45,000 tons of refuse annually. This project prepares Cell 7 of the Merrick Landfill Site to be opened to accept refuse. The contract includes bulk excavation, processing of borrow material, construction of a low permeable liner system and leachate collection system, and associated works.

Project Need

Merrick Landfill has 10 cells of which 5 have been filled with refuse and closed. Cell 6 was opened in 2011 and is currently accepting refuse however it will be full within the next six months and therefore the next cell, Cell 7, must be prepared to open. This contract includes all work required to prepare Cell 7 to accept refuse.

Work Schedule

Contractor is scheduled to start May 2015 with completion in August 2015.

Traffic Delays

There will be no detouring of traffic for this project

Project Completion

60 Working Days which is approximately 3 months