Wastewater Treatment Plant Grit Removal Facility


$5,233,792.00 (HST not included)


J.C. Sulpher Construction Ltd.


This project upgrades the head end of the wastewater treatment facility by constructing a new grit removal facility. The equipment will be housed in a new headworks building which will include two vortex grit removal tanks, two automatically cleaned bar screens, a heating and ventilation unit, an odour control unit and all required auxiliary equipment.

Project Need

Currently, the wastewater treatment facility does not provide adequate grit removal which causes premature wear and tear on valves, pumps and other equipment throughout the process stream. Grit, not properly removed at the head end, eventually makes its way to the digesters and causes them to be less efficient. This major upgrade will increase equipment life expectancy, and reduce maintenance requirements. The new facility will also contain odor controls which will improve the experience for residents at the waterfront near the plant.

Work Schedule

Contractor mobilized on site September 2014. Installation of the headworks building foundation walls completed mid-May 2015 with mechanical, electrical and roof installation to follow. Equipment installation to be completed by end of November 2015. Project completion May 2016.

Traffic Delays

There will be no detouring of traffic for this project

Project Completion

405 Working Days which is approximately 2.5 years.