Engineering is one of the City departments that assists the Planning department with reviews of new developments. Engineering will review and provided recommendations related to storm water management plan, traffic control, grading, erosion and sedimentation control, water hydrant flow analysis. The various types of developments include:

 Subdivision Development
Draft Plan Approvals
Subdivision Plans
Subdivision Pre-servicing Agreements
Subdivision Agreements
Subdivision Inspection

Site Plan Control Agreement Applications 
Major Property Development
General Property Development

Committee of Adjustment Applications
Minor Variance Applications
Consent Applications

For more information on development processes see Planning Services .


Engineering Development Standards: These standards apply to the design and installation of infrastructure within the City of North Bay. They apply to the design and installation of storm and sanitary sewers, watermains and roads together with their respective connections and appurtenances and any other services which are required to be designed and / or installed.