Water & Wastewater

The construction of North Bay's Water Treatment Plant began in April 2006 and started up February 17, 2010. The Plant was built to comply with new requirements for municipal drinking water systems after the outbreak of waterborne diseases in Walkerton in the summer of 2000, which included, among other things, new minimum levels of treatment for viruses, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia. The new regulation also established a procedure for disinfection which states that all drinking water systems that obtain water from a raw water supply which is surface water must include filtration.

The plant operates using a multi-barrier approach to meet these treatment goals. The primary barrier in this plant is Pall Corporation's Aria Microfiltration system. This membrane filtration system is made up of 11 parallel membrane racks, each equipped with dozens of pressure vessels that house thousands of hollow-fibre membranes. These membranes provide an effective barrier to physically separate the various contaminants in North Bay's drinking water.

The secondary treatment barrier is the UV disinfection system, which inactivates any organisms like Cryptosporidium and Giardia that are present in the water using high intensity light. The water is then injected with chlorine to kill off any viruses and bacteria that are able to bypass the previous systems. The raw water for the plant is drawn from an intake pipe that extends 300m off the shore into Delaney Bay, approximately 21.5 m below the water surface. An average of 42 million litres (ML) of water run through this plant every day, with a maximum daily flow of 79.5 ML.

Ellendale Reservoir

The Water Filtration Plant pumps water directly to Ellendale Reservoir located at the end of Ellendale Drive. This is a 18,200 cubic meter concrete reservoir that provides water pressure to the majority of the City drinking water distribution mains. Ellendale Reservoir is also equipped with pumps that provide water to residents at the top of Airport Hill and fill the Airport Standpipe.

Airport Standpipe

The Airport Road Standpipe and Booster Pumping Station was built in 2009 and is located at the intersection of Airport Road and Airport Way. The Standpipe is 26.2m high and 13.7m in diameter with a capacity of almost 4,000 cubic meters. The facility is equipped with 9 pumps to provide water pressure to the Airport Hill area. This standpipe also provides additional water storage for the City and fire protection in the Airport Hill area.

Canadore Pumping Station

The Canadore Pumping Station is a facility located at the corner of Gormanville Road and McKeown Avenue. The facility is equipped with 4 pumps with the purpose of maintaining pressure at Canadore College and Nipissing University Campus.

Birch's Road Standpipe

The Birch's Road Standpipe and Re-chlorination Station is a 11,775 cubic meter steel standpipe equipped with sodium hypochlorite for re-chlorination of the drinking water. This standpipe provides additional storage capacity to the City's distribution system as well as fire protect for the West Ferris area.


The North Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on Memorial Drive and is used to treat all of North Bay's Wastewater/Sewage. The original sewage plant was built in 1961-2. It provided secondary treatment for 18,160 cubic meters/day. The plant was expanded in 1973 to a capacity of 36,320 cubic meters/day. In 1984 the plant was expanded again to its present capacity of 54,480 cubic meters/day. Phosphorus removal was included in the 1984 expansion and upgrade.

The North Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant is a conventional activated sludge facility which uses the following treatment processes: raw sewage pumping, sewage grinding and screening, grit removal, primary settling, aeration, final settling, chemical phosphorus removal and chlorination for effluent disinfection. The effluent water is also de-chlorinated before being discharged to Lake Nipissing.

The sludge removed from primary settling is anerobically digested and is thickened by centrifugation. Dewatered sludge is hauled from the Wastewater Treatment Plant and utilized at the Marsh Drive Landfill Site as topping material, part of the landfill site closure for several years. Sludge is also hauled to the Merrick Landfill Site as sections are closed and again used as a topping material.

North Bay Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System Reports

The City of North Bay is now required to post Annual Reports for its Water System on its web site in compliance with O. Reg. 170/03 Section 11 (10) and the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002. Prior to June 2003 the City was required to prepare and post Quarterly Reports for its Water System. Water Quality Reports have been prepared since June 2000.

Quality Management System Policy

The Corporation of the City of North Bay Quality Management System Policy The City of North Bay owns, operates and maintains the North Bay Water Treatment Plant and the City of North Bay Distribution system. The City of North Bay Water and Waste Water Operations shall:

  • Provide consumers with a supply of safe drinking water
  • Strive to protect public health, the environment and property in the operation of the drinking-water system
  • Maintain and continually improve upon its Quality Management System
  • Operate and maintain the drinking-water system in compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations
  • Communicate this policy to the Owner, the Operating Authority Personnel and the Public


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