Cancellation, Reduction or Refund

A property owner may make application under Section 357 or Section 358 of the Municipal Act for a refund of property taxes for the following reasons:

  • Ceased to be liable to be taxed at rate it is taxed
  • Became exempt
  • Fire/Demolition
  • Mobile unit removed
  • Gross or manifest clerical error


The property tax refund application can be made for a period during the year or for the entire year. This application must be made to the City of North Bay no later than February 28th of the year to which the application relates.

If you qualify for a cancellation, reduction or refund of your taxes based on the above, you can apply by downloading the following form or by contacting the City of North Bay Tax Department at 705-474-0400.

Application for Cancellation, Reduction or Refund of Taxes (Section 357/358)