Parking App

No coins? No Problem!

Fast Payments

Easily sign up and begin using the app in just a few minutes.

Get Reminders

Ensure you receive parking reminders to extend your session by activating them in the option menu of the Passport App.

Extend Time

Need more time? No more running back to the meter! You can extend your session right from your phone.

 Parking App

How to Use the App:

The Passport app is free to download and easy to use by following these steps:

  1. Look for signs and decals that say "Pay from your phone”.
  2. Signs and decals will always be on street meters or on Pay N’ Display machines.
  3. Download the Passport app, or visit
  4. Enter the following:
    1. Zone Number
    2. Vehicle Info
    3. Length of Stay

And you're parked!

In addition to the usual parking rates, a $0.35 user fee is charged per parking session. No user fee is charged to extend an active parking session.


  • Extend parking sessions from anywhere
  • Get reminder notifications
  • Manage multiple vehicles.



For questions about the Passport app and your use of the app, please contact Passport at

For questions about City of North Bay parking or By Law enforcement, please contact or (705) 474-0400