Parking Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I park for free downtown?

    2 hour free parking, first entry per day, is available in either Lot Oak 2 or Lot McIntyre 4, levels 1 & 2 (parking garage). 15 Minute free parking is available at Lot Wyld 8 (City Hall). Parking is free downtown on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays with the exception of overnight winter parking from November 1st to March 31st

  2. Where can I park overnight in the winter?

    1. Lot Oak 2 (designated areas only) or Lot McIntyre 4 (Parking Garage), Levels 1 - 4 with purchase of monthly rental pass for overnight winter parking OR
    2. Lot McIntyre 4 (Parking Garage), Levels 1 - 4 with purchase of nightly $5.00 flat rate from on-site ticket dispensers.
  3. How do I pay for parking tickets?

    Parking tickets can be paid:
    1. Online;
    2. In person;
      • City Hall, first floor Customer Service Centre
    3. By mail;
      • City Hall, Parking Department 200 McIntyre Street East North Bay, ON P1B 8H8
  4. What coins do parking meters accept?

    All parking meters accept the following Canadian coins: $0.25, $1.00, & $2.00.
    All Pay 'n Display machines also accept Visa and MasterCard.

  5. What do I do if a parking meter does not work?

    Note the number on the parking meter and the street name. Call the Customer Service Centre (705-474-0400) immediately to inform them. The meter will be reviewed and if the meter is not functioning properly, parking maintenance will be alerted.

  6. What are the monthly rental rates for parking?

    Rental rates are charged on a quarterly basis. Rates and availability vary from lot to lot. Please call the Customer Service Centre (705-474-0400) for current information.

  7. How long can I park?

    The maximum amount of time you can park in a paid parking space is the maximum amount you can purchase at one time. Most on-street meters have a 2 hour limit although some of the outer core areas offer 4 and 8 hour maximums.
    Parking lots offer long term parking solutions and have no daily time limit.

  8. Am I allowed to stop my vehicle in a restricted area?

    No. Stopping is considered parking for any length of time regardless if the vehicle is running or occupied. Fire routes, loading zones, and accessible parking spaces are only for approved vehicles. Please use designated parking stalls.

  9. Can I receive a parking ticket for parking in an accessible parking stall if I have an Accessible Parking Permit?

    Yes you can if:
    • the permit has expired
    • the permit is used by someone other than the person named on the permit
    • the vehicle is parked longer than the time permitted
    • the permit is not displayed


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