Municipal Heritage Committee

Happening Now

The City of North Bay’s Municipal Heritage Committee (MHC) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2019 Youth Engagement Photography Contest for youth aged 18 and under.

The purpose of the contest is for local youth to demonstrate to the MHC what aspects of North Bay’s culture and heritage are important to them. Entrants will also be challenged to explain the significance of their photo to themselves and the community by way of a short paragraph.

The following prizes are to be awarded to winners:

1st Prize - $100 DIA GIFT CARD
2nd Prize - $50 DIA GIFT CARD
3rd Prize - $25 DIA GIFT CARD

The photograph itself may be contemporary, or taken in the recent past, but must have been taken by the entrant to the competition.

There are no fixed categories for the competition. However, entrants will be asked to consider how the photograph relates to one of three (3) broadly defined areas: Built, Natural, or Human Heritage of North Bay. Participants may choose to focus on a range of heritage features within these broadly defined categories.

Competition Overview

  • All entries must be submitted to the City of North Bay by 4:00pm on Friday May 31st 2019. Entries received after this date/time will not be considered.
  • Participants are required to submit the photograph, together with a completed Photographic Release Form and potentially a Model Release Form or Art Release Form (depending on the nature of the submission).
  • Entries can be e-mailed to or mailed to: 200 McIntyre Street East – 2nd Floor (Planning & Building Services Department)North Bay, ON P1B 8H8
  • PO Box 360
  • Municipal Heritage Committee

Complete contest rules, release forms and submission details are available at

Local school boards, clubs, and other service providers throughout the City of North Bay are invited to share details of the photography contest, and encourage participation among local youth.

For further information contact:
Peter Carello
Secretary-Treasurer, North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee
474‐0400, ext. 2409

History of the MHC

The North Bay Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (LACAC) was established in 1996 consisting of a Council-appointed body of local architects, historians, citizens and community representatives. The main objective of the LACAC was to identify and evaluate local heritage buildings and sites with the aim of recognizing buildings and/or sites within the community which have architectural and/or historical significance under the Ontario Heritage Act.

In November of 2003, the provincial government decreed that henceforward these bodies would be identified as Municipal Heritage Committees, consequently, as of the reconstitution of the North Bay body in 2004, it was renamed the North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee.

As of April 2005, the provincial government passed new legislation strengthening the authority of municipalities in their efforts to identify, protect, and promote the heritage of our communities. Further, clarification was made that heritage properties include buildings, streetscapes, districts and landscapes.

Additionally, the Ministry of Culture expanded the mandate of these bodies to include the identification of properties of heritage value in a broader historic context that would include newer properties worthy of recognition as part of our legacy for future generations.

In principle, the definition of heritage is that which is worthy of inheritance, is of guidance in the determination of the goals, objectives and actions of the Municipal Heritage Committee. Inherent in this program is the aim of educating the public as to the worth and value of those sites and structures that deserve to be conserved and preserved, to develop a communal spirit of self-respect, and to instill a pride of residency in the City of North Bay.


What We Do

The Municipal Heritage Committee (MHC) was established by a municipal government by passing a by-law, in accordance with guidelines in the Ontario Heritage Act.

The City of North Bay passed By-Law No. 38-96 on April 15th, 1996 which created the North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee (initially called the North Bay Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee). This By-law also provides Terms of Reference under which the Committee operates.

The MHC is comprised of 9 voting members and 2 ex-officio members. The Committee meets monthly at City Hall.

The Municipal Heritage Committee provides advice to City Council on matters and properties with architectural and/or historical significance. The Committee also evaluates properties that have heritage significance in order to develop and maintain a list of heritage properties in the community.

The Municipal Heritage Committee is also responsible for evaluating and documenting properties throughout North Bay that have heritage value to the community. With the property owner's permission, members of the Municipal Heritage Committee conduct a site evaluation. Properties are scored based on a series of criteria, ranging from architectural features, construction materials, historical context, etc. Based on the scoring a property achieves, it is given a priority ranking. Buildings scoring in the highest priority category are denoted with a glass plaque that commemorates their status and importance to the community.

The Municipal Heritage Committee also plays a leading role in promoting community heritage. The Committee takes on a variety of projects to accomplish this goal, such as producing promotional materials and attending events.

The Committee also works with the City's Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services Department to install heritage site plaques at notable sites throughout the community. The heritage site plaques are approximately 2'X3' in size and recount the story of a site that no longer stands in its original condition. The goal of this program is to recognize the community's heritage and to provide information to residents and visitors. There are presently twenty-one located throughout the community.

The overarching goal of the North Bay Municipal Heritage Committee is to achieve conservation through community recognition and awareness. Since its inception, the MHC has recognized over sixty properties for their heritage characteristics.



The City of North Bay's Municipal Heritage Committee is comprised of a minimum of 5 members. By-law 38-96, which establishes the MHC, identifies that the Committee must have representation from one member of each of the following organizations:

  • North Bay City Council
  • North Bay Society of Architects
  • North Bay Museum (Discovery North Bay)

Other public organizations support the Committee's activities through their attendance at meetings and provision of advice and expertise. The Committee receives regular attendance from the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and Culture as well as the North Bay Public Library. The City of North Bay provides the MHC with staff support, enabling the Committee to fulfill its mandate. A member of the City's Planning Services department serves as Secretary-Treasurer, providing professional and administrative support to facilitate Committee activities. The City Treasurer keeps financial records on behalf of the Committee. The balance of the membership is made up of community volunteers that are appointed by City Council. The term of membership coincides with the term of City Council. Current members of the Committee are:

  • Peter Handley (Chair)
  • Jennifer Buell (Vice-Chair)
  • Scott Robertson (City Council)
  • Andrew Bruce-Payne (North Bay Society of Architects)
  • Naomi Rupke (North Bay Museum)
  • Jeff Serran (Community Representative)
  • Ed Valenti (Community Representative)
  • George Maroosis (Community Representative)
  • Margaret Surtees (Community Representative)
  • Caroline Loiselle (Ex-Officio)
  • Peter Carello (Secretary-Treasurer)


Upcoming Meetings

Municipal Heritage Committee meetings are typically held monthly on Tuesday's at 12 pm in the 7th Floor Boardroom at City Hall.

For more information about upcoming meetings dates please contact Planning Services.


Peter Carello
 Senior Planner, Current Operations
 (705) 474-0400 x2409