Brownfield Community Improvement Plan

A Brownfield is defined by the province as an undeveloped or previously developed property. It was likely, but not necessarily, used for industrial or commercial purposes in the past and may now be underutilized, derelict or vacant. A Brownfield has known or suspected contamination problems, which prevents or limits potential redevelopment opportunities from proceeding. The City of North Bay has a number of sizeable and strategically significant sites in the Downtown and surrounding areas that are classified as a Brownfield.

A series of investments by the City of North Bay has created a unique opportunity to redevelop these Brownfield sites. Most notably, the City of North Bay is in the process of redeveloping over 20 acres of Brownfield site into a Community Waterfront Park. As well, the implementation of the Downtown Community Improvement plan has assisted in the redevelopment of the Downtown core.

The next phase of revitalization is to redevelop Brownfield sites. To help private sector proponents overcome the financial barrier to investing in these Brownfield sites, the City of North Bay has launched the Brownfield Community Improvement Plan, which provides a combination of financial incentives.




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