Official Plan

The City of North Bay has a new Official Plan which came into effect on January 6, 2012. Any development application submitted and deemed to be complete will be reviewed under the previous Official Plan. Any development application submitted on or after January 6, 2012 will be reviewed under the new Official Plan.

What is an Official Plan?

The Official Plan is a legal document approved by Council which describes policies and objectives for future land use. It reflects a community vision for future change and development. The Official Plan is prepared with citizen input.

An Official Plan is a long range planning policy document which guides and shapes growth and manages development over a 20 - 30 year time frame. It contains goals, objectives and policies to guide future physical development of a community while taking into consideration important social, economic and environmental matters and goals.

The City of North Bay Official Plan is a policy document, which describes the future direction of the City and how land is to be used. It also provides the basis for the Zoning By-law applying to all properties in the City.

Changes to an Official Plan

Sometimes it is necessary to amend the Plan to provide appropriate policy or land use designation for certain development that was not anticipated when the Plan was prepared. As the owner of a property, one can make an application to amend the City's Official Plan at the Planning Services Department.

In some cases the Official Plan requires that specific studies and assessments be submitted before Council can consider a change. Before making an application, all applicants should contact the Planning Services Department to determine what information will be required.

The process for an applicant initiated Official Plan Amendment is included below. An overview of the development process can be found in the City's Development Handbook.


Complete Official Plan

The below link contains the entire Official Plan, complete with all Schedules and Appendices. Please note the large size.

Application Form


The City of North Bay Official Plan maps and related information are provided as a public service. In any situation where the printed official map or document of the City of North Bay differ from electronic versions contained in this website, the official printed publications take precedence. Users of this electronic information should verify it with the printed official information before acting on it.

Content you access here is not necessarily an exact and/or current reproduction of official documents. For example, amendments may be in progress or Internet browser display capability may affect map presentation formats. The City of North Bay does not warrant the accuracy of these electronic versions and accepts no responsibility for any damages suffered by any person as a result of decisions made - or actions based - on informational content accessed via its Internet site.

Official versions of all Official Plan maps and related information can be obtained from the Planning Department at (705) 474-0400 during normal business hours. Note: This PDF file is quite large and may take some time to download.


Peter Carello
 Senior Planner, Current Operations
 (705) 474-0400 x2409