Site Plan Control

The City of North Bay's Official Plan and Zoning By-law identify lands which are subject to Site Plan Control pursuant to Section 41 of the Planning Act as amended whenever development or redevelopment is to occur. A Site Plan Control Agreement (SPCA) is required prior to any site alteration activities or construction activities on property within a designated Site Plan Control area. The Agreement must be entered into within the Municipality prior to the issuance of a building permit. In the case of properties undergoing additional Planning Act applications, such as an Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments, Minor Variance and/or Consent to Sever, the Site Plan Control Agreement must be entered into prior to final approval of all other applications.

The Site Plan Process

A member of the Planning Services Department reviews the application to ensure that all supporting information and required fees have been submitted and that the application is complete. If the application is not acceptable (e.g. does not comply with the City's Zoning By-law or is incomplete), the applicant is advised in writing and the application and fee is returned. If the application is complete, the information is forwarded to the City's Legal Services Department for preparation of a Draft Agreement. The Draft Agreement and associated Site Plan are circulated to various City departments and external agencies for their review and comment. The Site Plan Control Agreement will contain conditions to be registered on title such as storm water management plan, grading, erosion and sedimentation control, landscape, water hydrant flow analysis and posting of a letter of credit. These will be necessary prior to obtaining a building permit.

Once the agreement has been reviewed, comments received and any necessary revisions made, the Agreement is sent to the applicant to be signed and returned with the applicable fee so that the property can be registered on title. Registration of the agreement is required before final approval of a Planning Act application and prior to the issuance of a building permit.

If the applicant disagrees with any of the conditions set out in the Site Plan Control Agreement, or has concerns with the Site Plan, there is opportunity to discuss this with the Review Committee to resolve the issue(s). If a resolution is not reached or the application is refused, the applicant has the opportunity to appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.

The Site Plan Application Requirements

Ten (10) copies of the Site Plan showing the proposed development and two (2) copies of a plan showing Existing Site Conditions, folded, to legal size or smaller, are required. A more complex development is required to be twenty-four (24) inches by thirty-six (36) inches in size.

Existing Site Conditions Plan must include the location of existing landscaped areas and existing tree cover; the location of existing driveways, paved areas and graveled-surfaced areas; the location of buildings to be demolished and buildings to be retained; the location of existing curbing sidewalks; the location and size of existing sewer and water mains and service connections; the location of existing septic systems and wells; the existing topography of the land, showing contour lines or spot elevations, as appropriate (severe slopes are to be clearly illustrated showing both top and bottom of banks); the location of utility easements and plant (hydro, gas, telephone cable) (other than City Plant); and the location of City easement and existing infrastructure contained therein.

Information to be shown on the New Site Plan includes a key map showing the location of the property; and the true dimensions, bearings of the property, including Lot and Concession, and full legal description of the property, along with PIN numbers.

Site Plan Approval: Building and/or Structures Requirements

The location and dimensions of all proposed buildings and structures including the basements and mezzanines; the location and dimensions of proposed septic systems and wells; the dimensions of all yards (i.e. setbacks from all buildings and structures from property lines); and the percentage lot coverage of buildings, concrete asphalt surfaces, landscaped areas, and gravel surfaced areas.

Site Plan Approval: Parking and Accessibility Requirements

The location of off-street parking and loading areas including the dimensions of parking spaces, loading areas and setbacks of such areas from property lines; the width of driveways and aisles accessing parking stalls and loading areas; location of accessible parking spaces in proximity to main building(s); the location of curb-cuts for both rear loading and side loading vehicles; location of accessibility ramps or grading; the location of signage/surface colouring of accessible parking spaces; and the location of curbing and proposed sidewalks and connecting pathways.

Site Plan Approval: Fire Protection Requirements

The location of proposed fire routes, radii, construction material, grades and widths; the location of City fire hydrants in proximity to the subject property and any proposed private hydrants; and the current rest results of pressure/flow of hydrants. In order to conform to the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and the Ontario Fire Code, the applicant may be required to provide information as to the adequacy of available fire fighting infrastructure as it relates to the applicant's development proposal. The applicant is strongly advised to consult with the appropriate City Departments (Fire and Building) early in the consultation process to ascertain as to whether there may be significant off-site improvements required to support the development.

Site Plan Approval: Lighting and Landscaping

The location of lighting for pedestrian access around main entrance/exit, to and from parking areas and along paths; the location of proposed landscaped areas and existing tree cover; proposed new plan material (number, type and size); and the location of pedestrian walkways (landscaped). Additional information may be required if changes are proposed to street lighting.

Site Plan Approval: Other Requirements

The dimensions detailing entrance and exit locations to and from the site, the location of outdoor containers and/or vaults, central storage and collections areas or other facilities for the storage of garbage and other waste of recyclable material and garbage truck access to route radii; the proposed final elevations and grades; the proposed connections to municipal services including proposed sizes and grades, proposed connections to utility services, including capacity requirements; the storm water management areas, if required (shown conceptually); the location of any proposed signs or fences; the location of existing and/or proposed drainage systems or watercourses. It is required that where any development is subject to Storm Water Management considerations, the applicant and/or his/her agent submit the Storm Water Management report to the City's Engineering Department for review and approval before the Site Plan Control Agreement is approved and signed, as the recommendations contained in the Storm Water Management report could significantly alter lot grading, buffer area, landscaping, building location and parking.

Site Plan Approval: Development on Trout Lake

For properties located along the un-serviced shoreline of Trout Lake or with frontage on a watercourse flowing into Trout Lake as identified by the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA), the applicant shall provide confirmation of the lot coverage of all buildings or structures (main and accessory) through a survey prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor and provide detail location of the required vegetative buffer. Additional information may be required for certain lots on Trout Lake.

Application Form

Site Plan Control Agreement ApplicationĀ formsĀ are located on the Forms Page


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