Noise Exposure Forecast Contours

The City of North Bay is beginning the process to update the Noise Exposure Forecast contours for the North Bay Jack Garland Airport (NBJGA). The NBJGA has had a study completed to update new contours for the Airport and the City is now considering this study through our Official Plan.

The Noise Exposure Forecast contours are shown on schedule 1 and schedule 2 of the Official Plan. The policies associated with these schedules are found in various sections of the City’s official plan

Notice of Passing

City Council adopted Official Plan Amendment No. 10 on May 11, 2015. The purpose of the Amendment would include policy modifications and amendments to Schedule 1 and 2 reflect new Noise Exposure Forecast Contours and a new Airport Protection Zone for the North Bay Jack Garland Airport. The Notice of Passing will be advertised in the North Bay Nugget on Saturday, May 23, 2015 and is included below:



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 Manager, Planning & Building Services
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