Water Distribution & Collection

Service Requests

City Public Works and Services Division staff wish to remind citizens that if you experience a sewer back up, our dispatcher can be reached at 705-474-4340 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) so that we can serve you quicker and possibly save you money! For customers who need a water shut off/turn on service, it should be noted that there will be a charge. Remember, you can always phone in street light outages to our Dispatcher as well.

Property owners are responsible for contracting with the City to install water or sewer services between the main and the property line.

There is a fee for work and/or sewer services plus charges for restoration of roadway, curb, sidewalk, etc. Rock or frost removal is also an extra cost as is extra depth excavations.

Culvert repairs or extensions must be done by the City of North Bay on a fixed quote basis. A minimum charge applies. Certain by-law restrictions may apply with respect to length and location.

Flooding or Sewer Back-Up Information

Any reports of basement flooding, roadway or storm sewer flooding or back-up are to be made to the Public Works dispatcher at (705) 474-4340.

Sewer back-ups or odour problems must also be reported to the Public Works Dispatcher. A flooding report will then be completed by the City Staff.

Claims must be submitted in writing to the City Clerk, City of North Bay, P.O. Box 360, North Bay, Ontario, P1B 8H8. Claims are forwarded to the City's Insurer for review. City employees cannot provide any comment on the claim.

Culvert/Storm Sewer Information

Culvert repairs or extensions must be done by the City of North Bay.

Certain by-law restrictions may apply with respect to length and location.

Restricted Discharges to Sanitary Sewers

According to By-Law No. 2002-112, no person shall discharge or deposit or cause or permit the discharge or deposit into a sanitary sewer, matter of any type or at any temperature or in any quantity which may be or may become harmful to a sewage works, or which may impair or interfere with any sewage treatment process, or which may be or may become a hazard to persons, animals or property.

No person shall discharge or deposit or cause or permit the discharge or deposit into a sanitary sewer, combined sewer, public or private connection to any sanitary sewer or combined sewer any of the following:

Matter of a type or quantity that has or may emit a toxic or poisonous chemical odour which may interfere with the proper operation of a sewage works, or sewage containing any one or more of the following: bromine, carbon disulphide, hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde or pyridine; gasoline, benzene, naphtha, fuel oil or other flammable or explosive matter; sewage which consists of two or more separate liquid layers; atomic wastes and radioactive materials except as may be permitted under the Atomic Energy Control Act; storm water or uncontaminated water, except that which may be discharged into a combined sewer.

The disposal of pesticides and herbicides to a sewer system or watercourse is prohibited without the approval of the City Engineer for each discharge.

For more information about sewer usage or construction, please contact those listed below.

To report the illegal dumping of these materials, please call the Public Works & Services Dispatch at the number below.

Frozen Water Service

In early 2016, the City of North Bay granted Water Service Agreements to properties that had a documented history of freezing on private property and/or the service had frozen during the winter of 2014.  For 2017, homeowners will not be eligible to enter into a Water Service Agreement. Water used to prevent freezing will be billed according to the most current by-law rate. 

If you are considering excavating your water service to correct issues on private property we advise you to first contact our Public Works department at 705-474-4340. Our staff will conduct further investigation of your water service prior to you arranging excavation.

If you suspect you have a frozen water service, please contact our 24/7 Public Works Dispatch at 705-474-4340.  City staff will be dispatched to investigate at no charge.

If it’s determined that the water service is frozen on City property, the City will thaw the service free of charge one time only, subsequently property owners will be authorized to enter into a Water Service Agreement.

Should it be determined that the freezing is on the private side of the curb stop, the property owner will be responsible for thawing the water service and will have the option of hiring a contractor or the City to thaw the service at the current user fee by-law rate.  Homeowners will be required to pay for consumption should they chose to run their water to prevent the service from re-freezing.

Water Agreement Letter - September 28, 2016