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There are 22 buses that are wheelchair accessible, servicing all routes.

See a demonstation of wheelchair accessibility.

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Accessibility Information

 Please see the Using North Bay Transit Services for general information on using Transit services.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for a quick guide to some of the most asked questions in regards to the Priority and Courtesy seats.

Accessible Transit Routes

 North Bay Transit is pleased to provide fully accessible transit service on selected routes in the City of North Bay . Fully accessible transit services provide people who use wheelchairs, other mobility devices and people that have difficulty in using stairs, the flexibility of using conventional transit routes throughout North Bay.

North Bay now has 22 low floor accessible Conventional Transit coaches.

Accessible buses are designed for mobility – Indicated routes will operate with low floor, fully accessible transit buses equipped with extendable access ramps and two reserved wheelchair areas. Customers must be able to manoeuvre their mobility device in a safe manner. Transit operators are available to assist fastening the restraining devices. People requiring additional assistance are requested to travel with an assistant. Accessible transit customers must board and exit through the front doors. Transit Operators will endeavour to ensure the reserved area is cleared prior to your boarding.

Transit Fares

 Accessible fares are the same as regular fares. An attendant accompanying a person with a disability rides for free. Transit drivers will accept exact cash fare, a valid pass, ticket or transfer when you board the bus. Please remember, our drivers do not carry cash. If you require a transfer, you must ask for it when you board the bus.

Boarding the Accessible Bus

 As the bus approaches, make sure the bus is the one you want. Don’t hesitate to ask the driver if you are unsure of where the bus is going. All riders must enter by the front doors.

It is best to wait four to five feet away from the front door of the bus, allowing for adequate clearance. After other customers have boarded, move forward up the ramp. Pay your bus fare, obtain a transfer if you will be changing buses. Moving forward down the aisle is the most effective way to secure a space.

Locating A Seat

 Move forward down the aisle and back into the wheelchair space provided. The drive will ensure that the lift-up seats are raised. Back into the secured space and fasten the safety strap across your chest. Make sure you lock your brakes.

Making an Exit

 If you know at which stop you wish to exit the bus, press the yellow stop strip to signal the driver. Once the bus has come to a full stop, please move to face the front of the bus and proceed to the safety line on the bus floor. Stay behind the safety line on the floor of the bus until the ramp has been completely lowered by the driver. Move onto the ramp facing forward and exit the bus.

Safety and the Law

 If a bus is full, or is already carrying two customers in wheelchairs, the driver will not be able to pick up additional wheelchair customers. The driver will stop the bus and inform you that secured areas are occupied and will let you know when the next scheduled bus will arrive.

North Bay Transit at Your Service

 North Bay Transit drivers are concerned about the safety of their passengers. Drivers have been trained to provide the safest and most efficient service. Training includes safe operation of the ramp system and an understanding of customer needs. Please ask your driver if you have any questions.


Remi Renaud
 (705) 474-0400 x2165
Transit Dispatch
 (705) 474-0419