Must I purchase a student ID card?

No. If your school issues ID cards, these may be used. If your school does not, then yes.There is a one time issue and the cost is $10.00. However, the ID cards must have a picture of the student, the student school ID number, and an expiry date. The student ID number and signature must appear on the monthly pass. Both the ID card and Bus Pass must be shown when boarding the bus. Note: ID cards are printed at the Transit Terminal only!

I am a Senior, do I require an ID card?

Yes. There is a one time issue and the cost is $10.00. The ID card and the bus pass must be shown together when boarding the bus. The government seniors card may be used for identification to assure that you receive the reduced rate for your bus pass. Note: ID cards are printed at the Transit Terminal only!

Are pets allowed to ride on the buses?

All pets must be in a closed container, such as a pet carry case. North Bay Transit allows dogs for the Blind, the Hearing Impaired and Therapy Dogs, on duty, to ride on the buses. These dogs do not require pet carriers. Persons must carry and show appropriate identification for themselves and the dogs .

I have a large stroller, is there room on the buses for these strollers?

As the size of the strollers have increased, it is becoming more and more difficult to load and accommodate them on the buses. There are occasions when the driver will request that the stroller is folded, this for example would be when the bus is crowded or the stroller is blocking the aisle. Wheel chair access areas may be used to park the strollers if not in use. Priority for these areas are: customers in wheel chairs, elderly or people with disabilities.
See the Strollers & Bicycles on Transit Busses pamphlet for more information.

Can I expect assistance when boarding with packages and strollers?

We do encourage drivers to assist when possible. Not all drivers are able to do this. We ask that parents/guardians use common sense, discretion and reasonableness in the size of the stroller, and the load being carried in them, when venturing out with children and strollers. On the new buses the ramp can be lowered to make boarding easier.

Do drivers carry money to make change for bus fare?

No. Exact fare must be placed in the fare box at the time of boarding.

Where can I pick up Transit schedules?

Schedules may be obtained at City Hall, Transit Terminal on Transit coaches and at the Pass Sales Outlets.

Where can I buy Bus Passes?

Bus passes may be purchased at City Hall and the Transit Terminal. A list of pass outlets is available on the Fare Policy & Pass Sales Outlets page


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