Growing The City - 2018

It is an honour to serve for another 4 years. For the past month, I have met with every Councilor one on one to hear their thoughts on the upcoming 4 years.  

I will say each and every Councilor is excited and ready to get to work to face the challenges and seize the opportunities in front of us. Our Councilor elects have met with staff; have been briefed on all the files and procedures so they will be up to date on day 1.

 I have worked closely with my Deputy Mayor elect and many Council members one on one since Tuesday after the election. The large capital projects like Casselholme, the WF arena, the wharf and the DTWFMP are key important infrastructure projects that need our attention. Our Budget Chief, Chairs and other interested Council members are already working on these files. 

The Deputy Mayor and Budget Chief has clearly stated her objectives and direction and I applaud her. With our continued infrastructure renewal 10 year plan, we have a busy 4 years ahead of us.  

To be clear, I ran on a mandate of growth and growing our City and that will be my focus this term.  The Deputy Mayor, myself and Councilors have been meeting with investors, developers, the Chamber, Invest North Bay, the Labour Market Group and other businesses and community organizations. Their message to us was the same and very clear, we need to grow. They have told us, growth supports local business, creates jobs, spurs construction, assists homebuilders, attract new industry, attract skilled labour that we are short of, increases assessment and lessens the financial burden on all citizens.

In a fiercely competitive global marketplace, we need our community partner’s support and leadership. They have told me, the Deputy Mayor and many Councilors who took the time to consult, they are ready to assist, share their concerns and ideas, to roll up their sleeves and help grow the City.  Our success as a City and community rests with all of us playing our roles to the best of our abilities and having the best interest of the City as a whole.

To signal to our citizens, the Province, and the Country, we are open for business, positioning ourselves to grow our City, cut red tape, welcome investment and ready to roll up our sleeves to get to work, I have set the swearing in ceremony on the very first day of the mandate, Saturday morning December 1st at 11 a.m.  I believe we are the only City in the Province that will swear in their Council on a Saturday, further reinforces our “can do” approach to growing our City.  

We will work closely with our staff to develop the policies that will able us to achieve growth. We have 23 meetings scheduled between December 1st and end of January. The Deputy Mayor and many Councilor Members have been engaged since October 23rd and I am very proud of all the work they have put in to set the table for the next 12 months and the start of the term.  We have an ambitious and progressive mandate to grow our City. 

We have the looks of a great Council team focused on growing our City, working well together and moving the business of the City forward.