Organization Chart

Keith Robicheau
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

John Severino
Managing Director, Community Services. Reports to the CAO

Lea Janisse
Managing Director, Corporate Services, Human Resources. Reports to the CAO

David Euler
Managing Director, Engineering, Environmental & Works. Reports to the CAO

Jason Whiteley
Fire Chief. Operates within Community Services and reports to the CAO

Margaret Karpenko
Chief Financial Officer. Reports to the CAO

Peter Leckie
City Solicitor. Reports to the CAO

Linda Cook
Executive Assistant Mayor and CAO. Reports to the CAO.

Deanna Kelusky
Administrative Assistant CAO. Reports to the CAO.

Mike Bechard
Deputy Fire Chief Support Services. Reports to Fire Chief

Greg Saunders
Deputy Fire Chief Operations. Reports to Fire Chief

The Fire Department operates under the umbrella of Community Services Business Unit.
The Legal and Financial Services Departments operate under the umbrella of the Corporate Services Business Unit.