Mayor’s Daily Community Briefing and Updates

COVID-19 Update (145) North Bay continues to shine but we know it is not over. 32 days without positive case

North Bay is 3rd lowest per capita for positive cases in the Province of Ontario.

Sudbury sees additional cases and postpones opening of many public facilities because of surge.

We are doing extremely well here in North Bay thanks to our citizens and local businesses doing their part to keep our risk profile low. We know though it is not over by any stretch.

Stay the Course North Bay!


COVID-19 Update (144) Day 31 without a positive case. While our risk profile is low, we do know as citizens of North Bay, this is not over

North Bay you continue to inspire. Your hard work, dedication and leadership on keeping our risk profile, allows our community to enjoy our beaches, playgrounds, sports fields, arena, splash pad, boat launches, local restaurants and visiting our seniors. Families and individuals getting some normancy back because of all the hard work. Without your co-operation this would not be possible. Please consider this if you are thinking of letting your guard down, as all of this could stop like other centres around the world. Your actions determine our fate.

Ontario reports 89 cases today, 76 yesterday. 2 days in a row below 100. Majority of new cases are being reported in Windsor, Ottawa, Peel and Toronto. Sudbury recently has 22 new cases in 10 days. So this confirms and tells us, it is all around us amd more than likely driving thru. That is why following all the protocols is so important.

Stay the course North Bay, you are doing excellent but it is not over as we all know.


COVID-19 Update (143) Congratulations North Bay, this is a milestone worth celebrating! 30 days without a positive test

We are a proud city that believes in partnerships and working together to find solutions. Today marks 30 days without a positive test thanks to our citizens and businesses that truly display our quest to keep everyone safe.

Our city is a leader in the Province. Not only are we one of the lowest cases per capita in Ontario but just about every public facility is now open to the public including City Hall, Memorial Gardens, Splash Pad, Sports Fields, Parks, Playground Equipment, beaches and trails. Very few cities can say the same. This is truly a great partnership with council, city staff, community partners, citizens and businesses alike.

Celebrate today as it is quite an accomplishment. We are all proud of our city


COVID-19 Update (142) 29 Days straight without a positive case in North Bay. (22,194 tests). Our citizens know we are doing well but also understand this is not over

NORTH BAY: Well done North Bay! No cases in our city. 29 days and counting (Yes we are counting)

NORTHERN ONTARIO: There are 28 known active cases.

SUDBURY: The city 75 minutes to the west of us, has 21 of the 28 active cases in Northern Ontario

HISTORY: Canada's first confirmed case was January 25th. As of today, more than 116,000 Canadians have been inflected and almost 9000 have died. In early July, the national seven day average of New daily cases had dropped down to 273 (May 1-7 there was an average of 1,800). Having said that, July 21 to 28 saw an increase of daily new inflections of 471.

Some medical professionals are starting to say we are in the early stages of the 2nd wave.

THOUGHTS: We believe our citizens understand the importance of protocols, wearing face coverings. We also believe there is pandemic fatigue out there but to date, credit our population for not to letting their guard down. We have successfully opened up most public facilities including beaches, splash pad, playgrounds, sports fields and parks, City Hall and just today Memorial Gardens (btw is 95% booked for ice despite comphensive restrictions in place).

MOVING FORWARD: Our citizens fully understand our risk profile is low, that we are doing well but we fully understand this is not over by any shot. Please do not let our success be our enemy. Australia is being hit again and the US is seeing high level of cases still.

SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES: No need to travel to other cities to shop and put yourself and our community at risk. Our local businesses need your support

Stay the course North Bay, hopefully tomorrow at 3pm, we can announce a full 30 days without a positive case!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID-19 (141) It has been 6 months and 4 days since the WHO (World Health Organization) declared PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern). So where are we?

WHO: continues to access the global risk level to be very high. In 6 months, the global death count is above 680,000 and 17.6 million infected. A panel of 17 members and 12 advisors agree that COVID-19 is still constituted as a PHEIC.

The panel also highlighted the anticipated lengthy duration of COVID-19 and warned of the risk of "Response Fatigue". Further the panel urged WHO, to support countries in preparation of proven therapeutics and vaccines, improved understanding of the epidemiology, severity and long term health effects.

WHO Chief Tederos Ghebreyesus stated that the pandemic will be long lasting (I know you didn't want to hear that part).

MISINFORMATION: Closer to home in Canada, McGill and Carleton University researchers are concerned about misinformation spreading at an alarming rate across the country. They warned the misinformation shared online may lead to devastating consequences and can push Canadians to shun safety measures.

Aengus Bridgeman at McGill states people should be enormously concerned about misinformation. A study published at Carleton University indicated 46% of Canadians believed in at least 1 of 4 conspiracies " virus engineered in a Chinese lab, virus is being spread to cover up the effects of 5G, drugs such as hrdroxychloroquine is a cure and rinsing your nose with a saline solution will protect you"

IN QUEBEC: there is a Facebook group called " Against mandatory mask wearing in Quebec" has over 22,000 followers and a similar group with the same mission has over 20,000 members. Posts on these sites even state Bill Gates created the virus.

NORTH BAY: So please get your information from credible sources. I see posts all the time, stating misinformation and quoting unreliable sources. We continue to stay the course. The vast majority of our citizens are not falling for the conspiracies but we do have a small percentage that does.

Don't be fooled by our low numbers, the virus can be with the next person you meet or speak with. To keep your risk profile low, follow all the protocols.

Keep up the great work North Bay, our turn at a surge is just a few people letting their guard down.


COVID-19 Update (140) 21,164 tests todate and 27 straight days without a positive case announced.No unresolved cases.

Long weekends in the summer here in our city are for family, relaxation and enjoying the beautiful environment that we have (yes even with a little rain). While the pandemic has changed our lives considerably, we as northeners adapt and adjust well. It is in our DNA. Our community spirit is one of looking after everyone. Please follow the protocols but also take some downtime to recharge.

Ottawa has announced 16 new cases today (3 & 1/2 hours from us). Their trend of daily double digit new cases started on July 18th.

This can be us if it wasn't for how much our citizens and local businesses have been doing to keep our risk profile low.

Stay the course North Bay, 6 feet is you best friend.


COVID-19 Update (139) 26 days straight without a recorded positive case.

Today is a Positive day(pun intended)
in the sense, we have no positive recorded cases.

Today is about enjoying the long weekend, the nice weather, family and a community that cares for one another.

Stay safe out there today, stay the course and remember 6 feet is a key important way to protect to

Enjoy the day North Bay.


COVID-19 Update (138) North Bay records 25th straight day without Positive Case. Sudbury postpones opening of many municipal facilities including arena due to surge.

Well done North Bay, even with the virus surging as close as Sudbury, you are staying the course. The protocols and our actions determine our fate. Our city is a great example of everyone working together.

Memorial Gardens will open Tuesday August 4th to user groups with strict guidelines to protect users. Players will have to arrive dressed and are allowed to put their skates on inside but must immediately leave the Gardens when the practice is over.

North Bay outdoor fields are continuing to be used with strict guidelines.

Sudbury case surge causes postponement of openings of many of their municipal facilities including countryside arena and other facilities for another 2 weeks.

Ontario reports 134 cases today with the majority (26) in Ottawa.

With surges all around us, we ask that you continue more than ever to support our local businesses. They need our support.

Thanks again everyone, we are a proud city.


COVID-19 Update (137) North Bay continues to keep our risk profile low but we are not out of the woods, let alone the whole forest.

Day 24 without a positive case- great news on a local perspective but with Sudbury seeing a surge, a little too close for comfort for me.

I will ask again, we truly "really really really" need all of us to follow the protocols every minute you are around anyone outside your bubble.

A recent survey with Healthcare and epidemiologists professionals in Quebec believe the second wave may already be underway. Based on 170 medical doctors, epidemiologists, public health experts opinions, indicated 66% of them believe that it is very likely and 24% believe somewhat likely regarding a second wave . They also believe that Quebec will again fare worse than the rest of the country.

The virus is all around us and more than likely driving thru our city. Our actions will determine our fate. Please be responsible out there.



Sudbury is announcing 10 new cases today. Sudbury has seen 22 new cases in past 10 days. 8 of these cases, are with no known exposure. This means community transmission.

I will do my usual update after 3pm but this update could not wait. Our citizens need to stay informed and up to date in real time.

North Bay has seen 23 days without a positive case. Our actions determine our fate.

Hint: Shop local!

Please, please follow the protocols as this surge is 75 minutes away.

COVID-19 Update (136) Ontario reports just 76 cases today, lowest since March 22nd. Great news.

Ottawa records another 13 cases, bringing their total of active cases to 251.

North Bay hits 23 days straight without a positive case. No active cases in North Bay.

Stage 3 is working extremely well here thanks to local businesses and citizens doing their part keeping everyone safe

North Bay continue to be PROUD. You are rocking it!!!!!


COVID-19 Update (135) Canada's Covid 19 curve in upward direction. Cases daily average now 496

This is worrisome sign according to Chief Public Health Officer Dr Theresa Tam.

Sudbury reporting an increase of 8 cases today alone. The upward trend still seems to be the under 40 age group. In Sudbury's case, 7 of 8 are 19 or younger and the 8th case is under 40 years old. We are hearing more and more about the trend increasing in the under 40 category

North Bay continues to be a bright spot. No new cases reported now for 22 days straight. We continue to be the 3rd lowest cases per capita in Ontario. To put this in perspective, we average 27 cases per 100K. Toronto on the other hand has 452 cases per 100K and Windsor has 525.6 cases per 100K.

Well we may celebrate this milestone now, please know with the trends we are seeing Globally, Nationally and Provincial puts us in harms way if we don't stay the course. Staying the course means following all the protocols regardless if you believe you are safe.

Our local businesses need to remain open to survive and this is really up to our actions. Please keep the owners and employees in mind as they are depending on you to stay opened and employed.

Our frontline qorkers have stood with us now for 135 days straight since the start and they deserve our accolades and appreciation.

I am hopeful we can celebrate in 8 days time, to be able to tell the world, we have gone 30 days without a positive case.

Fingers/toes crossed and face covering on!


COVID-19 Update (134) World Health Organization warns COVID-19 continues to accelerate globally

COVID-19 is the 6th time a global public health emergency has been called under the international health regulations but easily the most serious according to WHO.

In the past 6 weeks, cases have roughly doubled globally.

North Bay continues to shine. We are now on day 21 (3 full weeks) without a positive case. We need everyone not to let COVID-19 fatigue set in. We have come too far.

The virus is accelerating around the world and we are seeing higher cases and surges in other parts of the Province and country. To not believe you are safe out there. The best way to keep your risk profile low and protect our community is to follow all the protocols and wearing a face covering to help protect others.

Stay the course North Bay, you are leading the way.


COVID-19 Update (133) The globe registers 16 million cases, 4 days having hitting 15 million........4 days!!!!, let that sink in for a moment

The US has seen over 1000 COVID-19 deaths, 4 days in a row last week.

The City of Ottawa has 2389 cases and for the past 7 days, has double digit daily increases. Toronto and Windsor are hot spots.

These 2 paragraphs alone is the reason to continue to follow all the protocols to keep our risk low. There is no doubt we have visitors from these areas traveling thru and our citizens have traveled these as well.

In North Bay, we are on day 20 without a positive case.That is great news and credit to our community citizens for doing their part. There is pandemic fatigue but we don't want to start over.

With all the protocols, please remember face coverings are mandatory. There will be a very small number that can't a face covering for medical reasons but that is a very low number. Please refrain from shaming these individuals.

Keep up the great work North Bay, the virus is literally all around us and more than likely driving through our city. Your only protection and our community's health is the protocols and how well we follow and encourage others to do so.


COVID-19 Update (132) Resist the temptation to giving in to pandemic fatigue

CANADA: Daily cases across Canada are trending upward for 7 days now. The increase or higher percentage is being seen in the younger generation.

NORTH BAY: 19 straight days without a positive case here in our city. Our citizens and businesses are doing their part. Our actions determine our fate and so far you are smashing it.

Enjoy the great weather this weekend and please don't feel safe, stay the course and don't let our low risk fool you. We do have many traveling to our city as well as citizens traveling outside our city.

COVID-19 Update (131) Ontario posts highest daily cases since June 29th (195 cases). Majority under 40 years old.

NORTH BAY: Looking Good! No new cases for 18 days straight. All cases resolved. Our community is leading the way.

Face covers are mandatory in the City of North Bay in all public spaces, businesses and public transportation. Please follow all the protocols, as you can see, it is not safe out there. We do have travelers and people visiting our city and citizens from these hotspots.

ONTARIO : 195 positive cases today. — the majority (66%) are under the age of 40 years. Hotspots:
Windsor- 57

Covid-19 Update (130) Yes Day 130............................

Well North Bay, you continue to break the record. We are now 17 straight days without a positive cases. All cases in North Bay are resolved.

LET'S HAVE SOME FUN: Lets have some fun with this however. I believe there are so many creative people out there. I saw this face covering that our very own Melanie Simms was rocking. It is fashionable!!!!!!!!!! Please post a pic with your face covering in the comment section. It would be great if Creative Industries, local businesses, local media would have a contest to who the most fashionable/creative/funky/sporty face covering. Karen Matthews you can start!!!!!!!!

FACE COVERINGS: Become Mandatory in North Bay, tomorrow Friday July 24th. We are asking for your support and kindness to our community to show your support for others by wearing one.

ONTARIO STATS: No new deaths since yesterday. The total stands at 2,755.
COVID-19 hospitalizations up 20 per cent, with 154 patients in hospital (up from 128 people on Wednesday).
Of those hospitalized, 35 are in intensive care and 21 are on ventilators.
Ontario’s total case count is now 38,210, with 1,492 of those active and 33,963 now resolved.


COVID-19 Update (129) 16 days straight without a positive test and all cases resolved.

North Bay be Proud!

Today is dedicated to every citizen that did their part to keep our city safe and one of the lowest per capita.

I will start today though, to remind everyone we are concerned about a 2nd wave in the fall. We still have a ways to go.

A friendly reminder, face coverings become mandatory on Friday. I am seeing more and more individuals wearing face coverings.Thank you!

COVID-19 Update (128) Canada's daily average positive cases spike to 460 from the 300 daily range

While Canada spikes, North Bay recorded a 15th straight day without a positive case. Currently all cases in the city are resolved.

Canada's spike shows how fragile we are in the fight to keep people safe. Scientists are concerned about the younger generation having higher rates.

For North Bay to continue to be successful, we must stay vigilant and dedicated to following all the protocols. The virus is all around us and to let our guard down now, will put us at risk like the cities that are seeing the spike.

Well done North Bay, you are one of the leaders in the Province

COVID -19 Update: (127) North Bay you have a New Record....14 days without a positive test.

All cases resolved in North Bay. An additional 593 tests were returned negative since Friday.

In Ottawa, they saw 20 new cases today, 16 on Sunday and 19 on Saturday. 55% of their new cases were aged 39 or younger.

Our risk profile is low because of your actions and dedication to following the protocols. Thank you for doing your part.

Face coverings are recommended and encouraged. As of this Friday, face coverings will be mandatory. We ask you respectfully, to support and wear a face covering as per the NB Health Unit's directive.


COVID-19 (126) Global deaths pass 602,000

US tops the list at 140,000. Brazil is next at 78,000, UK at 45,000 and Mexico rates 4th at 38,000 deaths.

World wide infection now passing 14.2 million

Scientists are concerned about the increase rate of postive tests among the under 20 age group and the 20-29 age group. While it is impossible to attribute the exact reasons, the main thought is lockdown fatigue,
increased testing or a feeling of invincibility.

While here in North Bay, our numbers have stayed constant at 37 cases with 36 resolved.

While we know there are strong feelings among Canadians about mandatory face coverings, we ask for your co-operation here in our city. Our medical officer of health has mandated this and I fully support his decision. Please consider it a sign of respect to our community members by wearing one.

Our city has been a leader in keeping our risk profile low. Now is not the time to let your guard down. Until there is a vaccine, there is risk for everyone. Please don't take our low numbers as a sign that it is safe, it isn't.

We are 127 days in, I don't know about you but I sure don't want to start over.


COVID-19 Update (125) We have equaled our longest streak of 12 days without a positive case. Currently there are no unresolved cases in the City

Ontario saw its highest number of daily (170) positive cases since July 9th. The highest concentration of cases is still Toronto and Windsor.

The Canadian Government has ordered 75 million syringes to inoculate Canadians as soon as a vaccine is ready. (2 doses per CDN).

Locally, we are doing outstanding thanks to the efforts of our citizens and local businesses.

We ask you to stay the course. We are seeing spikes in other cities across Canada, so the risk is real, even here with no cases. We have many traveling through our city at anyone time. Please follow the protocols and wear a face covering.

City Transit will offer free face coverings to transit users that purchase monthly passes.

Many local merchants and individuals have face coverings for sale.

City Hall open their doors on Thursday. A face covering is mandatory for those that enter.


COVID-19 Update (124) Smashing It North Bay!

Our streak has hit 11 days without a positive test. We have gotten to 12 days twice. I hope this doesn't jinx us, but I believe we will get our new record this week. 17,754 tests completed.

We have no unresolved cases in our city.

Today is the 1st time, global cases surge 1 million cases in 100 Hours.

Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan record spikes.

US has highest one day spike, over 77,200 new cases.

This is why it is so important to follow all the protocols and to wear a face covering.

Mandatory face coverings start Friday July 24th. The North Bay Health Unit has released the details here:…/facial-coverings-non-medical-…

Stay the Course North Bay, you should be proud.


COVID-19 Update (123) Keep it up North Bay. No new Positive cases and all cases resolved

We are on Day 10 of no positive cases. Our record is 12 (twice). In total we had 17,420 tests of which 37 were positive, 36 resolved and unfortunately one has passed away.

In Ontario, there were 111 new cases, concentrated primarily in Toronto, Windsor and Ottawa. There are 1,365 active cases Province wide.

Face coverings in North Bay will be mandatory on Friday July 24th. More details tomorrow from the North Bay Health Unit.

Please consider wearing a face covering now. Unfortunately we are seeing a scam where some are selling Fake exemption cards for face coverings. Please don't be one of those to use this card. Only in rare circumstances do people not need to wear one for medical reasons. We ask you respectfully to wear a face covering to protect our community and front line workers.

The virus is all.around us, so please do not let your guard down. There are many driving through and visiting our area from centres with high cases. Your best protection is to follow all the protocols and to wear a face covering.

Stay safe everyone, we want everyone to get thru this


COVID-19 Update (122) Day 9 of no positive tests. Our longest streak is 12 days (twice) No unresolved cases in our city

Ontario reporting lowest number of new cases in 16 weeks. Total of 102 new cases, mostly Toronto, York and Windsor.

Face coverings to be mandatory in North Bay July 24th. We will have more details of the North Bay Health Unit this Friday.

We encourage you to wear a face covering.


COVID-19 Update (121) Good News. All cases Resolved

17,012 test, 37 positive of which 36 are resolved. Unfortunately we did have one pass away.

Our goal of keeping everyone safe, containing the spread of COVID-19, reduce Hospitalization, protect our front line workers and families, would not be possible without community buy in, support and co-operation. You really have smash it North Bay!

We are proud to be one of the lowest positive case ratios per capita in Ontario

COVID-19 can spread quickly and impact so many in a very short amount of time. That is why you can not let your guard down. Here is an example why you must stay vigilant.........

A couple from Florida (68 and 70 year old) flaunted the rules and did not isolate when they travelled from Florida to North Bay. That's right North Bay (East Ferris to be exact). These 2 raised our risk profile tremendously. Florida would be ranked 4 highest case loads in the world if they were a country. That is a good enough reason right there to follow all the protocols.

We do have Americans living in our city, so please do not be rude to anyone that has US plates, they are part of our community. They have been working here for 65 years as part of their jobs. Their stay is anywhere from 2 to 4 years. Please be kind, they are not visitors but law abiding community members that contribute to the well being of our city and country.

The North Bay Health Unit has mandated the mandatory use of face coverings starting Friday July 24. The details will be released this Friday. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to wear a face covering now. This has been a hit button issue locally and around North America. I do know there is opposition to this but we must follow the guidelines set out by our medical professionals.

I ask everyone to comply with this order of the mandatory use of face coverings. Your co-operation will help add another layer of protection to reducing our risk profile. Again you can be mad at us, but this is the right step forward. More on this to follow.


COVID-19 Update (120) 7 days clear

After 120 days and 16,683 tests.......... 37 positive tests, 34 resolved, 0 Hospitalized, 2 self isolating and unfortunately one has passed away to date. We are now 7 days in a row without a positive test. Our record is 12 days (twice)

We continue to strongly encourage everyone to follow all the protocols and wear a face covering.


The Province has entered into stage 3 ( well most of Province). We thank the Province for having confidence in us.
Here are some of my thoughts on this:


North Bay has been a leader in having one of the lowest positive cases per capita in the Province. Moving into Stage 3 is a reminder of the great job that we've done as a community in following all the COVID-19 protocols and preventing the spread of the virus. Our number one priority during the COVID-19 pandemic was the safety of our citizens since March 5th. This is good news for our local businesses and organizations. COVID-19 protocols will continue to be in place and we will continue to monitor, promote and keep our citizens informed moving forward.


My biggest concern is people letting their guard down, believing it is safe to do so because of our low numbers and believing stage 3 is safer than stage 2, which is not the case. With stage 3, it is more important than ever, to follow all the protocols. I do have confidence and trust in our citizens and local businesses to do the right thing to keep everyone safe. They have been doing this since day 1. However, any mistakes will have a higher probability of spikes. We will continue to strongly encourage everyone to practice all the protocols and to wear a face covering.


This is good news for businesses that have been waiting to reopen. We know that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on many of our local businesses. The sooner they are able to safely open, the sooner they can start to rebuild and recover. I believe this news will be welcomed by local businesses, organizations and citizens alike.


Our citizens love to support our local businesses and organizations. Stage 3 gives families an opportunity to demonstrate that they will continue observe the protocols, support local businesses and organizations, strengthen their mental health, lead an active healthy lifestyle and make life seem a little more normal than the past 117 days.


We will continue to work closely with the North Bay Health Unit and our medical professionals. We will continue to keep our citizens informed, educated and supported to the best of our abilities.


No explanation needed here, you have crushed it.


COVID-19 Update (119) WHO reports highest daily increase is cases in 24 hour period, 230,370

World Health Organization states the spike is due to large cases in US, Brazil, India and South Africa. Global cases now approaching 13 million worldwide. Global death toll more than 565,000.

North Bay streak of positive free stands at 6 days. Our record is 12 days (twice). Is this the streak that will break our record (fingers crossed, toes too). We have 2 unresolved cases both self isolating.

We may hear the details of stage 3 tomorrow when the Premier makes his announcement. I will post details tomorrow just in case you miss them and what it means for North Bay.

We continue to work closely with our health care professionals. North Bay continues to be a bright light Provincial thanks to how serious our citizens and businesses have taken this. While we do hear of some concerns of people letting their guards down and not following the protocols, by in large, most are. Every city has a few that flaunt or advocate for the opposite of the advice from our professionals.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Looks like the heat wave broke tonight, so it will be easier to sleep tonight.

Monday bring more news, stay tuned and stay safe everyone


COVID-19 Update (118) 5 days Postive Free

FACT: Until there is a vaccine, you are at risk.

Please remember this everytime you venture out.

The protocols are in place to help you keep your risk profile low. We strongly encourage you to wear a face covering and to follow all the protocols to keep our community safe.

North Bay, you are doing well. Yes we are not perfect but no one is. Let's be kind out there and show respect.

Stay the course and stay safe everyone. We want everyone to get through this until there is a vacine.


COVID-19 Update (117) 4 Days Positive Free. (as of 3:15pm)

OK North Bay, back on track. Well done.

STATS: 16, 214 tests of which 37 were positive, 34 Resolved, 0 Hospitalized, 2 self isolating & unfortunately 1 has passed away.

FACT: Even though we have a low risk profile, doesn't mean we are safe or immune from what is happening around us.

ASK: Please stay the course, follow the protocols, wear a face covering if you are able to. Our frontline workers deserve our respect and support by following the rules to keep them and their families safe.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 include:
fever (feeling hot to the touch, a temperature of 37.8degreesCelsius or higher)
cough that's new or worsening (continuous, more than usual)
barking cough, making a whistling noise when breathing (croup)
shortness of breath (out of breath, unable to breathe deeply)
sore throat
difficulty swallowing
runny, stuffy or congested nose (not related to seasonal allergies or other known causes or conditions)
lost sense of taste or smell
pink eye (conjunctivitis)
headache that’s unusual or long lasting
digestive issues (nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain)
muscle aches
extreme tiredness that is unusual (fatigue, lack of energy)
falling down often
for young children and infants: sluggishness or lack of appetite
Complications from COVID-19 can include serious conditions, like pneumonia or kidney failure and, in some cases, death.

COVID-19 Update (116) Be Kind

3 days without a positive case (as of 4pm).

Only 2 cases are unresolved in our area and no Hospitalized. Both are self isolating.

We are in a marathon not a sprint with this pandemic. Please don't believe everything on the internet or social media.

We trust our medical professionals and will continue to work with them and follow their recommendations. While we respect the different view points, our lead are the medical professionals.

Please follow and practice all the protocols.

We strongly encourage you to wear a face covering if you are able to do so.

FACT: Just because you are wearing a face covering doesn't mean you don't have to physical distance and follow all the protocols. The face coverings are another practice to lower your risk. You do not substitute one for the other. You do all. They seems to be confusion out there on wearing face coverings and physical distancing. So if you hear someone say otherwise, this is simply is not true.

OUR ASK: On your social media platforms, post and ask your friends if they would for the greater good of the community, wear a face covering. I know I will get a lot of comments both for and against face coverings with this post. So if you support face coverings, before you comment below, saying it should be mandatory, ask yourself.....have you have asked your friends this...... If you haven't, then please post below your reasons for not asking them publicly yet asking for mandatory?

We will get quicker response and overall compliance if we encourage and ask our friends to wear a face covering when they are out. I know this sounds counter-intuitive.

BE KIND: We are all in this together.


COVID-19 Update (115) 58 percent of Canadians are personally afraid of contacting COVID-19

My question is why isn't this far higher! We need to be concerned.

In North Bay (as of 530pm) we have gone 48 hours without a positive case with 15, 671 tests so far. 33 resolved, 0 Hospitalized and unfortunately one as passed a way. Leaving 3 in self isolation.

We encourage everyone to wear a face covering and follow all the protocols.

I spoke with one person today and the man told me I was wrong about face coveringsand physicaldistancin. He said quote "If you are wearing a face covering, you don't need to physical distance because the face covering keeps you safe and physical distancing is not required" . WRONG! Unfortunately it shows we need to keep educating as there is confusion out there.

Stay the course, follow all the protocols and wear a face covering if you are able.


COVID-19 Update (114) We just got thru 24 hours without a positive test

After 15,351 tests, we have had 37 positive cases of which 33 are resolved, 0 Hospitalized and unfortunately one has passed away.

There are so many different opinions and beliefs out there regarding COVID-19. We live in a country where we respect different opinions but we need to trust our medical professionals advice on the steps we are taking together. Everything you read or see on the internet or social media does not mean it is true or accurate.

North Bay, you have done well and we need to recognize and appreciate everyone's efforts, Medical Professionals, Frontline Workers, our Citizens, our local businesses, Community partners, City Council, City Staff, Provincial and Federal governments. Everyone is truly pulling in the same direction.

Day 1 of our new streak. Our actions determine our fate, please choose wisely. If you can wear a face covering, please do so.

Biggest point here: Just because you are wearing a face covering doesn't mean you don't have to follow the protocols nor does it mean you are safe. Only following all the protocols keeps your risk low.

No photo description available.


COVID-19 Update (113) 2 new positive cases today, both in Parry Sound district. Last week, 3 additional cases in Parry Sound district

This brings our total to 37 as a district. (24 in the Nipissing district. There are 13 in the Parry Sound district which include 5 of the last 6 positive cases in last 3 days).

Everyone is seeing the photos of packed beaches around the country on social media. Most are legitimate but some are old photos. Please don't believe everything you see on the internet.

Locally, in North Bay, we are doing well, our citizens have taken this seriously. We need you to stay the course.

I know this sounds like a broken record but I need to repeat.......follow the protocols to keep your risk low. The physical distancing rule is one of your best protections. If you can, wear a face covering but this does not substitute the 6 foot rule, good hygiene, staying home if not well. We do recognize there are individuals that can't wear face coverings due to medical conditions.

I would like to thank Chris Dawson Mike Monaghan Jennifer Hamilton-McCharles for their follow up stories to get our message out there and Mike for having me on MOOSEFM 3 times every week to keep evwryone up to date.

Please be kind out there. We want everyone to feel safe.


COVID-19 Update (112) A look around the globe

WHO (World Health Organization) reports a record 212, 326 new positive cases in 24 hour yesterday with Brazil, US and India reporting the most cases.

The US reports a daily record of 57,718 yesterday. All time high.

Florida reports positive tests rate of 14.1%, Texas reports 13.1 %.

Closer to home, Ontario has 138 new cases, concentrated mostly in Toronto, Peel and Windsor.

At home, after 14,692 tests, there are 35 positive cases confirmed. (None today as of 12:15pm). Our percentage of postive test rates per tests are an extremely low percentage rate.

Given what is happening around the world, re-enforces the fact we need everyone to stay the course, practice all protocols and wear a face covering if you are able to. There is no question our citizens have taken this seriously but we do recognize we are letting our guard down more than we would like to see. Friday was a wake up call with 4 positive cases in our district ( in fairness to North Bay, 3 were in Parry Sound area).

We ask that you be kind out there, as there are individuals for health reasons can't wear a face covering. We ask our local businesses to continue to lead the way to protect their employees and customers as they have demonstrated in the past 112 days. We ask you to continue to support our local businesses as they need you more than ever. We also ask you to continue to do your part to keep our families safe.

We ask you to never stop saying thank you to our frontline workers who continue to be there for us. Without their leadership and dedication, we would not be safe.


COVID-19 Update (111) North Bay District testing above Ontario Average by 1000 per 100K. That is impressive

Our district is outpacing the Provincial average in testing by more than 1000 per 100K. The demand for testing has increased dramatically, so please be patient with our front line workers at the Assessment Centre. Dr Cowan and his team are working hard to help everyone get tested asap.

Yesterday was not a good day for the district, with 4 new cases, however 3 of the 4 were in the Parry Sound area. North Bay continues to do well but it is a wake up call for us..

We encourage you to reduce your risk by following all the protocols and wearing a face covering if you are able.

Please keep in mind, there are individuals that have health conditions that prevent them from wearing face coverings, so please be kind. Again if you are able, we highly recommend that you wear a face covering when out in the community.

Yesterday was not a good day for us, with 4 new cases in the district. However 3 of the 4 were in the Parry Sound area.

Here is a breakdown of the Ontario positive cases
Female: 19,029
Male: 16,346
19 & under 1,752
20-39 10,422
40-59 10,831
60-79 6,733
80 + 5910

Stay the course North Bay.


COVID-19 Update (110) Wake Up Call!

Today for 4 new cases in our district (3 are in Parry Sound area). Highest 1 day jump in our district.

Will this lead to more............ yes.

Just when you thought it was safe. Reality hits hard.

We are letting our guard down, everyone see its.

We encourage strongly again, please follow the protocols, physical distancing, good hygiene, wear a face covering if you are able.................

Your Bubble of 10 can't be different people on different days. Defeats the whole purpose.

We were doing extremely well but today shows just at how much risk we are.

We will see more guaranteed , please don't be one of them.

On testing we are above the Ontario average by 1,019 test per 100K.

Let get back on track North Bay, our front lines workers and our families are depending you.


COVID-19 Update (109) US records 50,700 new cases, a new daily record

South Africa hits New daily record.

In North Bay, we continue to have the 2nd lowest positive cases in the Province of Ontario

After 14,195 tests, we are on Day 3 of no positive tests. We have twice gone 12 days without positive tests.

Our actions determine our fate and following the protocols is the best way to keep your risk low. We are seeing individuals letting their guards down. Please don't, we are seeing spikes in other jurisdictions of 25 or more from one incident.

We are getting questions about masks. We need to change the word "Mask" to "face covering". Masks are typically items that are regulated such as medical masks, occupational masks. Face coverings is what you are seeing generally out in the public.

We do encourge citizens (that are able) to wear face coverings when out in the public. Wearing a face covering does not replace following the COVID-19 protocols however. The protocols must be followed as before regardless of wearing a face covering or not.

Currently, the North Bay health unit is not recommending the mandatory wearing of face coverings at this time. They do encourage those that can wear a face covering to do so.


COVID-19 Update (108) Virtual Canada Day

Our largest Canadian holiday celebration under a pandemic is a safe virtual celebration. These are extraordinary times and we realize people are getting tired and fatigued. They want activities, sports, concerts, get togethers, children activities and normalcy. We are hearing more and more about mental health. We get it.

We also fully understand that people will be put at risk if things open up too quickly, people stop following the protocols, let their guard down or plain just ignore advice.

As I have said before, it is ok to be mad at us or disagree with us. We need as leaders, to communicate and keep measures in place to keep our families safe and the risk low. Please consider the next paragraph however.

Next paragraph!

The US opened up and loosened up their restrictions. They are the same restrictions some here in our city want us to lift. Here is what happened.

FACT: New cases are up 80% in past 2 weeks
FACT: 47,000 new cases yesterday alone
FACT: 4 times in week, hit all time high positive cases.

It is true, that the US has 10 times our population but it does put into perspective what can happen. BTW, other countries like Brazil are almost as bad.

I have received the calls about playground equipment, arenas, parks and just about everything else. It is not easy saying no, in fact it is very difficult. Also it is confusing out there as to what is allowed and what is not. Masks are a common theme for an example.

We need to stay the course. We are not sure when or if stage 3 will be announced. With every announcement, we need to look at it closely as to how it affects us locally. So far, everything is well thought out. We need to be informed and educated every step of the way.

We are still the 2nd lowest in the Province and we are on day 2 of no positive cases. Our record is 12 days (twice). Can we make it 3 times?


COVID-19 Update (107) We must stay focused

Tomorrow is Canada Day, a day to reflect. We live in a great country.

Please stay focused and stay the course. We are not out of the woods. Just look south of the border. Cases are raising fast. Kingston, Windsor and Toronto are hot spots lately.

We are back to Day 1 without a positive case. Our record is 12 (twice).

COVID-19 Update (106) Set back!

Unfortunately we had a positive test. We were entering our 13th day without any positive tests and unfortunately that changed today. Our total is 31. We are still 2nd lowest on Ontario.

In Kingston, the positive cases from the salon now have reached 25 ( 6 staff, 6 clients, and the rest close contacts).

Windsor became the Hotspot in Ontario.

Of the 257 Positive cases in Ontario on Sunday, 182 of them were in the age group of 20-39 and 48 were in the age group 40 to 59.

We ask everyone to please redouble your attention to following the protocols. If Sunday is a trend, it looks like a younger demographics is leading the way.

I know it is tough and long. It does feels safe here because of our low numbers but there is extensive travelling going on and that outs our community at risk. (Both our citizens travelling to other centres and visitors travelling here).

Stay safe everyone


COVID-19 Update (105) Global cases pass 10 million

This is a clear case that the virus is not under any kind of control globally.

In North Bay, today we equaled (as of 12:45 pm) a record of 12 days straight without a positive cases. This is our 2nd time achieving this.

We still rank 2nd lowest in positive cases per capita( 21.6 per 100K) in Ontario.

In Calgary, one high rise apartment building recorded 40 positive cases this week.

Please stay informed, educated and follow all the protocols. I have given examples in the past 3 days of clusters of cases based on travel, family birthdays and now an apartment building. Your risk elevates when you let your guard down or when you believe you are safe.

Enjoy today, the weather is wonderful. Stay safe everyone and thank you for all you are doing to keep our community one of the safest places in the Province


COVID-19 Update (104) Ontario reports 160 new cases today

Ontario total cases stand at 34,476 with 29,932 cases resolved.

The US hit another daily record for positive cases at 45,255. Just staggering.

In North Bay we stand at 30 positive cases of which 29 are resolved and unfortunately 1 has passed away.

North Bay region is still 2nd lowest per capita for positive cases in Ontario with Algoma slightly below. Toronto region is the highest.

12,448 tests so far over the 104 days with 12,418 were negative. We are testing far higher than the Provincial average.

We stand at 11 straight days without a positive test. Our record is 12 days. Each time I post this stat I hope I don't jinx us.

We recognize this has been a total community effort to remain this low, with the virus far higher all around us both north and south, east and west. That is quite an feat. This speaks to everyone's dedication, leadership and taking it seriously from day 1 to day 104.

Having said that, it is a marathon that we must keep in mind. Until they find a vacine, we must stay the course and follow all the protocols.

Enjoy today. We appreciate and thank our frontline workers on the job today and everyday. Your unwavering support of our community is truly special.




There are leaders in the shadows that are making an incredible difference in our lives in this pandemic, that quietly go about their jobs. Here is one of our great leaders on the frontline. Dr Ian Cowan, the medical lead of our Assessment Centre. He and his team have been working non stop since the pandemic hit. The demand on their time, energy and dedication is unparalleled. The amount of testing locally is far above the Provincial average and his team are working 7 days a week to serve our community. Let's give Dr Cowan and his team some love, respect and thanks. Please be generous and send him and his team a kind note of appreciation. I seldom ask for a share, but this is a time that we need to.


COVID-19 Update (103) CAUTION. (Kingston spikes 16 in last 48 hours)

North Bay, we are at risk if we are not 100% dedicated to following the protocols. We are still 2nd lowest in Ontario in positive cases per capita. We need to keep the following in mind however:

Kingston entered stage 2 at a higher rate of positive cases compared to us but still low compared with other areas of the Province ( Kingston 33.8 to North Bay's 21.6 per 100K) but on Thursday, Kingston saw a spike of 16 positive cases related to a single business that opened under stage 2 (salon-spa).

Hopefully this hits home for all of us. This can easily be North Bay. Your continued dedication to following the protocols will determine our fate. So far so good.

Florida hits record positive cases in one day at slightly less then 9000, a 80% increase.

US hits another record for daily cases of almost 40,000. Staggering death numbers of 124,400 in the US since the start of the pandemic.

Texas sees large increase and attributes the cases to people congregating at bars. They have rolled back the lifting of restrictions.

We are now at 10 days straight with no positive cases (our record is 12).

30 positive cases, all resolve but unfortunately we have one individual that passed away.

As you can see with the Kingston example, we are not immune to seeing a spike. Please keep this in mind when you are out there.

Stay safe everyone.


COVID-19 Update (102) Please have patience for testing

With changes to stage 2, the demand for testing has increased considerably. I have been getting calls and messages about the delay. I reach out to the CEO of our Hospital. I spoke with Paul this morning and he explained the challenges. I heard back from Dr Ian Cowan (everyone loves Dr Cowan) who is the medical lead for the assessment centre. He sent me a note to let us all know, the assessment centre has seen a dramatic increase in demand for testing. The numbers per day (almost 4 times the average) are putting strain on staff resources.

The staff at the Assessment Centre are doing their best, please have patience as they try to get everyone through. They truly are professionals and they are doing everything they can. We do appreciate our frontline workers and thank them for being there for us. Our district is testing far ahead of the Provincial average for testing.

Another story out of the US, where 18 family members tested positive following a surprise Birthday party. Unfortunately one member was unaware they were positive. 3 family members are Hospitalized, one of them is battling cancer.

Again, I tell this story to remind everyone, that even if you believe it is safe, it is not. The risk is high if you don't follow the protocols. We do know that is happening here. Please do not take the chance.

Yesterday, the US reported the highest new positive tests in a day at 38,115. Staggering! To put in perspective (in fairest the US has 10 times the population as Canada), Canada has a total of 102,576 cases since the start. In other words, in one day, the US has a third of our cases that we have for the whole pandemic.

Locally we had 30 positive cases of which 29 are resolved and unfortunately one has passed away. No Unresolved cases currently.

We are now at 9 days straight of no positive cases. Our record is 12 days.

Stay safe everyone.


COVID-19 Update (101) Ontario State of Emergency until July 15th (Good Call)

I agree with the Province on this extension. Please know that (if or when) it expires, the restrictions in place can (more than likely) will remain in place for safety reasons.

In the news today, 17 Ohio students tested positive after a trip to Myrtle Beach. They returned home to their city who had just reduced their numbers to zero.

I tell this story to remind everyone the risks of traveling to centres with high rates of cases. In our case, this means Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor and Montreal.

There are no restrictions in place for travel in Ontario, so please know even if cases are extremely low here, this poses a risk. That is why it is so important that you follow the protocols every second to keep yourself and family safe.

Stay the course North Bay, we will get through this with your continued support, dedication and taking this seriously.


COVID-19 Update (100) 100 days! I know, it feels like years, I get it

OK North Bay, we hit a milestone, 100 days. You are doing great!

11,161 Tests, 30 Positive, 28 Resolved 0 Hospitalized and unfortunately 1 has passed away. We are back to 8 days straight of no new positive cases (as of 1:15pm today) Our record is 12 days.

Ontario reported it's first death of someone 19 and younger

Today, new cases in Ontario
Toronto 63
Peel 46
Windsor 32
York 27
North Bay 0

Globally, the numbers are staggering. Some areas of the US are preparing to move back from their positions of openings.

I strongly encourage everyone to follow the protocols, the virus is out there all around us


COVID-19 Update (99) Global cases surge by 183,000 in 24 hours. (Single largest daily increase)

The World Health Organization is reporting a single largest daily increase in cases at 183,020. ( Brazil 54,771, US 36,617 and India 15,400) lead the world in the 24 hour period.

Closer to home we are still the 2nd lowest per 100,000 cases at 21.6. Here is a comparison for our Province (per 100K):
Algoma 21.0
North Bay area 21.6
Sudbury 33.2
Thunder Bay 58.0
Timmins area 79.1
Ottawa 194.8
Windsor 303.2
Peel 339.5
Toronto 405.0

As you can see, the bulk of the highest cases is just 350-400 kms away. To put that in perspective, a short 3.5 hour drive from North Bay. The virus is not that far away and people travel from the south to the north in the summer.

We have seen this past weekend and over the last little while, people are letting their guard down for many reasons including feeling safe and it has been 99 days plus. This raises your risk profile significantly.

We strongly encourage you to follow the protocols as we have come to far to take a step back. Our numbers are as Monday at 9:30am.


COVID-19 Update (98) First Father's Day under a global pandemic in our lifetime

We are back to 6 straight days of no postive tests (our record was 12).

A total of 10,663 tests of which 30 were positive and 10,633 were negative.

30 Positive cases, 28 are resolved, 1 isolated, 0 Hospitalized and unfortunately 1 has passed away.

We are well into stage 2 now. (9 days)

Stay the course and follow all the protocols to keep you amd your family at low risk.

Happy Father's Day everyone. A day to celebrate our dads. Stay safe and enjoy the incredible weather.


COVID-19 Update (97). WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic 100 days ago today

WHO (World Health Organization) declared the spread of COVID-19 as a pandemic on March 11th. Since then 8.6 million people have tested postive and the death toll has surpassed 450,000. Some countries are being hit hard now, Brazil is one of them.

I believe that we were able to keep our numbers low for a number of reasons. Early invention was the key.
Our citizens responded quickly to the ever changing landscape of what we now know as the "new normal"

You may recall at that time, everyone was referring to the virus as Coronavirus. The scientists still hadn't officially named the virus as it was so new. That is why you heard the term "novel" at times.

We have many that believe we are safe because of our low numbers. The reality is we are a lower risk than most communities but people are travelling from all districts now that summer is here and that does raise our risk profile. Following the protocols will keep you at low risk but please know that does not mean no risk.

Across the world, economies are opening up (some too fast in my opinion) and they are seeing huge spikes. Here in North Bay, it is a more measured approach with consultation with our community partners like Health Unit, Hospital, Police, Fire, EMS, Mental Health. This approach has served us well. You can see locally, there is confidence. I do admit, there are some in our community that believe it is not a danger or simply a virus like flu. While others don't want anything open at all and express that opinion. It is a true balancing strategy.

Our local businesses do care about your safety. Your support of these businesses will greatly assist everyone in our city. The more they can demonstrate safety, the more at ease customers will be.

We have heard from time to time, our testing numbers are low. While everyone agrees more testing can be done (note: anybody that wants to get tested can do so, there is no reason for numbers not to be higher, certainly not the fault of our local organizations in any event). If you want to be tested, call our assessment centre at the Hospital and book an appointment.

We are where we are today in our city, because you have taken this seriously. Please do not waver from this.

Our frontline workers were there for us since the start. Please take the time to say thank you when you are out.


​COVID-19 Update (96) Stay the Course

North Bay continues to lead with Algoma in the lowest cases in the Province. All cases resolved except one in the district. Our citizens are making a difference.

South of us, we are seeing the news out of Texas, Arizona and Florida are seeing their cases spike.

The Toronto area is an high area for Ontario for positive cases.

We need to stay the course, it us working and we can not take anything for granted.

Enjoy the weather today and remember, the virus is not tired, it is all around us. Follow the protocols to keep your risk low


COVID-19 Update (95) 2nd Lowest in Province

North Bay & District continues to have one of the lowest positive case ratios per capita. We rank just behind Algoma 21.6 to 20.1 per 100K.

We are Day 7 into stage 2, with the opening up of certain areas in our economy and public facilities.

FACT: Private areas can open but public arenas must remained closed.

FACT: North Bay and area testing numbers higher than the Ontario average by almost 500 per 100K

FACT: Beaches, parks, sports fields (for practice only) are open but playground equipment is still not allowed to to safety.

I hope this posts are helpful and useful still after 95 straight days.

Enjoy the beautiful weather we are to receive over the next few days. Stay hydrated.


COVID-19 Update (94) 6 days into Stage 2

9903 tests, 30 postive, 28 resolved, 0 Hospitalized & unfortunately 1 passed away.

Globally- Last week 1 million new cases in 1 week. Thats right 7 days.

North Bay- Doing well. Still one of the lowest positive cases per captia in Ontario.

Stage 2- We are starting to see a "more" normal life with patios, sports fields, beaches, boat launches, campfires, holidays, extended family social circles, stores reopening, haircuts. So far, touch wood, our cases remain static but the next 3-5 days is a better evaluation. Please continue to stay the course.

Guard down- Yes we are seeing this a little more as people feel more comfortable with our numbers and are generally well informed. Don't be fooled by this however. The virus is all around us.

Celebrate- Yes we need to celebrate our community success overall to encourage everyone to stay the course. With stage 2, it is easy to live and enjoy live but protocols is what we keep our families safe

City Council/City Staff/ Community Partners- All working closely together. This has made a difference

Our 52,000 Citizens- Well done!


COVID-19 Update (93) Balance

CCOVID-19 Update (93) Balance

Hey North Bay you continue to do great. It has been 93 days now and you are still hanging in. It has been a long haul but you have been handling it well. It has been challenging at times but overall every step has been measured.

You need to have confidence in staying the course with the protocols. Our numbers are low in comparison across the Province.

Take the time to breathe, relax and strengthen your physical and mental health. The protocols are becoming 2nd nature to most of us.

Take pride in your community. North Bay is an example of everyone coming together. Celebrate that.

Our streak is back to 1 day. Our record was 12.

COVID-19 Update (92) 92 days!

North Bay still smashing the curve, 12 straight days of no positive cases. (We now have 1 additional positive case. Our consecutive streak ends at 12.)

All cases resolved in our city. (1 unresolved case as of 4pm)

UPDATE: ******The Health Unit announced this afternoon, 1 additional positive test since this post****

Warm weather is now here for the next week. If you attend the beach, please make sure to honour the physical distancing rule and all protocols.

Transit is limited to 15 passengers per bus and masks are recommended but not mandatory. Our drivers are behind plexiglass shields to keep them safe. We thank them for their dedication throughout the pandemic.

Stage 2 brings new changes that can be confusing and different for many activities. If in doubt, please reach out to us or the Health unit for answers to your questions.

You are doing great North Bay, stay the course!


COVID-19 Update (91) Some confusion on Stage 2

11 straight days, no positive cases.

No unresolved cases in our district.

With stage 2 announcements, there is some confusion on what is allowed and what isn't.

We are doing our best to interpret the new regulations and answer your questions fairly and quickly. We take our direction from our health unit and our medical officer of health. The regulations are changing rapidly so please have patience as we do our best to get the right answer for you.

We do understand that there are questions why certain things can go ahead (ie sports fields can be used for practice but playground equipment must remained closed......private arenas are allowed to open but public arenas are not). There is no simple answer. Like us, the Province takes direction from the Provincial medical officer of health.

The pandemic is not the easiest to navigate but so far, every call (Locally and Provincially) has been right and we must trust the directives. If there is a spike, more than likely we will go back. At the same time, our citizens want to visit family members and get back to work. It is a balance, so will agree and some will not, we respect that.

Next week, the weather looks incredible. Please keep in mind when you put on your sunscreen, that the physical distancing protocol is still in place to protect you and your family. Stay safe everyone.


COVID-19 Update (90) Double Digits! 10 days straight, no positive tests and an increase to the social circle

10 is the theme today. 10 days of no positive tests and today your Social Circle can be expanded to 10.

An increase to the social circle to 10 is important for a number of reasons, including those struggling with isolation, more support for those that need it, hug a grandparent or grandchild and more childcare options to name a few benefits.

There is trust that everyone will continue to follow the protocols to keep their circle safe. Your actions will determine the safety of your social circle.

Enjoy today, it is a day to reflect on the outstanding dedication and commitment of our citizens.

Please remember although we may be tired of the self isolation, physical distancing, good hygiene..........the virus is not tired and is ready to pounce


COVID-19 Update (89) 9 days straight with no positive tests

On June 4th (Day 1 of string) to June 12th (DAY 9) there has been an additional 1308 test results received. All negative.

Out of 8837 tests though 89 days, 29 were postive, 8808 were negative and unfortunately 1 has passed away. No Unresolved cases as of 4 pm today.

As we enter stage 2 today, we need everyone to stay the course.

Credit goes to citizens and business owners doing their part and demonstrating their commitment to keep others safe. Be proud North Bay, you are the second lowest positive cases per capita in the Province of Ontario.


COVID-19 Update (85). Regional openings

COVID-10 Update (88) No Unresolved Cases in North Bay.

There is no active COVID-19 cases as of 1 pm today in North Bay.

We have had 8 straight days of no positive tests in our city.

Please do not believe you can let your guard down. People are travelling to North Bay and from North Bay to centres with high levels of cases. This is why we still ask you to protect yourselves and your family and follow all the protocols. Every person you come in contact is a risk as you don't know their travel history or who they have come in contact with.

If we want to have low cases and get closer to normalcy, we must continue to stay the course. Your actions matter and will reflect in our numbers everyday.

Well done North Bay, 8 days straight!


COVID-19 Update (85). Regional openings

COVID-19 Update (87) Stage 2. Doing well North Bay but we still need to be cautious.

One full week without any positive tests. All the credit goes to our citizens and businesses doing their part to save suffering and deaths.

Stage 2 brings many different business openings and people going back to work, citizens having more things to do and making it "feel" a little back to normal but we know we are not out of the woods.

So with STAGE 2, we need to reconfirm that all COVID-19 protocols still need to be followed to keep everyone safe. Please don't believe all of a sudden it is safe. To get to stage 3, we need to keep this course.

We have confidence and trust our citizens will do the right thing.

Our local businesses have been tremendous at protecting their employees and customers.

I have heard and seen posts, how proud everyone is of our community. Stay upbeat amd safe

COVID-19 Update (86) 6 straight days of no positive tests!

Well done North Bay.

Enough said..........................


COVID-19 Update (85). Regional openings

Today the Province announced stage 2 for the areas that have had seen low numbers. North Bay has been consistently among the lowest 2 areas in Ontario, Algoma being the other.

Our business owners have been responsible, diligent and respectful of following the protocols. Yes we have heard about a few areas of concern, but for the most part, they have been good corporate citizens. The number reflect that.

Our citizens like our business owners have done the same with a few areas of concern. Again, our numbers reflect that.

Moving forward we ask our citizens and business owners to continue to protect their employees and customers by making sure all necessary protocols are being followed.

I will get questions about individuals concerned about people from larger centres down south visiting because of the lifted restrictions. If someone needs a haircut for example, there are a lot of districts between us and the larger centres that allow this, so that won't be a draw to North Bay. (I list as one example).

We heard the announcement at the same time as you and we are looking into the details of the announcement. We will be able to respond to some early questions but it may take a day or two to answer most questions in detail in regards to stage 2.

8124 tests completed, 29 postive (5 days straight of no increase), 26 resolved, 1 Hospitalized and unfortunately 1 has passed away.

North Bay district has been above the Ontario average for testing and still we one of the lowest districts for positive tests. Out of over 8000 tests, 29 were positive.

Life is starting to change somewhat back to normal and we sense people are getting fatigued, not so closely following the rules, not seeing family or friends. Please know we are making progress because of this sacrifice you are making. Stay strong, we will get through this.

COVID-19 Update (84) North Bay continues to keep curve squashed

Canada could see between 97, 990 to 107,454 cases by June 15th. 100,000 ,
new cases possible. The range of deaths projected to be between 7,700 to 9,400

90% of the cases are in Quesbec and Ontario.

94% of the deaths are people 60 and over.

Keep doing your part North Bay, we are not out of the woods just yet.

COVID-19 Update (83) 95,017 Total positive cases in Canada

Quebec 52,624 and Ontario 30,202 are the 2 Provinces with the most cases. In Ontario case majority in the GTA and area.

Here in North Bay, we are still at 29 after 4 days. A jump of 2 at the beginning of June. 26 cases are resolved.

North Bay and Area are above the Provincial testing averages as I mentioned yesterday.

Our frontline workers are standing ready, let's keep them far from busy on this file.

Enjoy Saturday everyone, stay safe and call a friend or family member to make their day.


COVID-19 Update (82) Number of Tests 7732

2nd LOWEST POSITIVE TESTS IN PROVINCE: Our numbers continue to be low with Algoma (the 2 districts with lowest positive tests in Ontario). Algoma (18.4) North Bay Parry Sound (19.3) Per 100,000

ABOVE ONTARIO AVERAGE FOR TESTING: While our testing numbers in our district are lower than other northern districts, our district is above the provincial average for testing (5860.9 per 100,000 vs Ontario average 5363.7 per 100,000).

POSITIVE TESTS COMPARISON: To put this in perspective ( 33 districts in Ontario).
Cross section:
Toronto (335.1) Highest
Windsor (227.6)
Peel (208.1)
Duram (207.5)
York (196.6)
Ottawa (186.2)
Porcupine (79.9)
Sudbury (31.2)
North Bay (19.3)
Algoma (18.4) Lowest

North Bay and district is doing well thanks to the efforts of our 52,000 residents. Please continue to follow the protocols as recommended by our health care professionals

CAN ANYONE BE TESTED: Anyone can be tested. The assessment Centre is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. It is voluntary. The centre is on the west side of the Hospital, not need to enter Hospital (some are afraid to enter the Hospital but the Hospital is safe). No appointment or referral is necessary for the test.


COVID-19 Update (81) 7529 tests. 29 positive, 26 resolved, 1 Hospitalized and unfortunately 1 has passed away

Do you have any questions that I may have not addressed in the past 81 days. If so, please comment below. I will answer them them and if I don't have the answer, I will either direct you to the source that does or I will get an answer for you.

As my day and evenings are busy, I may not answer right away considering people all have different schedules than mine. I will do my best to respond asap though.

Please continue to do your part to keep our community and front line workers safe


COVID-19 Update (80) 7325 tests, 29 Positive, 26 Resolved, 1 Hospitalized and unfortunately 1 has passed away

We had a set back today, North Bay.

We are seeing and hearing of individuals letting their guard down. We are not out of the woods.

80 straight days of "please..... please follow the protocols" is tiring, I know. We continue to communicate this message because it is the best way to protect our citizens. We fully understand and appreciate that it has been a long and difficult road.

There is community spread which is what we are worried about. Our priority is your safety and has been from day 1.

We may have more set backs in the coming days/weeks, so please let's get fully back to following all the protocols.

You have been doing great North Bay, we need to stay the course however.

Stay safe everyone

COVID-19 Update (79) 7130 tests, 27 postive, 26 resolved and unfortunately 1 has passed away. Another day of no positive tests

COVID-19 Update (79) 7130 tests, 27 postive, 26 resolved and unfortunately 1 has passed away. Another day of no positive tests.

Ontario total today 446 positive cases.

Stat from PublicHealthOntario: A daily epidemiologic summary shows that two COVID-19 patients between the ages of 20 and 39 died of the virus in the past day, bringing the total death count in that age group to 10.

We are still the 2nd lowest positive cases per 100K in Ontario.

This is a reflection of 52,000 citizens caring for their community and frontline workers.

Our city continues to be a bright spot of hope.


COVID-19 Update (78) No new positive cases. 27 Positive, 26 Resolved and unfortunately 1 has passed away

In Ontario, Saturday (323) positive, Sunday (326) Positive and today Monday (404)........... North Bay (0) today

The State of Emergency in Ontario will be extended until June 30th if passed.

The Province has announced Hydro will have around the clock rate of 12.8 kWh.

Stay the course North Bay, you are doing well.

52,000 citizens doing their part in keeping our families and front line workers safe.


COVID-19 Update (76) Steady as we go. Stay the Course

No real new information today, seems to be quiet everywhere. It could be the weather, that it is Sunday or people are just taking a mental health break after 77 days.

North Bay is doing well and our community is responding by following the protocols set out.

We live in a welcoming, kind, generous and inclusive city where we all have a role to play and encouraged to get involved. Our DNA here in our community is the principle that everyone is to be treated with respect, dignity and integrity. Be kind to one another.


COVID-19 Update (77). Seems quiet on this front

6544 Tests, 27 Positive, 23 Resolved, 3 self isolating, 0 Hospitalized and unfortunately 1 passed away. Of the 27 cases, 7 are in the Parry Sound district and 20 in Nipissing.

North Bay, you are doing well, be proud. You are taking it seriously and following the protocols. I do get the calls and messages about those that are not. In society, there will always be a percentage that will not follow recommendations or even believe that the pandemic is real. All the more reasons for the rest of us to follow the protocols to protect our families.

We are working closely with the Health unit and our Hospital on every step forward. In the end though, it is the actions of us collectively that make the difference.

Use this weekend to strengthen your mental health and physical health. It has been 76 days of physical distancing and not having social interactions with others. It does take its toll.

Stay positive, North Bay and area is one of the safest areas in the Province and will continue to be so, if we stay the course. I know I will get a few negative comments about that statement "people will take advantage or let their guard down thinking it is totally safe". We need to give the information to our citizens, good or bad though. We have to be factual in our information in a challenging time when everything is in total flux and changes daily.

Stay safe everyone


COVID-19 Update (75) We are Day 75! It feels like an eternity today for me for some reason

Citizens of North Bay: We have the SECOND LOWEST positive tests per captia (per 100,000) in Ontario. Well done, you are excelling by your dedication, commitment, leadership and respect for our front line workers and our community by following the protocols. North Bay you are doing great. Stay the course.

Stats: Tests 6274 Positive 26, Resolved 20, Hospitalization 1 and unfortunately 1 death.

Testing: If you suspect you have COVID-19, you can simply walk-in to the Assessment Centre between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day of the week on the west side of the Hospital. No need to go directly into Hospital. You can also be referred through the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit at 1-800-563-2808 extension 5229 or your primary care physician.

Front Line Workers: You are amazing! Our citizens are doing what they can to keep the numbers down out of respect to you. We have a great community.

Support Local Business: They need us more than ever. Please support them during these difficult times.

Beaches are Open: Today or this weekend really isn't beach weather but the full summer is ahead of us. All COVID-19 protocols must be adhered to or the beaches will have to be re-closed. Safety is our number one priority. We trust our citizens to do the right thing. It is in your hands.

Waterfront: Memorial is closed to traffic for the next 3 weekends as an Active Transportation Route. You can still access the parking lots, Boardwalk, Marina, Boat launch and the 3 businesses on the waterfront. We have closed to traffic to give everyone lots of space to keep 6 feet apart and to follow all the protocols safely. You can use this time to strengthen you mental and physical health.

Weekend: The weather doesn't look the best however. Please do what you can to stay home and work around the house or simply relax. Keep your spirits up, we are all in this together.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.


COVID-19 Update (74) Beaches open Friday. Stay the Course North Bay! Back on track

Ok North Bay, back on track. Well done. Let's keep our numbers down. Thanks to 52,000 citizens doing their part.

In consultation with Public Health, we will reopen all municipal beaches effective Friday, May 29, 2020.

Residents are reminded to physical distance and that groups of more than five that are not part of the same household are still not permitted. Please note that residents who choose to swim will do so at their own risk as there will be no lifeguard supervision available at municipal beaches this summer.

Those who arrive at a beach area that is too busy or crowded are asked to wait until there is enough space to properly practice physical distancing or to return at another time.

Mayor Message:

After careful evaluation, and in consultation with public health, we will be opening our beaches, Our community has remained vigilant and we trust that residents will be responsible and respect the restrictions in place regarding physical distancing and gatherings of no more than five people.

The City will monitor the use of beaches and implement changes if necessary should crowding become a concern.

Dr Jim Chirico Message:

As beaches reopen, and for them to remain open, it is important that we continue to practice physical distancing of two metres. If physical distancing is not possible, do not enter the beach area. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, it is important to practice physical distancing, wash or sanitize your hands often, wear a mask when physical distancing is a challenge, stay home as much as possible, cover coughs and sneezes and stay home when sick.

The opening of beaches aligns with the province’s gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions on outdoor recreation amenities, including expanded access to municipal parks and open spaces and allowing the use of benches, picnic tables and shelters.

Outdoor play structures and equipment, fitness equipment and splash pads remain closed until later stages of the province's reopening plan.

COVID-19 Update (73) It can be confusing keeping up with information

Here is the latest updates on City facilities as per Provincial Directives.

Outdoor amenities: what's open and what’s closed

The province recently reopened some park and outdoor space amenities with physical distancing protocols. The following list provides information to help users understand what is open and what is not open in the City of North Bay, as well as any limits that may be in place on the use open amenities.


Sports Fields

· Publicly accessible multi-use sport-fields (not gated) are open to individuals and for casual play. Team sports or groups of more than five that are not part of the same household are still not permitted due to provincial emergency orders.

Skate Park

· The Skate Park at Thomson Park is now open. Physical distancing of at least two metres is required and groups of more than five people are still restricted.


Outdoor Tennis, Pickleball and Basketball Courts

· Open with physical distancing protocols.

· Players using courts are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer. Players are reminded to mark their own tennis or pickle balls and to kick their partners’ pickle and tennis balls back to them.

· Please use respectfully and wait if needed based on occupancy.

Off-Leash Dog Park

· Closed at this time.

Parks and Open Spaces

· Open for passive use by individuals or members of the same household. Examples of activities that are permissible include personal fitness, playing catch or kicking a ball.

Picnic shelters & benches

· Open with physical distancing protocols.

· Please note these areas are not being cleaned or disinfected and users should take standard COVID-19 precautions when using.

Marinas and Boat launches

· Open with physical distancing protocols.

· If another boater is launching a boat when you arrive, please queue in line and remain in your vehicle until they are finished. Do not congregate near the boat launch prior to or after launching your boat.

· Ensure you are maintaining a distance of two metres apart from others while loading/unloading boats and while on the waterways.

Playgrounds and splash pads

· Play structures, including swings, slides, splash pads and outdoor exercise equipment are closed at this time.


Public Washrooms


· Washroom facilities at the Waterfront Marina are now open with physical distancing protocols. Preparations are underway for additional facilities to open in consultation with public health. Please follow public health recommendations regarding safe handwashing and hygiene.


· Congregating on public beaches is still not permitted. Public beaches, including Marathon Beach and the Golden Mile Beach on Lake Nipissing, the Birchaven Cove and Olmsted Beach on Trout Lake, are available for walk-through access only.


· Public accesses to lakes are open for individuals to enter the water or launch a canoe or kayak. Do not congregate on shore. In all cases, physical distancing of at least two metres is required and groups of more than five people are still restricted.

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COVID-19 Update (72) Past 5 days of plus 400 & today 287 in Ontario

The Province has alluded to the fact we saw 5 days of increase following Mothers Day. Today a drop outside that weekend. Will we see a spike similar with our holiday weekend which we saw photos circulated around media and social media sites about parks/beaches being packed with people in Toronto and across the country? The next 10 or 12 days will tell the tale.

We have kept our beaches closed for the past few weeks for the safety of our citizens. It is a unpopular decision but the right step to reenforced our commitment to your safety. It is ok to disagree and be mad at us.

Today and the next 2 days will see high temps again and we recommend staying hydrated, reduce physical energy and finding shade. In past years we opened up arenas, libraries, shopping facilities that were air conditioned but with the COVID-19 protocols, we are unable to do so today.

Please stay safe everyone. Please know City Council, City staff and all community partners are working closely together to protect your safety but in reality, it is the actions of 52,000 that will determine our fate.


COVID-19 Update (71) If you want to be tested, no one will be turned away

FACT: COVID-19 testing in North Bay & area is above Provincial average per 100,000 people.

TESTING: If you suspect you have COVID-19, you can simply walk-in to the Assessment Centre between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day of the week. You can also be referred through the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit at 1-800-563-2808 extension 5229 or your primary care physician.

FACT: I know some individuals are worried about entering the Hospital (it is safe btw). There is no need to enter the Hospital to get tested. The assessment centre is located on the west end of our Health Centre.

MESSAGE: From Dr Ian Cowan (Medical Director of COVID-19 Assessment Centre): "We want to remind our community that we are here for them. Our assessment centre is here to test anyone with concerns about COVID-19 exposure or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.”

We encourage everyone that wants to be tested, no one will be turned away.


COVID-19 Update (70). Cases raising in Ontario (460 new cases on Sunday). North Bay 3rd lowest per capita

COVID-19 Update (70). Cases raising in Ontario (460 new cases on Sunday). North Bay 3rd lowest per capita.

North Bay region currently has the 3rd lowest positive cases per 100,000 population at 19.3 in Ontario.

One just has to look at Provincial, National and US News sites to see the crowds forming on beaches and parks. Toronto on the weekend had multiple news sources showing pictures of parks full of people not physically distancing.

We will see if this causes the numbers to spike or not.

We took the stance of opening up the waterfront by closing off a section of Memorial Dr to allow citizens plenty of room to strengthen their mental and physical health while maintaining COVID-19 protocols. The beaches remain closed thus giving less space if we didn't close off the road. You could still access all parking lots, Boardwalks, trails, marina and launch.

While closing off Memorial Dr was very popular, beaches being closed was not popular with some. It is a balancing act. All decisions are made with your safety at the forefront.

Please continue to follow the protocols more than ever due to community spread.

We all have a collective responsibility to follow the guidelines set out.

As a city, our number priority is your safety. You are doing very well but we are seeing people letting their guard down lately and that is not good. Stay the course, we do not want to start all over.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

COVID-19 Update (69) We may feel safe due to our low numbers but we are not necessarily any safer than we were 69 days ago

COVID-19 Update (69) We may feel safe due to our low numbers but we are not necessarily any safer than we were 69 days ago. We are in fact, more at risk.

Are we becoming "fatigued" and desensitized by the constant messaging of COVID-19 protocols?

Do you know a percentage of Canadians don't believe the seriousness of the pandemic?

Are we adjusting to the "new normal" and the virus doesn't scare us as much?

Are people letting their guards down after 69 days with the warmer temps here?

Do some believe that the restrictions are too much?

Well the answer is YES to all of the above.

Unfortunately this does not help us and makes it harder to keep you safe. We are more at risk than we have been at any point in the last 69 days with community spread and the numbers we are seeing in Ontario. Yes we are concerned.

Our collective responsibility to all is waning. We must stay the course and focus on following all the COVID-19 protocols to save lives and reduce suffering.

We have all witnessed in the last week, examples of individuals not adhering to physical distancing or gathering. I have seen it also.

Let's not go backwards, we have come too far to start over.

Our actions in the last week will show in the numbers in the next 2-3 weeks or even longer.


COVID-19 Update (68) Public Beaches Closed

Ok, I know this is not what you want to hear. We must keep all public beaches closed for your safety, COVID-19 Protocols and Provincial/Local medical officers of health directives. Also public washrooms are closed due to the same directives.

It is ok to be mad at us and disagree with this decision. Opinions matter. Having an opinion for and against a decision makes our country and city a great place to live. However, we must do the right thing regardless if it is popular or not, to keep everyone safe. That is our number one priority

We are seeing individuals using beaches and we are trying to further educate everyone. Please do not be upset with our Police officers, bylaw officers or city staff. Honestly, they are just doing their jobs. Please be kind and understanding to them. They are our frontline workers.

We have community spread and we continue to recommend that everyone follow the COVID-19 PROTOCOLS to reduce your risk and to keep everyone safe.

We have closed Memorial Dr to give everyone extra space to physical distance. We have made this area an active transportation corridor so residents can strengthen their mental and physical health. We trust our citizens to follow the medical officers of health recommendations.

With this weekends high temperatures, please drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated. Enjoy the weekend and beautiful weather and understand the decisions being made are in your best interests even if they are not popular

COVID-19 Update (67) Our number one priority is the health and safety of our citizens

In our continued efforts to provide safe places for our citizens now the warm weather is here, we have closed Memorial Dr this weekend (just past the parking lots), to give everyone much needed extra space to strengthen their mental and physical health, while following all the COVID-19 protocols.

Public washrooms will remain closed due to COVID-19 protocols unfortunately, so please keep this in mind.

Due to community spread, we strongly encourage everyone to physical distance, good hygiene, don't touch common surfaces, stay home if you are sick or not feeling well and no gatherings. Following these protocols reduces your risk. Key wording is it reduces your risk. Please be safe.

Parking lots, marina, boat launch, government dock and Boardwalk are all accessible as always.

Other areas to consider for strengthing your mental and physical health is Thompson Park behind Memorial Gardens, Laurier Woods and trails at top of ski hill.

The weather is predicted to be hot and sunny this weekend.

Please do not let your guard down even for 1 second


COVID-19 Update (66) 24 Positive, 18 Resolved, 1 Deceased, 0 Hospitalization Community Spread!

COVID-19 Update (66) 24 Positive, 18 Resolved, 1 Deceased, 0 Hospitalization Community Spread!

Community Spread is not our friend. The last few cases have been attributed to community spread and this should be a concern to all of us.

The only way to protect yourself and your family is to follow the protocols very closely. Community spread means it is clearly out in the community.

Please do your part. Our front line workers and our community is depending on you. It is up to all of us.

COVID-19 Update (65) 22 Positive, 18 Resolved, 1 Death

We are seeing around the world different approaches to COVID-19 and the protocols recommended. We are seeing parts of the world opening their economies at different pace then others. We are seeing protests about freedom or that the pandemic is a hoax. In other words, policies and decisions all over the map (pun intended).

The recommendations and protocols still stand as communicated. Physical distance, good hygiene, no unnecessary travel and no gathering of 6 or more. Following these protocols will keep your risks low.

We do have community spread, that is a important fact to keep in mind when you are going about in your day to day lives.

We want everyone to get through.

Our front line workers are there for us. Let's be there for them.


COVID-19 Update (64) Long Weekend and Mental/Physical Health

Here we are at the end of the long weekend that we as northerners believe officially starts our summer. Although this isn't a normal year.

In fact, it is the first time anyone living today has experienced this deadly phenomenon of a global pandemic. The sweeping changes we have all have come to understand as the new protocol and follow( well most that is) is challenging for everyone.

The City closed Memorial Dr to traffic for the sole reason and purpose to open up space for people to walk, run, rollerblade, bike or stroll through to allow for physical distancing and to follow the COVID-19 protocols and encourage the strengthening of mental and physical health. Our North Bay City Police used their bike patrol to stay connected with citizens downtown and at the waterfront.

On Tuesday, we will review and assess the weekend. From what I am hearing, the closure to traffic on Memorial was very well received and appreciated. It didn't cause any traffic concerns (in fact drivers used McIntyre and Oak as designed which brought more traffic through downtown core). Parking lots and the marina boat launch were open for public use.

Families and couples used the extra space at the waterfront to strengthen the mental/ physical health.

We would love to hear from you, if you used the waterfront and what your thoughts were on the extra space on the long weekend.

COVID-19 Update (63) Simple Question (no need to answer publically or privately)

COVID-19 Update (63) Simple Question (no need to answer publically or privately)

Have you always physical distanced since Day 1(63 days ago) not counting with those that live under your roof?

If you have, thank you!

COVID-19 Update (62) 4969 tested, 21 Positive, 2 in isolation, 1 death, 0 Hospitalized

COVID-19 Update (62) 4969 tested, 21 Positive, 2 in isolation, 1 death, 0 Hospitalized.

We have recorded our first death which saddened us greatly. We want you to be safe, protected and comfortable at the same time. The COVID-19 protocols are your best methods to keep your risk low. That's right, to keep your risk low. These protocols do not reduce your risk to zero, please remember that.

We believe there will be more positive cases if people let their guard down unfortunately. We ask that you respect our frontline workers by following the protocols. They want to be safe too.

With Saturday of the long weekend, we are anticipating increased traffic, shopping and people moving about. It promises to be a nice day but don't let the temperatures or sun distract you from following the protocols. We all want think of other things, we get it, so do we. Physical Distancing is your best friend.

We are concerned about what this weekend will bring 5 to 7 days from now.

In advance of the nice weather, we have communicated the protocols daily and reenforced hourly.

If you need to go out to strengthen your mental health and get physical exercise, here are some areas that might be a consideration.

Thompson Park behind Memorial Gardens. This is a beautiful park and lots of open space to stay away from crowds

Laurier Woods nature area. Great space to escape the city without leaving the city.

Waterfront. We have closed off Memorial Dr from Marina to Lee Park, to give citizens a lot of room to go for a walk, bike, Rollerblade, run or stroll. Both parking lots are open at either end as well as by Museum on Oak St.

All facilities, benches and playground equipment is off limits per Provincial directives. We can't sterilize the equipment to keep your family safe.

All city boat launches are open if you want to go fishing or boating.

Kate Pace Way for those that want to bike.

You can fish from shore or government dock as long as you maintain the 6 foot rule.

If you had a fire permit from 2019, it is valid until city hall reopens. If you didn't, our staff are working with the fire department on a protocol for 2020 inspections and on line application (next week).

You can walk in your neighbourhood.

Work in your yard, sit outside on your deck or lawn.

Take on line courses, (art, culture, exercise classes, webinars) that our local businesses have set up to serve you.

If you are shopping, please please stay 6 feet away from everyone including the employees.

We want to get everyone through to the other end, stay safe everyone and enjoy the long weekend for rest, exercise and mental health break.

COVID-19 Update (61) Sadness

We have heavy hearts today. We lost an gentle soul here in our district.


COVID-19 Update (60) 4658 tested, 20 positive, 18 resolved, 2 self isolating, 0 Hospitalized. Here in North Bay, we have embraced wholeheartedly "We are all in this together" We are:

Pragmatic- We were realistic and sensible about the unknown and how we adapted in a frightening environment. We accepted the challenges we faced in a sensible way, that suited our conditions. We didn't just obey fixed ideas or regulations as presented. Instead we embraced science and fact based protocols, stayed informed and educated.

Pandemic - For the past 60 days, we have had to learn the "new normal". Life has drastically changed for all of us. We learned more than we have ever wanted to know about coronaviruses. Our lives have been turned upside down, inside out.

Preparation- Leaders in every sector stood tall and made the difficult decisions necessary to save suffering and lives. Everyday, for the past 60 days preparation has been the focus for the constant change we would encounter.

Prevention- New protocols were quickly out in place, communicated daily, reinforced hourly. Citizens embraced the request to physical distance, practice good hygiene, defer unnecessary travel, they stayed home as much as possible, they didn't have visitors nor did they visit...... enthusiastically knowing and trusting the advice. This is the only reason we have the stats we do.

Politeness- It is in our DNA as northeners.

Patience- We understood that life had stopped the way we had come accustomed. We embraced that this was a marathon not a sprint. We accepted that we were all in this together and the only way out was to work together.

Perseverance- We have the strength to get through this as a community. We will stay the course and never give up until there is a vacine, even if it is hard and difficult.

Passionate- We are a caring people. We are worried about our seniors, our citizens with compromised immune systems, our frontline workers, our family, our friends and our community. We will assist those that need our assistance. We have the most caring and generous citizens on the planet.

Protect- Our number one priority is your safety. We realize that 52,000 of us have to buy in to be successful even if a few choose to do otherwise. We will not let their careless actions keep us from practicing the protocols or letting our guard down. We can not focus on the negative or things we can not control. We focus on staying the course.

Proactive- Our strong suit since day 1

Prerogative- We learned that this is not case.

Philanthropic- Yes our citizens amd our community have stepped up!

Proud- Yes we are.

COVID-19 Update (59) Stay the Course

We recorded a 20th positive case here in the district related to travel and the individual is self isolating. 18 cases have been resolved, 2 self isolating and we have 0 Hospitalizations

We need everyone to continue to follow all the COVID-19 protocols. Stay the Course, it is still no safe to let your guard down even for one minute.

We will close down Memorial Drive for the long weekend, as we know people want to get out and get exercise. We are putting our trust in our citizens to follow the protocols. The parking lots will still be available at both ends and as well at the Oak St parking lots. This will open up more area for our citizens to walk, run, bike or stroll to preserve the 6 foot physical distance.

Other areas to consider for exercise to stay away from crowds are Thompson Park, Laurier Woods and the trails by the ski hill.

Please continue to take this seriously to protect yourself, your family and our front line workers.


COVID-19 Update (58) Keep Inspiring the Province, North Bay!

North Bay and area is still the lowest positive case rate percentage in Ontario. We are consistently in the top 2 for the the fewest positive cases per capita.

This can change in a heartbeat. Physical Distance..... ...Physical Distance.......Physical Distance........Physical Distance

No photo description available.

COVID-19 Update (57) 3794 tested, 19 Confirmed Cases,16 Resolved, 3 in isolation, 0 Hospitalized

Despite the low numbers, we are still concerned for you and your family's safety. We continue and highly recommend that you keep a physical distance between yourself and others of 6 feet, good hygiene and no gathering to reduce your risk.

Even with our low numbers, it is easy (and human nature) to let your guard down. However you are still at risk with people moving around, traveling from other centres and the small minority that are not following the recommendations from our medical professionals.

To help keep you focused, please assume everyone you see out there is positive. No one wants to harm others by their actions nor does anyone (that I know of), want to be Hospitalized, sick or quarantined for a period of 14 days or longer.

Think of others when you are out. The vulnerable, elders or those that have immune system challenges. They are very worried and concerned. Your actions put their lives at risk.

Our front line workers ask for your support to keep them safe.

The long weekend is 4 days away and here in Northern Ontario, that is a special weekend for all of us. The next couple of updates will focus on keeping you safe with the upcoming warm weather and greater numbers being out and about.


COVID-19 Update (56) Mother's Day

We want you to celebrate your Mother's Day for decades to come. Our mom's want to see their grandchildren have children of their own and be there to hug them and celebrate.

Please don't let your guard down, you really need to respect the protocols as tough as it is. Make the day special for sure and be creative, more creative then ever before. Be over the top but please respect the protocols. We are not out of the woods.

This is one 2020 milestone we will need to sacrifice for their health and well being, so they can be there well into the future. Sorry to be that messenger.

We love you mom, from 6 feet away. We want to share the future with you, so today I say Happy Mother's Day with the "greatest love and respect, I can show you" by keeping the 6 foot distance between us.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.


COVID-19 Update (55) Physical Distancing and Heroes in the shadows

Physical Distancing

With the warmer weather, stores opening up and people just wanting to get outside, we are noticing more and more activity. With the feeling of our low risk here in the city, human nature is to let our guard down.

I know I have said this a million times but for the one millionth and first time, your safety is following the protocols of physical distancing, good hygiene and not visiting others. This is the only way to protect you and your family. People are traveling to other centres and they are traveling here from areas of high positive case areas. This is the fastest way for our numbers to skyrocket. Please do not let your guard down or believe you are safe.

Heroes in the shadows.

We recognize our front line workers and the good work they are doing for us. All front line workers are heroes in the shadows. One area of frontline staffing that rarely gets mentioned, is our mental health, addictions and social workers working with our homeless, addicted and vulnerable. This is very challenging work and mostly misunderstood by many. These professionals put their heart and soul into helping the most unfortunate. It is also an area where the most public criticism is focused. This is devastating for their morale. They need your support more than ever. Please before you put something out there, consider these caring professionals and their dedication to helping individuals that most turn away from. They are educated and knowledgeable professionals. They are doing everything they can and it will never be enough for some.


COVID-19 Update (55)

It is truly amazing to see and hear what individuals and businesses are doing to help one another during these times. From drive by salutes, delivery of dinners and treats to Frontline workers, free on line classes, free concerts, buying food for seniors, donations to charitable organizations, Clean, Green Beautiful, Care Mongers, Police/Fire going to kids Birthdays, Pipe bands, making noise every night at 730 to name but a few.

To our individual heroes within our community that serve us everyday, thank you.

This is the North Bay we Know and Love. Just Amazing community spirit and resolve!


Covid-19 Update (54) Hope and Trust

We believed in and put our trust in our medical professionals. We put our trust in our fellow citizens to do the right thing. We put our trust in our Frontline workers. We trusted the information and advice of our local leaders. We trusted and accepted the pain we had to go through economically, was the sacrifice we needed to keep people alive. We missed milestones because we trusted this was good advice. We miss seeing our families and friends because we trust the advice to stay away.

We must further trust, this was the right action plan and we must not waver from the protocols as places open up.

We must fundamentally exercise the routines of physical distancing, good hygiene, not gathering as everything unfolds. Your protection and low risk factors in your ability to not let your guard down. Life is slowly shifting and starting change.

If we continue to trust our instincts and follow the protocols, we put ourselves in a safer place as the world opens up.

Because we trusted, we now have hope. Hope is fragile and I trust that we all remember that our medical professionals and Frontline workers were there right from the beginning. Let's not destroy their hope in us.

COVID-19 Update (53) Local businesses

Our local businesses need you more than ever. They have sponsored our teams, donated to charitable causes, volunteered in our community , employ our citizens, create vibrancy and opportunities. They have been there for us. It is our time to really support them in these trying times.

The Province is slowly opening up different sectors. As you can imagine our local businesses fully understand that your safety is your priority and wondering if their customers will return. They want to hear from you. Send them a message, a text, a shout out on social media, let them know you are thinking of them and you will return.

Cities are built by local businesses and quite frankly are the economic drivers of success. Their survival is in our hands. If you shop on line, choose a local business. If you need something, please make the purchase this month when they open up, they need to have confidence that we are there to support them early and often.

In the month of May, pick 10 local businesses you want to support as a family. Encourage your friends to do the same. It takes a community to support a business. Let's show them our love.


COVID-19 Update (52) 18 confirmed Cases, 16 Resolved, 2 in isolation, 0 Hospitalized

These numbers included Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts.

Did you know today is World Hand Hygiene Day? (I didn't)

You are doing great North Bay during these difficult times. Our front line workers and their families are proud of your efforts and say Thank You!

I have heard from a local business that they are seeing masks worn by people more and more. They have pointed out, each time there is a confirmed case, the number of people wearing masks goes up.

Still getting lots of messages about regulations, laws or can we do this or that. That is good!

Please know we welcome all questions to help you keep safe.

Over confidence is not what we want to hear, stay the course!

There are some that are not following the protocols.......that is why you must to stay safe. This is your protection.

Leave the infractions for our Police and Bylaw officers to deal with.

Hug those that live with you everyday and hug no one else.

Please call all your friends, they need to hear from you!

Keep your kids informed and educated through this. Sometime in the future, they will need to do the same with their kids as this will happen again.

Keep your mental health strong, we will get through this.

We are prepared for economic recovery readiness, hang in.

We want everyone to be here when this is all over. Stay the course.

Support local businesses more than ever. They need us.

We are here to assist. Here is 2 locations to review the steps taken by your municipal government to help serve and protect you and your family.

COVID-19 Update (51) Top 6 Trending Questions

#6 How soon until we can return to normal?

We simply do not have an answer. The logical answer is when we have a vaccine for the population or unfortunately, when everyone has been exposed. Timeline for vaccine can be anywhere from 12 months on. Remember the flatten of the curve was to slow the infection rate and not overwhelm the healthcare system. Our goal here in North Bay was to smash it

#5 Can we stop cottagers from coming North (May Long weekend)?

The answer is no. While the medical professionals and the Premier have asked and pleaded with individuals not to go north, there is no law to prevent anyone. There are arguments on both sides of this. In reality, it would be unenforceable and divisive. We would not be further ahead in the long run and we would lose any momentum we have now protecting our citizens as our attention would be diverted to an unachievable outcome. Our best protection for ourselves and our families to follow the protocols to the letter.

#4 (tied) Why can't we have a campfire, open up the boat launches or allow golf courses to open. On the campfire question, the Province falls under the FFPA. In our area, we fall under 2 sections of the FFPA, fire code and restricted fire zone. The FFPA does not allow us to permit campfires because of these 2 sections. Even if our fire department decided under the fire code to allow, the fire restriction zone over rules the local fire department. Some areas to the south only fall under the fire code only (not restricted fire zones) which allows local fire departments to decide. That is why some south of us can and we can't.
On Public Boat launches. This falls under regulations set out by the Province. Some public boat launches can open but to serve residents that have a permanent water access only primary residences. In our case, they are very few, if any of these types of residents. Recently the Provincial government has stated we can open up the marinas but with out public access at this time. Sounds like we may have a decision in the coming weeks.
On golf courses. This is a Provincial decision although they have stated that golf courses can prepare their courses. This tells us, they are looking at ways to put rules in place to make sure golfers can practice all COVID-19 protocols.

#3 When will the economy open back up?

Although the Provincial government is slowly opening up certain segments, they are doing so on the recommendations of the Provincial medical officer of health. All next steps will depend on safety and criteria of progress in reductions set by the Province. Business likes certainty and the last thing anyone wants to to do backwards or see a second wave.

#2 Are parks, biking trails conservation areas and the waterfront open to the public?

The official answer is to stay home, no unnecessary travel, good hygiene, physical distancing and no gathering to reduce risk. If you must go out, it is your sole responsibility to follow the above protocols. We are not naive and we recognize people need to get exercise, walk their pets, go grocery shopping, pick up essentials and to strengthen their mental health. Parks are open to walk/bike through but absolutely no activities. All playground equipment, benches and picnic tables are off limits (we can't sanitize them to protect you). Trials/waterfront/conservation areas are open as long as all protocols are followed. To date, while there are people using these areas, our bylaw officers are telling us, citizens are respecting the protocols. We do get some complaints however, but most times, it is a family unit that live under one roof, which is allowed. Please try to stay in your neighbourhoods as much as possible. If it is too busy anywhere, pick a different time. We also know, some are not following the protocols and our bylaw and Police officers are patrolling. They can't be everywhere though.

#1 The city is having success and low numbers why dont we open up our city more than the Province?

Well the answer is no we can't under law to be factual. The Premier and health professionals have this right. They will gradually open up the Province when it is safe to do so. We will be better prepared than most to move forward. We have been working on economic recovery readiness for 35 days now. We are prepared. We will come out of the gate strong and safely. Council/City Staff/Community Partners are aligned and ready.


COVID-19 Update (50) Success does not happen over night or in 50 days

There is no such thing as overnight success. It takes a lot of effort, dedication, commitment and time.

We are hearing individuals letting their guard down, having visitors, visiting out of town, being over confident and some quite frankly don't respect the protocols and are putting everyone at risk.

We have also heard of grandparents/parents that haven't seen their grandchildren or children or parents in the past 50 days out of respect to our frontline workers and our community.

We know people are out getting groceries, essentials, exercise , going for a drive and sitting in driveways and speaking with neighbours over a large distance. People will do what they need to do. Our recommendations have always been don't but we are not naive.

However, our concern is the complete disregard of the protocols and putting people at risk. Having visitors, traveling out of town to visit, not respecting physical distancing.

Our community has seen early success but this may go out the window if what we are hearing is true.

Please don't be one of the individuals that disrespects our community and our frontline workers.

Our goal in North Bay from day one was to smash the curve to save lives. Our goal was never to flatten the curve as this was just a means to spread the sick over time. So if we let up, we go back to flattening the curve strategy and fill up our Hospital or worse overwhelm it.

Be mad at us, if nothing happens. Yes, we are being protective.

If we get a jump in cases........... then we start all over again.


COVID-19 Update (49) 52,000 Thank you's

Our Front Line Workers have never wavered, they stand ready for us. Not once, did they leave their post.

Doctors, nurses, PSWs, EMS, respiratory therapists and all front line medical professionals show up every single day for us.

Grocery store employees make sure we do not go hungry.

Bank employees open their doors to serve us. To make sure we can buy our essentials in life, putting themselves at higher risk.

Pharmacy and drug store employees make sure we have the medicines we need.

Police and Fire continue to protect us 24/7 and even on their days off, show up to wish young kids a Happy Birthday.

Our long term care professionals protect our seniors and care for them as we can not visit.

All levels of government, elected officials and staff made difficult decisions quickly to save lives, provide support, information and communicated effectively with citizens to keep them informed and provided advice to lower the risk of exposure.

Business and industry made decisions in the best interests of their employees health and safety.

Our correctional staff continued to serve our community and those under their watch under difficult circumstances.

Our Courts staff and all those in this area, continued to serve.

Essential workers at stores, garages and service outlets were there to serve us.

Our Postal Carriers continued door to door to make our lives as normal as possible and keep us connected.

Restaurant staff cook up delicious meals and snacks for our community

Our Transit drivers drive their routes 7 days a week, so people can get home, to work or to the Hospital.

Cab drivers work 24/7 just in case you need to get somewhere.

Maintenance staff of all organizations work long hours to make sure all facilities are clean and safe.

Social services staff look after those in need.

Food bank staff made sure their clients do not go hungry

Mental Health workers made sure there is always someone to speak with.

Our shelter staff work around the clock to help the homeless.

Our LCBO and Beer Store employees that continue to allow us to have a glass of wine or beer at dinner.

Our truck, courier and delivery drivers that make deliveries of essential items for the supply chain to keep our economy moving as best that it can.

Our city staff rotated their shifts and hours to make sure our city is safe, roads are clear, provide safe drinking water and services that our citizens depend on.

All essential workers and front line staff, deserve our appreciation and respect

Our City of 52,000 citizens, want to say thank you (52,000 thank you's) to all of the above.

COVID-19 Update (48) Unnecessary Travel

One of our biggest risk today and for the near future is unnecessary and neccessary travel (yes there are both) by individuals traveling to our city and our citizens traveling to other centres. Other cities in the Province and neighboring Provinces have high positive numbers that easily can be brought back.

We have lowest positive cases per capita in the Province but this could change quickly.

The best way to protect ourselves and our community is not to travel unless absolutely necessary and by keeping the 6 foot physical distance at all times and not letting our guard down.

If we see a spike in positive cases, more than likely this will be the cause.

As for visitors to our city, we have no way of stopping this, it is a fact of life even during a pandemic. You can protect everyone by following all the protocols to a T.

We need you more than ever, to hang in and dont let your guard down. Your safety, your family's safety and the safety of our frontline workers depend on your actions.

COVID-19 Update (47) This chart shows our respect for our frontline workers and our families

North Bay and area is still the lowest per capita in the Province of Ontario.

Having said that, we are hearing anecdotal that some are letting their guard down. We are playing with fire if we do this. Please consider our frontline workers, seniors and those with compromise and suppressed immune systems

This is not about survival of the fittest.

Please stay the course, we are the lowest for a reason, because we care about one another.

No photo description available.

COVID-19 (46) Yes it is ok to be Antsy, we are human

Yes we are social beings and this is not natural. However, during a pandemic, the "old" natural is a recipe for disaster. We need you to hang in, to encourage your family and friends to keep going. We miss the handshakes, hugs and pats on the back, the BBQs, celebrations and dinners with friends. We will get back there but in the meantime, encouragement is our best friend in the days ahead. We need your assistance. Please continue to support one another and above all encourage others to keep going.

Our Police and Fire personnel are helping parents celebrate kids Birthday's and Seniors Birthday's, to assist families out there. This compassion and goodwill helps our families through this difficult time.This is what community is all about, If your child has a birthday, please reach out!

6Eleven on Lakeshore is giving free hot dogs for those that are hungry. Fitness outlets have free exercise classes on-line, creative industries has many virtual events. These are just a few ways businesses and organizations can assist our citizens through this. If you are able, please give it some thought how you can give back.

If you do go out, it is your sole responsibility to follow all the protocols especially physical distancing, good hygiene, don't touch surfaces, no unnecessary travel and not to gather. (I know I have said this a million times)

North Bay, you are doing great, take pride in your efforts. The COVID-19 virus is close by and is a present danger to all of us. Now is not the time to give in.

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COVID-19 Update (45) You Smashed it!

Hey North Bay, you didn't just flatten the curve, you smashed it! This speaks to our community resolve and spirit to help one another and shows your great respect for our frontline workers.

We may still and more likely to get more positive cases, so please do not get down. You are doing amazing.

Please don't let your guard down now, it is still a present danger. We have come too far to start over. The sooner we get through this, the sooner we can get life back to as close to normal as possible.

Keep it going North Bay. Take pride in your efforts.

No photo description available.


COVID-19 Update (44) Reflection and Heartbreak

We have all missed significant milestones in our lives since the pandemic protocols were put place some 44 days ago. Our kids and grandkids miss having their friends and family members over for their birthdays. Our grandparents have had birthdays without us. There are new grandparents that haven't hold a new grandchild. Families have had to say goodbye to a loved one and couldn't be there to hug, comfort or cry with family members and friends. Individuals have lost their jobs and business owners have had their businesses close.

There are so many other milestones that have been missed. This is heartbreaking. We are in uncharted territory. There is no handbook or guide to reference.

So where do we turn? We turn to our medical professionals that have dozens of years of training. We have confidence in our medical professionals. We will listen and move forward with their recommendations only.

As of Monday April 27th (8am), we have in the region 16 positive cases. 14 have been resolved and 2 are still Hospitalized. North Bay is a city with the lowest positive cases per capita in the Province of Ontario. Our citizens get it. One citizen compared us to New Zealand, a country that has made great progress.

I have touched on many initiatives that our city and our community partners have done to make the safety of our citizens the top priority. We have been successful to date. Our citizens understand the need to follow these recommendations and they are supportive of staying the course. We need to hang in. No one can give us a date, we must continue to believe we are on the right track to be successful.

Yes, I am receiving questions about the economy, businesses opening and jobs. We are following the lead of the Federal and Provincial governments. They make the rules and laws that govern this area. I am supportive of their leads and we stand with them.

Having said that, we have a knowledgeable and engaged economic team in place at city hall. Local business leaders continue to contribute with ideas and recommendations. Our economic staff continue to work with local business and Industry. City council is working with staff and community partners and we all are aligned. Economic Recovery readiness started on March 31st almost a full month ago. Much work has been done. We will be ready to come out of the gate strong and hard, when we get the green light.

We were prepared when safety was priority one when the pandemic hit. We are prepared for the economic recovery when it occurs and once again we will be leaders.

We need to continue to vocally supportive of the safety plan we have in place. The plan follows the recommendations of our medical professionals. We have confidence in our frontline workers and appreciatetheir efforts. Please hang in there, we are on the right track.…/mayor-s-daily-community-br…/

COVID-19 UPDATE (43) Compassion and Empathy

It is Sunday, a traditional day of rest for most, except for our frontline workers. I have heard from many dedicated frontline workers. Their message is important, they are the front line. Here is their message to me. I wanted to share with you.

Their biggest fear is not being infected with the COVID-19 virus. They want to help and be there for us, in our time of need. They stand ready, they go to work, knowing their risk profile is so much higher than the average population. They know more about what the virus will do than most of us want to know. They put themselves in harm's way for you. No this is what they fear the most.

Their biggest fear.......bringing it home to their family, their spouse, their children. Stop and reflect on this for a few moments. It is not only frontline workers in harm's way, it is their very own families because of their profession. These dedicated professionals deserve our full attention and full support. Please have Compassion and Empathy for them and their families.

Please don't be that person in a media story that says after the fact, "I didn't follow the rules, I know I should have, I got sick, please don't do what I did, I was so sick, you need to take this seriously" That is not the message or story we want to hear.

If someone you know has tested positive, please don't shun them or cast shade. They need our support more than ever. Please have Compassion and Empathy for them and their families.

Compassion and empathy is a strength and guidance for staying the course of looking after everyone else.

On this traditional day of rest, stop and think of our frontline workers and their families. Your Compassion and Empathy for them is a show of respect.

COVID-19 update (42) Be mad at us if nothing happens!

Seems like a strange headline don't you think?

Here in North Bay, we are one of the leaders in the Province with the lowest positive cases per capita. Thanks to you, our community.

I am starting to get messages, "well our cases are low and the rules are too harsh or stupid or uncalled for" or " what's a campfire going to hurt, friends or family stopping over you gone too far and on and on, time to lighten up" A common theme.

Well to those that believe this, it is ok to be mad at us and say we over reacted. We are not naive and we do understand your feelings. However, if you believe we over reacting and nothing is happening,

That is what we want to happen...........NOTHING!

The reason these protocols are in place because it is sound scientific advice and the right thing to do.

We have come too far to stop now. Our frontline workers and our community are asking you respectfully, to keep following the protocols.

This is in the DNA of our community..........looking out for one another, community spirit and supporting one another. Be proud North Bay, you are making a difference and the Province is noticing.

COVID-19 Update (41) Doing Great North Bay!

With the warmer weather upon us, we can't let our guard down now, we have come too far to go backwards and start over. You are doing great!

With the warmer weather here is a reminder.

The City’s playgrounds and other outdoor recreational amenities, including basketball and tennis courts, the off-leash dog park, picnic tables, benches are closed. The main reason for this, is we can't keep you safe. We don't have resources to maintain and keep sterilized to protect you and your family.

Parks, trails and open spaces remain available to the public to walk through, but users must continue to practice physical distancing, not gather or have activities in the park.

Please stay home but if you need to go out for exercise, walk your pet or strengthen your mental health, please physical distance, use hand sanitizer, not gather, stay away from busy places, don't touch common surfaces.

Residents who are going out for a walk can help even further staying within their neighbourhood.

Be Proud North Bay, you are leaders in Ontario. You have shown great respect to our frontline workers by keeping them safe so they will be there for us we we need them. Our community spirit and resolve has never stronger.

COVID-19 Update (40) Warmer Weather

In Northern Ontario, we look forward to this time of year to get outside to enjoy the nicer weather after being house bound all winter. It is a time when every thing seems to come alive.......................

This spring and summer we are asking you to stay home, physical distance, practice good hygiene, no unnecessary travel, not to gather to STAY alive..................................................

COVID-19 Update (39) Well Done North Bay......Please Don't Stop!

The latest Epidemiologic Summary ending April 19th at 2pm shows North Bay and area the lowest rate per 100,000 population.

We are # 1..............SO FAR, but that could change in a hurry if we let our guard down one little bit.

Out of respect to our front line workers, our seniors and our fellow citizens, please hang in there. It is too early for relaxation. Stay home, physical distance, good hygiene, no unnecessary travel.

We have been hearing the constant bad news the last 3 months, I hope this inspires all of us to keep going.

Stay united North Bay, let's show the Province and our Country what community spirit is all about.

No photo description available.

COVID-19 Update. Communications.

Keeping the channels of communication open with our citizens is so important and paramount through this pandemic and Provincial State of Emergency. Please be reassured that everyone is working closely together. It is my hope these briefs and updates are informative for you. As always, a shout out to our front line workers.

We have been hearing great feedback and appreciation in regards to how the city is communicating and assisting our citizens during these uncharted times. Thank you for all your messages, sharing your concerns and questions that you have. It is extremely helpful. The trending topics that you are hearing helps greatly.

Our website is a great site to visit regularly for all updates. We also have critical links to community partners as well.

For the latest click on on website, click on municipal programs and services, then click on NEWS. You will find the latest updates on everything from a municipal level during this pandemic.

We strive to keep you informed and educated on the latest changes.

If you have any questions, please call our citizen hot line or send me a note.

COVID-19 Update (37) Hang in there!

Hey North Bay, you are doing well. We know it is not easy. Your efforts are truly making a difference. Please do not let your guard down, we have come too far to relax now. Stay home, physical distance, good hygiene and follow all the rules, that is what is needed. It is in each and everyone of you.

Credit and full marks to our citizens for following the medical professionals recommendations! This is a strong signal of respect and support to your fellow citizens and to our front line workers.

We want everyone to come through this pandemic and your continued support of one another is inspiring. Let's keep it going.

COVID-19 Update (36). North Bay COVID-19 Call Centre.

If you have any health questions or concerns in regards to COVID-19, our Health unit COVID-19 Call Centre opens at 9 am this morning and goes to 5pm. 705 474 1400. When prompted, choose COVID-19 call centre. They will answer your questions.

Telehealth Ontario is also available (24/7) at 1 866 797 0000 (TTY) 1 866 797 0007

If you are experiencing or have the following concerns depression, suicide and mental health, call Telehealth Ontario 1 866 531 2600 If you are struggling, please reach out.

All calls are strictly confidential

COVID-19 Update (35) In Appreciation.

A note to recognize those that are at the frontlines and in the face of high risk to themselves and their families, didn't waver. Most of citizens are safely staying home and following all the medical professionals recommendations, this was their way of saying thank you and supporting our frontline through their actions.

Still some unfortunately decided that the rules didn't apply them. Fortunately this is a small number. This group that thought or ignored the recommendations did raise the risk to others including and specifically our frontline.

Knowing this, our frontline workers went to work each and everyday. Day shifts, late afternoon shifts, over night shifts, you were there for us. You did not waver, you put yourselves out there for us, for our seniors and our vulnerable and homeless.

On behalf of all of us, Thank You!

COVID-19 Update (34) Mental Health

Please know, no one living in our lifetime has been through a pandemic of this magnitude. You are not alone. Staying home, self isolating, not seeing family and friends, being able to shake hands or hug someone, losing your job is definitely stressful and hard on our mental health. I have reached out to professionals in this field.

There are many credible organizations in our community. We are working on a broader plan for the community.

In the meantime, please reach out to the North Bay Health unit at 705 474 1400. They will answer your call 7 days a week (yes even Sat and Sun) 9am to 5pm.

If you know of someone struggling, please reach out to them and give them this number.

Thank you to our frontline workers, who are there for us 24/7. Hang in there, there is help available for everyone.

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COVID-19 Update (33) Economic Recovery Readiness.

First priority;

From day one, our entire focus was the safety of our citizens. Council/City Staff/Community partners are all working together strongly to keep you safe. We are delivering groceries for our senior citizens, we set up a "are you ok" program for seniors and a hotline for our citizens that might have questions. Safety needs to be the collectively we, as citizens play an even larger role in role in safety. We appreciate and support all our front line workers.

Second priority

Council passed a motion giving a tax deferral and waiving penalties and interest on Tax and Water bills for those that need assistance. If you need help, please reach out to our staff. It is confidential. Council waived transit fees to assist our citizens and we worked with our community partners to set up the warming centre for our vulnerable and homeless in our community, now located at double rinks.

Third priority

Economic Recovery Readiness. Our local businesses were devastated by the pandemic protocols. People lost their employment and local businesses had to close their doors.

We set up a business hotline for business owners and have our economic development officers answering the telephones.
We continue to encourage everyone to shop local and set up a North Bay Proud-Shop Local page.

Economic recovery readiness planning started in earnest on Tuesday March 31st, so we could be strong out of the gate and prepared when we have the green light. We need the economy to recover asap. The first item was the webinar on readiness, with the MP, MPP and Mayor outlining the initiatives, programs and path forward to our business leaders. This was specifically focused on our business community and business leaders. We asked the business community to bring ideas and suggestions forward so we may be able to put them into action. Our message to the business community and community at large is planning for the future has begun post COVID -19. We did get positive feedback from all business sectors. City of North Bay - Economic Recovery Readiness

Our economic development, planning department, building and engineering departments are working at full capacity and everyone is working. The DART is operating. Staff are processing all applications and building permits. The Province has changed legislation and Council now can have public meetings on subdivision agreements and zoning changes in 25 days. We need to be ready without delay.

We are going ahead with RFPs for our capital projects so that when we get the green light, these projects will be shovel ready. This is will stimulate our local economy right out of the gate and create jobs locally. We need to be shovel ready and this is a sound thinking. Council and staff are aligned.

We are working on further readiness recovery programs with our partners at the Provincial and Federal levels and they will be announced in the near future. All 3 levels of government are working closely together.

City Council and City Staff will be prepared, have projects shovel ready and we are organized!

COVID-19 Update(32) Unnecessary Travel. We need to look in the mirror!

1) The Easter weekend brought cottagers from southern Ontario to the north. The cottagers, looking for refuge from the urban centers drove up on masse to their cottages, mostly in the Muskoka area, but here too. Local governments have been warning and pleading for this not to happen, to no avail. Premier Ford and Therea Tan Canada's Chief Officer of Health warned individuals not to do this as well. Unfortunately people ignored this warning and request. These individuals put our citizens at a higher risk and strained rural resources. They stopped for supplies, gas, goods, groceries and yes bathroom breaks. This is the problem and a key area where the spread can happen.

2) We asked our citizens not to invite family and friends North for the Easter weekend and for our citizens not to travel to the south to visit. While I have no numbers to point to, we do know this happened on many fronts. Disappointing!

3) Hearing and seeing on social media, our citizens making plans with friends to go to SUDBURY COSTCO to shop. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What part of no unnecessary travel and supporting local business don't we get? How about our unwavering support in an effort to protect our frontline workers? What part of we need to take this seriously is lost? COME ON NORTH BAY, we need to be better than this.

4) The Premier extended the Provincial State of Emergency for another 4 weeks. This is sound. My wish was it was extended further.

OK here is our next problem. (Yes always looking into the future)

5) MAY LONG WEEKEND. If we are to be creditable in our fight to stop unnecessary travel of those down south to beautiful Northern Ontario at numbers that will make the Easter long weekend look like a kids small birthday party, the May long weekend MUST be our citizen's rally point. While I believe (but don't know for sure), that the Provincial State of Emergency will be extended, if we as Northerners continue to display the same careless regard to travel, HOW DO WE LOOK?
How do advocate to higher levels of government for measures to protect our citizens?
The question to our citizens is: do we sit around and wait quietly or do we all become local champions in our collective fight to save lives?



MOST VULNERABLE: In our collective efforts to support and house the vulnerable and homeless, we needed to move the shelter from the YMCA to Double Rinks because of capacity issues. This should take place Thursday. We looked at West Ferris arena and Memorial Gardens. Double rinks was chosen as the prefered site because we can use both surfaces to keep individuals further apart and for potential health reasons. West Ferris arena was not a preferred choice. Memorial Gardens MAY be needed should a COVID-19 catastrophic event happen so it was ruled out.

EMERGENCY PLANNING GROUP: This group is meeting regularly and the next meeting is scheduled for Thursday. WE ARE PREPARED. We have dedicated professionals from every sector here to assist.

COUNCIL/CITY STAFF/COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Everyone is working collaboratively and all are on the same page. Our community should be proud of these leaders. They are knowledgeable, engaged, dedicated and all have roles to fill and are doing an admirable job.

We continue to support our seniors with grocery deliveries and the " Are you ok program"

We have set up a community hotline for you to call should you have any questions. Our staff will answer and assist Mon-Fri 830 to 430.
If you are struggling with finances, we have defered penalties and interest. Please give our staff a call and they will work with you. This is a confidential service. If you can, we encourage everyone to continue to pay their water and taxes.

OUR WEBSITE: has the latest information. Click on municipal services link on the COVID-19 pop up (it is the first screen you will see) and then click on NEWS. All the services and information that you may need about all our programs are there. It also has links to out community groups. It is a credible site to get educated and informed.

Our staff have been redeployed and are working in rotating shifts (7 days a week during the day, evening and overnight) respecting all recommendations of physical distancing and following all health and safety protocols. They are dedicated and proud to serve our community. Additionally, many of projects that couldn't be done in the past, due to time pressures are getting done, during the transition of the season and thru redeployment. Our City Union has been extremely helpful, they are engaged and working very well with us during the redeployment and helping protect the health and safety of our employees. Unfortunately, we have limited temporary layoffs of casual and part time staff (appox 80) and we have suspended the hiring of summer students. These are temporary measures during the pandemic.

We held an ERR webinar with our MP, MPP and Mayor to set the stage for the future.
We have set up a business hotline to assist our local businesses and Industry with our economic development staff answering the telephones. If you have any business questions, they would like to assist.
Our capital projects will go out to RFP and when we get the go ahead, we will be ready when the time clear.
Our business community partners are working together to assist business and entrepreneurs. This is wonderful to see
All our economic development, planning, building and engineering staff are all working on current projects and towards economic recovery readiness. They are processing all permits and applications in advance to assist in the recovery. The DART team is engaged and functioning.
Our goal is to be the first out of the gate, to come out strong and united when we get the green light. We will be ready.

OUR PRESENT CONCERNS; These haven't changed. We need everyone to follow all the recommendations of our healthcare professionals. Our frontline workers and our community deserve our respect and efforts to keep them safe so they can be there for us when we need them.

Canada: Closing in on 26K confirmed or presumptive Cases. Over 800 fatalities. 90% of deaths are those 60 and older.

COVID-19 Update (30) Community Spread.

The Health Unit announced 1 positive case Saturday and 1 Positive case Sunday from community spread. This is exactly what we didn't want to hear!!!!!!! (unfortunately community spread tells us it is among us). Those that don't respect the recommendations will put themselves at a extremely higher risk. Make no mistake about it, you are in harm's way. Those that continue to respect the recommendations will be at higher risk when they are out doing grocery shopping or other essential outings, SO MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER you need to protect yourselves and stay at least 6 feet away from anyone.

We have heavily communicated in the past 4 weeks, to physical distance, respect the 6 foot rule, wash your hands, don't touch surfaces, don't touch your face, no unnecessary travel, no visitors (family or friends), stay home, no gatherings whatsoever.

What we saw and heard from the Easter long weekend, was "some" visitors to our local community from other centres which is so unfortunate that individuals would be so SELFISH. Others within the community had visitors ( I can't understand why people would put themselves, their family members and the community at higher risk). UNACCEPTABLE This was not what we were hoping for. Our Frontline Workers deserve our full support and so does our community.

South of us, in Muskoka and cottage country, we heard reports of "large numbers" of cottagers from down south traveling north to open their cottages. We feel for this area as it would have put pressure on their resources in a more rural setting. The Premier's order for this not to occur is a strong signal, that people are not listening or respecting the order. DISAPPOINTING. The Premier's order was exactly the RIGHT call and we are fully supportive of the Premier's efforts

The next few days, will tell how we authored our story. PLEASE PLEASE STAY HOME.

COVID-19 Update April 12th

This is the 29th straight day of community briefings. I trust these community briefings are of assistance and are helpful to you and your family. Here is the MOST asked question in the past 24 hours:


Why doesn't North Bay called a (MSOE)?

-As head of council, I have the authority to call a MSOE at any time under the act.
-The definition of a municipal state of emergency is spelled out in the Municipal Act and The Emergency Management and Civil Procedures Act


Although the mayor can unilaterally call a MSOE, I rely on the advice our Emergency Operations Control Group (EOCG) for advice and counsel. This group formed for the COVID-19 pandemic is made up of the Mayor, City CAO, Chief of Police, Chief of Fire, Medical Officer of Health and the CEO of the Hospital.

The advice from the EOCG as of Friday April 10, 2020, is a recommendation NOT to call a state of emergency. These are professionals across the sectors that give great insight for our community.

I have also consulted with our city solicitor on two different occasions regarding these matters for legal reasons and further definition of the act.

All are in agreement, that a MSOE not be called at "this time"

SO WHY NOT? While in reality and under law, it DOESN'T give us any extra power than we have now. I know and agree, municipalities should have more leeway on the act in an emergency.

The legal definition for us to realize: I can't put in place any restrictive measures that are CONTRARY TO LAW.
Example, a Head of Council will not have the authority to order a private business or service to cease operations or to close by virtue to having declared an emergency or order individuals to stay home unless the higher levels of government make law to that effect.

So why have other cities put MSOE in place. My research doesn't really give any insight to why other cities are doing this except that they called a MSOE and stated the very same things we have been saying and doing for the past 30 days already. Our Council has been leading the way for some time.

*****SPECIAL NOTE**********

Toronto ( they have more powers under the municipal act than every city in Ontario, a Discussion again for another day) and cities in other Provinces have different legislation powers than Ontario. People will contact me and say look at what BC or Quebec cities are doing or Toronto. Well they have different rules than the other 439 municipalities in Ontario. So if you see a city that passes a MSOE in another Province, they may have more power under their act than Ontario municipalities.

The ACT is quite lengthy and very technical. You can find the Ontario Municipal Act online, if you wanted to review it. I have taken a few sections that I believe will be helpful but please know just looking at 1 paragraph and interpreting that specific wording doesn't really help or give accurate direction as with any legal document.

The Emergency Management and Civil Procedures Act lacks a mechanism for the enforcement of emergency orders issued by a municipality.

When should a municipality declare an emergency?

A municipal declaration of an emergency is at the discretion of the Head of Council.

Authority to Declare an Emergency

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) S. 4(1) states “The head of council of a municipality may declare that an emergency exists in the municipality or in any part thereof and may take such action and make such orders as he or she considers necessary and are not contrary to law to implement the emergency plan of the municipality and to protect property and the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the emergency area.”

Reasons to Declare an Emergency
• A declaration of emergency provides the Head of Council the authority to take actions or make orders, which are not contrary to law, in order to protect the inhabitants in the area of the emergency.

Authorities When an Emergency is Declared

The declaration of an emergency in a municipality provides the Head of Council the ability to take actions and make orders that they consider to be necessary to protect the property, health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the emergency area. These actions or orders cannot be contrary to law, which means that if the Head of Council doesn’t have the authority to do something, or to order something otherwise, an emergency declaration will not provide them with this authority.

The EMCPA s.4(3) requires the head of council to ensure that the Solicitor General is notified forthwith of a declaration made under subsection (1) or (2). R.S.O. 1990, c. E.9, s. 4 (3). This is generally done through phone call and faxed form to the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre.

What an Emergency Declaration Does Not Provide

An emergency declaration does not provide a Head of Council, nor anyone else in a municipality, with any extraordinary authorities that are not otherwise provided for in law. For example, a Head of Council will not have the authority to order a private business or service to cease operations or to close by virtue to having declared an emergency.

COVID-19 Update April 11th

It is in our hands North Bay to be the author of our own story. Is your story a one of saved lives or one of a buried family member or friend. You hold the pen, what are you writing?

Story lines of your choosing for SAVED LIVES:

- I grocery shop now every 2 weeks instead of 1
-I chose curb side or delivery everytime.
-I have spoken with my kids about the dangers
-I stayed home
-I did not touch any surfaces when I was out
-I did not touch my face today once
-I did not visit a friend or have a visitor over
-I never came within 6 feet of anyone
-I washed my hands way too many times
-I made noise for our frontline workers at 730
-I never gathered in any group regardless of size
-I stayed informed & educated on developments
-I shared the recommendations with friends/family
-I stayed positive and looked after my family
- I stayed calm
-I asked questions, if I wasn't sure
-I get my information from credible sources
- I didn't use loopholes to stay open
-I phoned a friend or family member to cheer them up
-I choose to follow all recommendations of doctors
-I support my community the best way I can.

Story lines of LOST loved ones or friends

-I did mostly of the above

Here is my story




EASTER Holiday will be our 1st HARD learned lesson a week from or NOT. Did you choose wisely?

WAR: COVID-19 has killed people than more than the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

NEW YORK CITY: Their 911 overwhelmed by panicked calls of voices of loved ones in declining health

DOCTORS: being force to choose who lives

GRAVE ERROR: Not following the recommendations of medical professionals then blaming everyone when things turn catastrophic.

LOST HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND: We lost a fellow classmate last week to COVID-19. He was a WILDCAT. He was 60 years old with wife and 3 daughters. He wanted to live! GODSPEED Ron.

COVID-19 Update April 10th

We have MAJOR concerns. Our concern is the 10% not following the recommendations that is a MAJOR WORRY for us. This 10% continue to gather, visit, travel, not physical distance or take this seriously. The window is closing rapidly to contain virus.

GOOD vs BAD: North Bay has fared well and people have been saying this this OVER and OVER this past week. The needed response is SO FAR!!!!!!!!
If someone says to you we are doing well as a community, you NEED to respond and say SO FAR.

Here is our challenge. While the community as a whole (90%) are doing their part, the 10% are still going about daily life here and saying "see it isn't dangerous" "Blown out of proportion" "Fear mongering" "people can't tell me what to do" " So what if I get it, I am healthy" "people are recovering".

If the (90%) start to hear & believe the (10%), then more will let their guard down. Human nature. DON'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN NOW, The window of opportunity is shutting FAST. We can become an epicentre.


The 10%. We need to get this number lower. We will never get close to 100% compliance unless the Federal government invokes the " Measures Act" and even then, some will not. Let's breakdown the 10% into areas. The breakdown percentage can always be questioned and rightfully so, but for these purposes, please stay with me.

Non compliant Adults (2%) : We do have a segment of the population that absolutely refuses to follow recommendations. They are individuals that will never conform and unless drastic measures by Federal government, we won't be able to sway them anyways. If this is just 2% we will not focus here, we need to be "efficent" with our time and get to the other 8%.

Responsible Adults (3%). These are individuals that mostly follow the rules but may think it is ok every once and a while to invite a friend over, travel to another city "just once", invite family or friends up "just once", well you get the idea. Well that "once" is all it takes. This is a segment we can communicate to but it will take a lot of effort.

Youth (5%) I will group this altogether (5 to18 years old). Our children (5 to 12 years old) who are outside playing with their friends, don't know any better. We need the parents to take responsibility. The parents need to be our focus for communication. We need as a community to REALLY focus here. The parents need to hear this message. We have concentrated here for past 2 weeks, but with limited success.

The 13 to 18 year olds. We were all there once, invincible and knew better! Ok how do we reach this group. This generation is not reading this or following the news (I am saying generally of course because some do). More than likely, they are not on facebook but are on other social media platforms. We will need our youth leaders help on this. They can assist greatly here. The challenge is to engage this group. Easier said than done.

Our focus needs to be on PARENTS, RESPONSIBLE ADULTS and YOUTH LEADERS (13 to 18 bracket).If we are to reduce the 10%, our chances of success increase dramatically.

A call out to our YOUTH leaders here, please help
Use your social media channels to get the message out.
Our community can assist greatly on the parent side. PLEASE speak with friends and neighbours on the danger of kids being out, socializing with their friends, not physical distancing and gathering. This will help greatly and it is something you can do respectfully.

If we all work together to reduce this 10%, it is the greatest gift we can give our community and our FRONTLINE WORKERS.

COVID-19 Update: Reality of Today

With Easter on the doorstep and people staying home with no visitors, (while harsh and neccessary), it also brings the next week concerns to the forefront. We need to be planning today for the weeks ahead on the mental health side of life. STRESS....ANGER.... AND SOLUTIONS!

1) REALITY: You will need to understand and accept that stay at home/ physical distancing/ no unnecessary travel/no visitors/no family gatherings is the reality of today. We are in this for more weeks ahead. We don't know the timeline. Please know that. The sooner we accept it, the BETTER. If you are struggling, telephone a friend, family member, your church. People want to assist, please know that.

2) STRESS: Yes it is real and felt by everyone. Unemployment, businesses closed, people not following the rules, people not being respectful, shouting, supplies, health concerns and many more situations that most of us have not experienced so intensely. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If anyone says this is not stressful times.......(well I just won't answer that). Please know this is a natural part of the process. I am not a doctor, so that is as far as I will venture.

3) ANGER: Yes this starting to happen. We are hearing this across the city. We do need to address this. I will start with a extreme story and then let's talk about North Bay. In some countries, including commonwealth countries some citizens are lashing out at front line workers on busses and on the Street. I won't go into details but it is extremely difficult to hear the stories. It truly saddens me greatly. The very people putting their lives at risk for us!!!!!!!!!! In North Bay, our citizens are celebrating our frontline workers and that is the way it should be. SUPPORT OUR FRONTLINE WORKERS.

In North Bay, we know tempers are getting higher. Please understand that stress triggers different emotions in people. Please do not confront or raise your voice at others. This is not helpful. Some people will be rude, nothing we can do. We need everyone to take a deep breath and realize we are all in this together. This is an unfortunate part of life today.

SOLUTIONS; We need to get our citizens engaged. We need community leaders to help us. I know people want to help but who do you call? Without co-ordination, volunteer based groups struggle. Here is what I suggest as an idea. It is just one idea and there are just as many greater ideas out there. Citizens are sitting at home and thinking the worst, so many without supports.

MY ASK OF LEADERS: We have so many sectors out there and businesses offering free services to our citizens but it is difficult for the average person to find. There are many business groups, shop local etc. These by the most part are well organized and have good followings. Here is what I see we are lacking from my view.

If you are a certain sector in our community, Arts, culture, theatre, dance, Dental (my teeth hurt just mentioning this one), fitness, finance, Sports, Real Estate........ please reach out to your colleagues and see if you would all come together under one place on facebook. It just takes one leader of each sector to call their colleagues and competitors and come together. The idea is to offer free sessions, free classes, free seminars, free paint classes, free music classes, free whatever on line. Could be a live Q and A with professionals in your field. You get the idea.

Our challenge is, we just need ONLY ONE Leader (or Co-leaders) in each field to get a group together. If everyone does it separately, it won't work. Most sectors have associations, memberships and that would be a great place to start.

To make it easy for our citizens to find you, let us use the title NORTH BAY-XXXXXZ and show our pride as a community where leaders are standing up to assist citizens. Examples:


Our citizens have so many questions, so many needs, need to get exercise, to reduce stress. We need you more than ever

COVID-19 Update - Top 5 Trends of Concern we are hearing:

1) CHILDREN- Playing with their friends outside. This has to stop. Please parents educate and inform your most precious family members. They don't understand how serious this is. Can you imagine how devastated they would be, if they learned they passed the virus onto you or a sibling and god forbid, something tragic happened?

2) EASTER- They only person allowed to visit this Easter weekend, is the EASTER BUNNY. Council has passed a resolution to allow this to happen. DO NOT travel to visit family or have family visit North Bay. This would have devastating consequences for our community.

3) TRAVEL- No unnecessary travel allowed! Stay home, do not visit family members in other cities and no visitors from other cities to your home. Still hearing people considering this. Please Don't

4) LOOPHOLES - Hearing stories of businesses and citizens finding loop holes in Provincial legislation on essential services-businesses. Please do not do this. That yard project or Reno can wait. Do not pressure your contractor or service provider to do work. If you are a business and you found a loophole to stay open, we ask that you don't. We will be there to support you when we get the green light.

5) SMALL STORES- We are hearing about line ups where people are not 6 feet apart or the clerk is not protected. Please make sure this doesn't happen. If you get gas, pay at the pump, use a Q-tip to punch in your code. Do not go inside. There isn't much space and you are at risk.

Our community and frontline workers need you more than ever to do your part. It will save lives

COVID-19 Update: Today's message is ALL positive as we need to recognize leadership in our community.

1) Our frontline workers. You have been there since day 1 and we know you are worried just like us. You have stood tall in the face of danger, ready to help. You did not waver in this time of great need and uncharted times. Your service is inspiring.......THANK YOU

2) To our citizens: You took this seriously, you practiced all the recommendations, you took this seriously, shared messages and helped others along the way. You have respectfully asked questions, provided ideas and solutions to the challenges we all faced......THANK YOU

3) Our local media. Your constant attention to the pandemic and getting the message out has been so important. Many of you have given us time on your outlets, on air and pages to assist us. You have allowed me to be focused on the pandemic and allowed others to pick up the interviews that I normally do. We still have a ways to go but with your help and assistance we making a difference.......THANK YOU

4) Our businesses and industry: You have been hit hard but you still donate and volunteer for our community. We will be there to support today, tomorrow, next week, next month and years ahead. Our citizens will not forget your efforts. Please hang in there so we can show you our support in the future. We will be there for you........THANK YOU

5) Our not for profits: You have made it your mission to support our citizens when it really mattered. Helped our vulnerable, served them dinners, supplied food, provided shelter & comfort.You have helped so many. We noticed & we are so appreciative.......THANK YOU

6) Our Community: Our resolve and our deep culture to assist one another has never been stronger. The North Bay community has shown the world what
compassion, resiliency and kindness really means. You have responded well in difficult times. You bent but did not break..........THANK YOU.

We are still not at the finish line. While others are trying to flatten the curve, our goal is to eliminate it. Please stay focused and stronger than ever. We are not there yet, let's not let our guard down for one second. Lives depend on it.

COVID-19 Update April 6th

Two major themes I am hearing that are trending in our city. We need your assistance in getting the message out.


Parents: Please take the time to inform and educate your children (we were all young once and we all believed we were invincible). Please have the heart to heart conversation, that their actions will determine the safety of their own families and our community. If they are out, hanging with their friends, not physical distancing and gathering, they are putting your families health at risk. As a parent, I know you want all the best for them and you want them safe. Having this conversation is SO SO IMPORTANT. It is happening in our city and people are noticing. Please help us.

Teachers: We value you and the students look up to you. With on line classes that have started today, could you take 10 minutes and reinforce the messages from our healthcare professionals. I know how much you care about the students and your message will assist parents. I would like to thank those teachers that delivered that message today and encourage others to do the same. The message just can't be once, it NEEDS to be repeated and repeated. Thank you in advance for all you are doing to keep our students, their families and our community safe.


We are hearing that people are asking about family dinners for Easter. Some want to invite their family members up from down south or other parts of the Province OR are considering traveling themselves to locations in other parts of the Province. JUST FOR EASTER. I can't encourage you more, DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!
If this happens, the risk of virus spread goes up tremendously. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T. Our frontline workers and our whole community will be under attack to be very blunt. Celebrate at a later date when the medical officer has given us the green light. We want you to celebrate Easter for many years ahead but by doing so this year, there is NO guarantee you or your family members will be there in the years ahead.

The safety of our citizens is in your hands.Our frontline workers need your support and we thank them for being there for us. We also thank our citizens that are taking this seriously and following the recommendations to a "T"

Stay safe everyone

COVID-19 Update April 5th

Sunday morning brings more news of deaths around the world including our own country. We have the ability to" reduce" deaths in our own community very effectively and it is in entirely in our own hands. The key word here is REDUCE.

If we don't follow these laws and recommendations, it is a GRAVE MISTAKE.

It is Sunday: Please practice these religiously

-not allowing anyone to visit ( having even 1 person over), defeats the whole purpose. This includes having their kids friends visit or allowing your kids to visit other families.

-Please educate your kids! They may not be taking this seriously or even being informed (yes even given the attention regarding the pandemic). DO NOT take for granted that they understand the gravity of the situation. As a parent, it is YOUR responsibility to protect your children. By not having this heart to heart conversation, you are putting their lives and others in danger.

-You can go for a walk but make sure to practice the 6 feet rule (even 10 feet). Exercise is still important for physical and mental health. Do not touch any surfaces! Make sure to respect everyone's space and if you feel there are too many people in a area and even though there is room for 6 feet, pick another location. Please respect that couples or family units are out there and may be walking together. Until we are ordered to stay in by the Federal government, this is deemed low risk.

-Do not leave your house unless it is absolutely neccessary like groceries, medical or emergencies. Be aware of distancing, surfaces, hands to your face. When we say do not leave house, it doesn't mean you can't be in your yard or on your deck or a walk. It means don't go where people are.

-Support local business and have them deliver or if you have to go, make sure they have curb service. Our staff will deliver groceries to our seniors or those without means of transportation


- We used to say Social distancing but "they" have changed the wording now to physical distancing. To reduce risk, this means a minimum of 6 feet apart.

-ALWAYS, ALWAYS stay 6 feet apart,, more if you can.


- Wash your hands often- don't touch your face - don't touch any surfaces-carry sanitizer with you.

-Anything less than the above is UNACCEPTABLE

-These are very SIMPLE rules to follow to SAVE lives.

-Our frontline workers are depending on you, they are risking their lives for us.

-By not following these rules we are hurting the very people wanting to help us.

COVID-19 Update April 3rd.

For the past three weeks, I have been telling everyone to STAY HOME for their safety. As Mayor, I needed to be at my office to work with our senior staff to make sure all the measures were in place to help protect our citizens and our staff. Your safety was priority one and still is.

My council and our staff have been leaders in the municipal world and I can't thank them enough. North Bay you should be proud of this team. I am so proud to work with these women and men and I have seen first hand the dedication.

The decisions made to protect and support our community have shown leadership, initiative, collaboration and have lead all municipalities in decision making on issues regarding COVID-19. That is inspiring.

I have declined many requests or calls unless it was critical to COVID-19. Many councilors stepped in to do interviews on the vast range of city services allowing me to work with senior staff on the most important issue of safety. I thank them for filling in these trying times. I am sorry to those that I didn't speak with. It was important for this team to be focused on the job at hand. Safety of our citizens was paramount.

As we all know, these are stressful times. This picture was taken at 6 pm tonight (Friday) and was the last meeting this group will have in person until we get the approval from our healthcare professionals to meet again unless it is an emergency.

Leadership is showing the way and with all the measures now put in place (even though I truly want to be at the office), I can't justify why I should be there now when I can work from home. Our senior team will work mostly if not entirely work remotely.

As you have seen my posts and interviews lately have been more blunt and to the point.

We need to STAY HOME and allow our frontline workers to do their jobs because they can't stay home with their families. This is the biggest gift we can give them and the most important.

If you are are a parent, please please educate your children regardless of age, how important it is for them to stay home with you as the temptation to visit with friends is strong. Your parential encouragement and skills is so important today. If you really care and( I know you do), it is time for that heart to heart conversation.

I will work from home and I continue to serve with all my abilities. I will be connected with the senior staff and council at all times. Our council meetings with be done thru zoom and the public and media will be able to access and watch all council meetings. We are all in this together.

The future will be decided by you, the community. If we want to SAVE LIVES, join with me and STAY HOME.

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COVID-19 Update: Community Hotline

Full credit to Deputy Mayor Tanya Vrebosch for this idea and for working with our staff to get it implemented.

The City of North Bay’s Customer Service Centre is operating as a community hotline for residents looking information and services aimed at helping those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number to call is 705-474-0400 (after greeting: press 2) email

Staff will assist callers in accessing City of North Bay programs and services, direct them to important sources of information and help them connect with other community or government supports.

The Customer Service Centre is operating Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–4:30 pm.

COVID-19 Update April 1st

I have been getting calls from individuals that "SOME" are not following the Healthcare professionals Directives. This is UNACCEPTABLE. I ask everyone, if you believe in this message, please share. Your voice is SO important.

Anything less than 6 feet for social distancing is UNACCEPTABLE.

A gathering of more than 5, is not a recommendation or directive any more...….IT IS THE LAW.

If you are not an essential worker: STAY HOME

Our playgrounds are closed because we can't insure your safety due to the COVID 19 virus. Do not use them. IT IS THE LAW.

Everyone Monday, Wednesday and Friday, MooseFM has donated and set aside 5 minutes at 8:20 am for us to bring the community update on COVID-19. Please tune in and hear the latest.

Thank you to the 99% of citizens doing their part to keep frontline workers safe by staying home

Thank you to everyone publicly thanking our frontline workers, they NEED to know you stand with them.

I would like to thank COGECO Your TV for donating studio space and doing regular interviews via SKYPE

I would like to thank CTV and Tony Ryma for having me as a regular guest to update our community.

I would like to thank Mike Monaghan and MooseFM for their outstanding service by having me on their morning show 3 times per week to get the message out.

If you are a senior or need assistance because you don't have a vehicle, we will deliver to you groceries to your door. Please call or email Crystal at 705-474-0626, ext. 2329, or

We have set up a Business Hotline number for any business that have questions or need assistance with the ever changing information. Call 705-474-0626 x 2417, or email to Both are being monitored Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

For Seniors: The "Are You Ok" Program is a daily telephone reassurance program provided by the Golden Age Club in partnership with the City of North Bay. Any senior or family member/friend that knows of a senior that this would assist please call 705-499-1732 to sign up.

Today and everyday lost to inaction is unforgivable. Please do your part.

COVID-19 Update March 31st

If you are over 70, if you have underlying health conditions or your close family members that have underlying health conditions, our staff will deliver groceries directly to you. We need to protect you: STAY HOME

Unless you are an essential worker: STAY HOME

If you need anything, please support local business, pharmacies, restaurants, stores they will deliver: STAY HOME

If you don't have a car to get groceries, our staff will deliver: STAY HOME

If you want to save lives of family, your friends and neighbours : STAY HOME

If you really care and want to show your support to our Frontline workers: STAY HOME

If you want Police, Fire, EMS, Doctors, Nurses to be there when it is absolutely critical: STAY HOME

If you can work from home: STAY HOME

There are people out there trying to assist you and keep you safe. All they ask of you is to: STAY HOME

Any other action, is putting lives at risk. Our community spirit has a deep culture of helping one another.

Our community has responded well.

We need you more than ever, do your part: STAY HOME

COVID-19 Update March 28th

It is early Saturday morning and time to reflect on the past week. I would like to start with a salute to all our Doctors, nurses, EMS, Police, Fire, grocery store clerks and all frontline workers. You have been there for us. We notice and appreciate your willingness to be in risks way to support us. Thank you!

A special & important salute to all our citizens that have embraced & are vocal in support of following the advice of our medical professionals, practicing physical distancing of 2 metres, good hygiene and staying home. If we want to save lives, it it in the hands of every member of our community. Our community culture as been one of looking after one another, now is the time to step up. You have done this and your continued support of our community is more critical than ever. Not taking this seriously is a GRAVE mistake.

HOWEVER we recognize there are a few in our city that are not following the recommendations and that is the case right across the country. I do get the messages, emails and calls about this. In few cases, people will demand city council ban, fine, order, arrest or some cases other inappropriate demands. REALITY: WE CAN'T. We don't have this power. Some will blame city council. I want to say to them publicly, I am proud of this council & our city staff. They have taken measures that other cities are just catching up on. That is leadership, in fact, the decisions made to date, have lead the country. They will never get recognition. That is ok but it is important for everyone to know, they have your best interests at heart. OK then......What can we do as citizens in this case about this? Well honestly not a lot. You can assist by REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT the message to follow medical professionals advice, stay home, physical distance 2 meters, practice good hygiene. That is something. To publicly shame is not helpful and not going to work. This is a small community, people will remember those that did not heed this advice. Our citizens will see these individuals as having poor judgement, being uncaring and putting others at risk. DON'T be this person that is viewed in this light.

The City and Community Partners are all working extremely well together, putting actions in place, constantly adjusting to the ever changing landscape that this pandemic poses. There are no egos, stomping of feet or harsh words. No silos. No talking behind backs. Everyone has been AMAZING! Our community needs to know, more than ever, everyone is collaborating, co-operating, sharing and providing resources between themselves. They care about you and our community.

I will recap some of the steps taken to date this week and explain why they are important steps. It will not be a complete list as it is long and complex and I am sure to miss a few.
1) Restrict access to city facilities: The sole purpose of this is to protect the essential workers we need to operate the water plant, waste water plant, senior decision makers, maintain water/sewer infrastructure, protect personnel that provide public protection (Police, Fire, EMS). I believe you get the idea.

2) Close arenas and take out the ice. We may need these facilities if the worst comes to bear. People have been suggesting we use these facilities for this or that. I know some may disagree but you need to trust the decision made by our emergency response team made up of discipline across all community partners including medical professionals, Police, Fire, EMS, Senior staff and emergency logistics are among the leaders

3) Waive interest, penalties, defer payments to assist business and citizens. This is a good responsive step. A few will say we should waive taxes or water bill's entirely or even reduce (as a tax payer I would like this too), it is not an option really as the cities operating costs are rising faster in a pandemic situation. This really is our only source of revenue. If we dont have revenue to provide services and eat thru our reserves too quickly, we will be in a very difficult position at the end of the pandemic. We need to stretch out finances over a longer period of time to be responsible. We encourage those that need assistance to reach out to our staff, at the same time if you can pay, we need to ongoing revenue to support the services in place and provide safe drinking water.

4) We set up a Business Hotline to assist our local businesses. The Business Services Hotline is for our companies that wish to connect with a staff representative. The hotline number is 705-474-0626 x 2417, or email to Both are being monitored Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. I encourage everyone to support local business and if you order something on line, choose a local business to make that purchase.

5) Homelessness. Our city staff, DNSSAB, Mary Davis and her group and community partners have put in place many initiatives to assist our vulnerable population to date and have further steps and actions taking place every single day. I realize some in our community want to know every step or may believe more needs to be done (collectively we all believe this too including the group above), they are working flat out to assist our vulnerable population. This is a complex situation. They have the expertise and we need to give them the space to make decisions neccessary. I will defer to them as we did with the roundtable. They know what they are doing. MORE TO COME.

6) Are you ok program. To assist our seniors. If you know of a senior that that could use this program and/or to help put at ease families that are concerned for a family member or friend or neighbour ***NEW UPDATED NUMBER 705-499-1732**

The "Are You Ok" Program is a daily telephone reassurance program provided by the Golden Age Club in partnership with the City of North Bay. Call 705-499-1732 to sign up. Enrolled seniors receive a daily call from a voice-activated computer program to check on their well-being. I would like to recognize Councilor Bill Vrebosch for his leadership in working with our staff and the Golden Age Club on this program. More announcements to come Monday on other initiatives.

7) No fee transit. This helps our citizens and keeps our bus drivers safer

In conclusion, we know tomorrow will bring surprises and nasty turns but also hope and stronger community resolve. More will be done, criticism will be rampant, leaders will be leaders and leaders will continue to lead strongly and make sound decisions. Our community will come closer together than ever. In the end, know all leaders are human too and they need your support. We are all in this together and the outcome is in all our hands.

Mayor Al McDonald

COVID-19 Update March 27th

Our Doctors, nurses, EMS, Police, fire, ambulance and front line workers are doing their part. They are out there in harms way making a difference for you. Every individual in our community plays the most important role. If you don't follow the medical professionals advice to social distance, stay home if possible, practice good hygiene and never go to work if you are sick, will put lives at risk. It is that simple, we need you to do your part

Community update on COVID-19 March 26th

Please stay informed, educated and calm. City Council, City Staff and all our community partners are working together but we need your help. We need everyone in the city to follow our medical professionals advice, social distance, practice good hygiene and stay home if possible. We need the community to embrace these recommendations. You will play the most important role of all.


We are prepared. I would like the community to know, we are completely focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are programs that are out of our jurisdiction, all those within our jurisdiction have been closely reviewed. Our team here at the city is working night and day, to serve you. We are truly doing our best thru these uncharted times. We are working closely with our community partners. We will be making further announcements to help ease the strain on our citizens, to demonstrate we are here for you as a municipal government.
I apologize in advance for not responding or returning your calls in regards to a road, sidewalk or similar concerns during the pandemic. If it isn't COVID -19 related, I just can't take the time to be pulled in a different direction or lose focus. I am sorry for this. HOWEVER, if it is a safety concern regarding our infrastructure absolutely call our public works dispatch at 705 474 4340, they are there 24/7 to assist and send a crew out. If you have questions, please call us at 705 474 0400, we have staff available. Please be patient as we have limited staff to follow the advice of our medical professionals.

Our council and staff are dedicated and here to serve our citizens. Please stay tuned as we roll out programs to assist our citizens. I ask you to share these new programs with your friends and family when they are announced. This way we can get the word out faster.

Again........please please take this COVID-19 pandemic seriously. Stay home if you can, social distance, practice good hygiene and follow the advice of our medical professionals. We are all in this together and your actions will determine what happens in our community

UPDATE March 23rd

The Province today stated they will order all non-essential businesses to close (we will know tomorrow what the legal definition of a "non essential" means). This will address a lot of concerns I have been hearing from residents asking why doesn't the city declare a state of emergency and close down non-essential businesses, order people to stay home, self isolate, fine people not observing safe distancing and many other related concerns. A municipality in Ontario even with a "State of Emergency declared" does not have the power or jurisdiction to close businesses, malls or order people to stay home. We can strongly encourage, which we have been doing. I will conclude, we MUST as a community, follow the advice of medical professionals, practice social distancing, good hygiene, stay home, stay informed and educated. Our team here at city hall is doing everything we can, we ask our citizens to follow the rules to help protect all of us.