About North Bay

  • North Bay possesses the largest airport north of Toronto (the Jack Garland Airport).
  • North Bay hosts the largest annual combined fur auction in North America.
  • Ringette was invented in North Bay by Sam Jacks in 1963. Jacks, the late Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of North Bay, introduced the game to the Northern Ontario Directors Municipal Recreation Association.
  • The first European explorer to the North Bay area was Samuel de Champlain in 1615.
  • The city began as a village and trading centre in 1851.
  • Incorporated as a city in 1925.
  • Nipissing University, one of Canada's newest universities, underwent a $9.2 million expansion. City Council donated $500,000 - $100,000 annually for five years to the university. The province announced a $4.2 million in funding to Nipissing University for a student centre. Canadore College is also a partner in the student centre.
  • There are multi-use trails throughout North Bay for walkers, joggers, cyclers, and in-line skaters.
  • Moncton, New Brunswick is North Bay's sister city. 

Geography Summary

The legal geographic boundaries of the District of Nipissing lie from just south of the Town of Temagami (that is the boundary between the District of Temiskaming and the District of Nipissing) in the north; to just south of the city at the boundary between the City of North Bay and the Township of North Himsworth (that is the boundary between the District of Parry Sound and the District of Nipissing) in the south and from a point just east of the Village of Warren (that is the boundary between the District of Sudbury and the District of Nipissing) in the west to a point east of Mattawa including all of Algonquin Park (that is the boundary between the County of Renfrew and the Distrist of Nipissing) to the east and southeast.

District of Nipissing Boundaries are as follows:

  • District of Temiskaming to the North.
  • District of Parry Sound to the South.
  • District of Sudbury to the West.
  • County of Renfrew to the East.


Geographic Coordinates

Latitude: 46.32000 N
Longitude: 79.46000 W
Elevation : 645 ft above sea level (main city area)

Land Area

Land area of the Municipality of the City of North Bay - 312.28 square km

Land area of North Bay and surrounding area - 863.89 square km

Environment Summary

Some of the major attributes of North Bay are the quality and diversity of its heritage and natural environment. Not only does North Bay and area enjoy fresh air, abundant clean water, and plenty of green space to do just about anything outdoors you could imagine, but its residents also enjoy low density living with all the benefits of full urban services.

North Bay lies on the "route of the voyagers", that watery highway that leads to the interior of North America, through which most of our legendary explorers and missionaries followed to seek their fame and fortune. This waterway follows an ancient fault in the Canadian Shield that now forms the backdrop for urban North Bay, which is known as the North Bay Escarpment. This escarpment became a barrier to the construction of a transcontinental railway, the CPR, and its selected route hugged the shores of Lake Nipissing to avoid this topographic constraint.

When you put a transcontinental railway on the shores of a beautiful lake, what do you get? People! The shoreline around this whistle stop quickly populated and grew to form a town and then a city. North Bay's first inhabitants came with the railway in the early 1880's and the City was incorporated in 1925. In 1968 North Bay amalgamated with surrounding townships to become, at the time, the largest municipality in terms of area in Canada. (See History for more information.)

Urban North Bay straddles a land bridge between the Ottawa River watershed and that of the Great Lakes. On its eastern door step lies Trout Lake, the headwater of the Mattawa River and the source of the City's drinking water. Trout Lake, with a depth of 60 meters, is a cold water fishery that holds the distinction of supplying some of the best quality drinking water in the province of Ontario.

Lake Nipissing, on the western doorstep, with a depth of less than 10 meters in the vicinity of North Bay, is a world famous warm water fishery and has beautiful beaches and golden sunsets that attract thousands of tourists each year. North Bay's hinterland, made up of rural and natural environments which includes forests, lakes, streams, wetlands and abundant fish and wildlife, is only minutes from your doorstep.

The City of North Bay is aggressively pursuing the management of its natural attributes and has plans in place to do its part to protect the lakes and natural amenities that surround it . North Bay has invested in infrastructure such as a $60 Million two stage sewage treatment plant to ensure that its environment stays healthy. The quality of life in North Bay is one of the main reasons why people choose to live here, and therefore, managing the environment is a high municipal priority. North Bay is the place to live if you enjoy the outdoors and want to pursue a healthy lifestyle!

Weather Summary

The weather statistics displayed here represent the value of each meteorological parameter for each month specified. The sampling period for this data covers 30 years from 1961 to 1990.

  January July

30 Year Avg

(1961 - 1990)

Normal Maximum (Temp.) -8.1ºC / 17.4ºF 23.8ºC / 74.8ºF 8.4ºC / 47.1ºF
Normal Minimum (Temp.) -18.0ºC / -0.4ºF 13.2ºC / 55.8ºF -1.3ºC / 29.7ºF
Average Sunshine 94.5 hrs 278.3 hrs 1,959.6 hrs
Average Rainfall 11.1 mm 96.6 mm 735.8 mm
Average Snowfall 58.7 cm 0 cm 268.4 cm


(Source: North Bay Weather Office)