North Bay Summer Concert Series

 North Bay Summer Concert Series 2019

The City of North Bay and their partners are pleased to announce the North Bay Summer Concert Series 2019.  This will be a series of free concerts held at the Kiwanis band shell on selected Wednesday nights. The show dates are:

  • July 3
  • July 10
  • July 17
  • July 24
  • July 31

Artist Submission and FAQ's

If you would like to be considered for participation in the Concert Series, artist submissions are being accepted from now until June 12, 2019.   Please click on the artist submission and link and complete the artist submission form.  Please read the FAQ’s prior to your submission.  A committee will review the submissions and prepare the line-up.  The line-up will be made public shortly after June 12, 2019.


Do we get paid?   Yes, you will receive paid. You will be paid $100 per on-stage performer to a maximum of $500 plus $200 toward your PA system and crew.  You will be paid after the show.

What gear is provided?  There is no gear provided. You will have access to 120 volts of power at the back of the stage. All acts must be fully self-contained with a proper PA system. All instruments must go through the PA system (amps, full drum kit, bass rig etc).  We want a quality event. Assume you may have 1000 people in attendance.  If you do not have a PA system, we can make recommendations of service providers.

How loud do we play?  We should be good neighbours.  Maximum sound pressure should not exceed 90dB.  You can download an app to measure this. 87dB has proven to be a good level.

Do we need lights?  No, the event finishes before the sun goes down.

Am I the only act on stage?  Yes, the show is a one act performance without an intermission.

What if it rains?  The Wednesday is the official date.  The following Thursday is a potential rain date.  If you have arrived and set up, and the event is cancelled due to weather, you will be paid 100%.  If the event is cancelled on the show date, prior to load-in, and there is no reschedule option, you will be paid 50%.  If you can re-schedule to an alternate date, prior to Labour Day, you will be paid the 100% on that date.

What is the production schedule?  You can load in at 4:30pm and prepare for your show. The show should start at about 7pm and run until about 9pm with no intermission.  We need a minimum of 90 minutes of entertainment.

Will you consider touring acts from outside the area for the shows?  Our goal is to use acts with all of their members based in the Nipissing area.

How do you select the acts?  We have an inventory of 30+ acts from the region from previous events.  There is no shortage of acts.  We only have 4-5 dates so a selection process must occur.  The artist submission form indicates to us who is interested / available for these gigs.  Our committee then looks for the best acts to meet our demographic. Our main demographic is aged 35 plus.  We prefer acts that are a proven commodity with a following rather than a “one-off” event.

Can I do a Karaoke show?  No.

How can I help?  You can help by promoting the concerts and the subsequent reviews through your social media connections (like and share are best).  Organizers will create digital posters and provide online reviews of the shows.

Click here for the Artist Submission link.