Skating Safely

  1. No person shall enter the ice surface when the lights are off regardless of the time.
  2. For skater safety, strollers or sleds are not allowed on the ice. Approved skate aids may be used during approved times. See the office or skate patrol for further information.
  3. Skating shall be forward (no skating backwards) in one direction at a reasonable speed. Do not skate against the flow of traffic for any reason.
  4. No horseplay, tag or other games of chase will be permitted during our public skates.
  5. Food or drink is not allowed on the ice surface or in the players or penalty box at any time.
  6. No street shoes or boots are permitted on the ice for any reason. Street shoes or boots may transfer sand and salt to the ice surface making it hazardous for other patrons.
  7. Children cannot be carried while on the ice surface.
  8. All participants must be wearing skates while on the ice surface. If the participant is disabled then the proper equipment needs to be considered for use ie. Sledges. Wheelchairs may be admitted to the ice surface and it is recommended that the wheelchair use the area closest to the boards. Wheelchairs must not interfere with the flow of skaters. Persons accompanying a wheelchair patron must do so on skates.
  9. Wheelchair wheels must be cleaned prior to entering on to the ice surface so that they are not tracking dirt or debris on to the ice surface thus creating a hazard for other skaters. Spray bottle of water can be obtained either through the front office or the rink maintenance staff to assist with cleaning wheels.
  10. No headsets, cell phones or hand held electronic devices are to be used while skating
  11. Persons under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  12. The City of North Bay strongly recommends the use of a CSA helmet and other CSA safety equipment for all on ice activities.
  13. City of North Bay Arena staff may from time to time have cause to provide additional direction to patrons during their use. Please comply with staff requests for your personal safety.


Be advised that cell phones and PDA’s with photo capabilities are not permitted in washrooms or dressing rooms.