Beach Safety Rules

Have a Water Smart Summer!

  • Lifeguards are responsible for the area within the buoylines only. Swimmers outside the buoylines are at their own risk.
  • Lifejackets are allowed as long as they are worn properly and D.O.T. approved. No waterwings or other devices unless guardian is within arms reach.
  • No dogs in the park except on a 6-ft leash. No dogs in the sand or water areas of the beach
  • No running or pushing on the dock. No swimming under the dock
  • No jumping from rocks or other dangerous locations. Do not jump from or sit on the lifeguard chair or use any other rescue equipment.
  • Do not hold or sit on buoylines unless you need help.
  • Llifeguards are not for babysitting children or objects.
  • No feeding the birds. (Seagulls, ducks, etc )
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the park or beach area.
  • The municipal parks by-law is in effect.
  • Follow all posted rules and obey the instruction of any lifeguard or authorized person. 


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