Location of Parks

Park Name Location
Amelia Park & Beach On Queen Street, at James Avenue Map
Airport Lookout Park Lookout Heights Place, off Airport Rd. overlooking the City Map
Belleview Park 20 McGibbon Street Map
Birchaven Cove At the south end of Lakeside Dr. on Trout Lake Map
Black Forest Park On Hwy. 11 North of the City at the intersection of the Con. 4 & 5 boundary & the Highway. Map
Bourke Playground At the intersection of Lawson St. & Lavery Street. Map
Camelot Lake Park to the east side of and below Camelot Lake Map
Cedar Heights Property (Besserer Road playground)  At the far west end of Cedar Heights Rd. Map
Centennial Park and Laurentian Playground 398 Carruthers Street Map
Champlain Park At the south end of Premier Rd. Map
Chippewa Creek Ravine In the flood plain of Chippewa Creek from Lansdowne below High St. Map
Circle Lake Between Circle Lake & Lake Heights Rd. Map
City Hall Parkette At the corner bounded by Wyld St., McIntyre St., Sherbrooke St., & Worthington St. Map
Coombes Park Across the street from 46 Joseph Street Map
Delaney Lake Walkway Above Delaney Lake and a small strip runs along the east side of the lake. Map
Escarpment East Property Above Olympia Cr. running along to just above the edge of the back lot fronting on Riddle St. Map
Escarpment West Property One narrow strip of land 99 ft. wide that runs along the escarpment from the Hydro right- of-way near Gormanville Road to about 150 feet from Champlain St. Map
Feronia Playground On Hwy. 63 beside Feronia Public School ---
Ferris Lions Park 152 Massey Drive Map
Fisher St. Parkette On Fisher St. across from the intersection of Fisher & Fifth Ave. Map
Golden Mile Beach On the shore of Lake Nipissing just northwest of Queen St. in front of Rahn Metals. Map
Graniteville Playground On the north side of the end of Carlo Cr. & at the intersection of Granite St. & Gorman Dr. Map
Greenhill Park Pearce St. Map
Hughes Rd. Park South of the end of Hughes Rd. Map
John Kennedy Memorial Park parallel to Birchwood Road and runs on either side of Glenwood Rd. and a large block between Parkwood Dr. and Oakwood Ave. Map
Kenwood Park   Map
Kerr Memorial Park On Riverbend Rd. on the west side just before Lavase River. Map
Kinette Playground Off Copeland St. on Rock St. Map
Kinsmen Beach At the end of Henry St. Bordered on the northeast side by the C.P.R. and on the southwest wide by Lake Nipissing. Map
Lang Park Between Lake Heights Rd. & Wickstead Ave. Map
Lavase Park Below the Lavase River Map
Lee Drive Park At the end of Lee Dr. on the right or south side Map
Lee Park At the corner of Memorial Drive (Including Veterans Field) & Judge Ave. Map
Lennox Ballfield
Pat Graham Soccer Field
At the intersection of Highway 63 & Pat Graham Soccer Field Lakeside Dr. at Armstrong Park. Map
Marathon Beach North Bay Waterfront North of Governement dock. Map
Marshall Ave. Park On the north side of Marshall Ave. at the intersection of Parks Creek & Marshall Ave. Map
Marshall Park Behind the residential lots on Marshall Park Dr. ---
Memorial Park At the corner of First Ave. & Ferguson St. Map
Milford Cr. Park At the south corner of Milford Cr. & reaches the lake by way of an easement. Map
Olmsted Beach Lakeside Drive Map
Parks Creek Park Either side of Parks Creek from the edge of Nipissing Plaza to Marshall Park Dr. Map
Peninsula Park At the end of Peninsula Rd. in between Four Mile Bay * main body of Trout Lake Map
Police Playground Behind the First Baptist Church. Access by Victoria St. south to High St. Map
Portage Park On Peninsula Rd. just before Champlain Lodge Rd. at the narrowest part between Four Mile Bay & the main body of Trout Lake. Map
Prince Edward Portage Park Between Prince Edward Dr., Talon St., Portage Ave. & Charlton Cr. Map
Pumphouse Playground On the property occupied by the City's water intake pumphouse on Lakeside Dr. Map
Sage Road Park Along Sage Rd. on the west side from the intersection of Donald Rd. & Sage Rd. to just south of the intersection of Ivanhoe Dr. & Sage Rd. Map
Sam Jacks Recreation Complex On Gertrude St. behind Tweedsmuir Public School between Ethel St., Strathcona Dr., Gertrude St. & Lakeshore Dr. Map
Silver Beach On Lakeshore Dr., being the closed street of Mathew. Map
Sunset Park At the end of Sunset Blvd. Map
Superior Cr. Park Between Superior Cr., Nipissing Cr. & Prince Edward Dr. Map
Thomson Park Between Chippewa St., Fisher St. the by-pass & Fraser St. Map
Van Horne Park Between Strathcona Dr., Van Horne Cr. & Herman Cr. Map
Veronica Park On Alexander Road Map


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