2019 Asphalt Resurfacing Program Gets Underway

North Bay, ON – June 4, 2018 – Rehabilitation of various roads in the City of North Bay is anticipated to commence on Monday, June 10th and will be completed by the end of November 2019. Also included is the rehabilitation of the Kate Pace Way (Cranberry Trail) beginning at Decaire Road heading towards Callander and several sections of Peninsula Road completed under our Rural Road Rehabilitation Program.

Due to the nature of the work, traffic will be impacted. Roads will remain open to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. In the event a road is closed, detours will be put in place to direct travelers around the site. However, the pathway in vicinity of construction will be closed and users detoured if public safety is a concern.

The contractor’s projected work schedule for the first couple of weeks of construction includes:

  • Dane Avenue – Harrison to Carruthers
  • Carruthers Street – Robarts to Dane
  • Harrison Street – Aberdeen to Beverly
  • Wallace Heights Drive – Willingdon to Greenhill
  • Air Cargo Lane – Jack Garland to Airport Way

Other resurfacing work slated for this year includes:

  • Lakeshore Drive – Judge to Gertrude
  • Massey Drive – Oriole to Booth
  • Landsdowne Avenue – Delaware to McLeod
  • Norwood Avenue – Clarence to 548 Norwood
  • First Avenue – Wyld to Fraser
  • Clarence Street – Jane to Norwood
  • Airport Road – Stockdale to Creek
  • Booth Road – Lakeshore to Ferris
  • Joseph Street – Lakeshore to Gladstone
  • Strathcona Drive – Tecumseh to Gertrude
  • O’Brien Street – High to Lansdowne
  • Maplewood Avenue – Beattie to Algonquin
  • Browning Street – Maplewood to Oakwood
  • Marshall Park Drive – Lakeshore to Massey
  • Lakeside Drive – Camelot to Donald
  • Brock Avenue – Whitney to Lakeshore
  • Shannon Avenue – Whitney to Lakeshore
  • Wesley Avenue – Corbett to Mulligan
  • Lee Avenue – Judge to Charles
  • Milani Road – O’Brien to Creek