Baylor to present final recommendations to community on Friday, April 22

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Media Release - Baylor Project Final Presentation - April 12 2016 (PDF)

NORTH BAY, ONT. – After eight months of ongoing activity and collaboration, the Baylor Focus Firm Project comes to a close on Friday, April 22 with a final presentation to the community at 2 p.m.

“The Baylor team has put in countless hours to formulate recommendations that will ideally enable North Bay to grow. We are excited to share our recommendations with the community we have grown to love,” said Carolyn Sykes, one of the 19 MBA candidates involved in Phase II of the project.      

The final recommendations will be provided in a public presentation at 2 p.m. in the Nipissing University Theatre (Room F213), located at 100 College Drive. The public is encouraged to attend and parking will be free of charge. The presentation represents the culmination of more than 10 months of volunteer work—two months of laying the foundation and eight months of executing the project. 

Project co-lead Tim Hutchison commented, “It’s rewarding to see how far the project has come since the foundation was laid last July. By design, the recommendations are relatively simple, but strategic. They are forward-looking and high-level.” 

“We remain grateful to our alma mater for this incredible gift to the citizens of North Bay and are confident this project will continue to inspire positive change throughout our community," added Kevin Hutchison, project co-lead.

Phase I of the project focused on the collection and analysis of information and community insight, with the main source of data coming from the Baylor created Bears for North Bay survey. Phase I students presented their findings to the public on Friday, December 11 and identified four key areas of opportunity for the city: Talk, Sell, Retain, and Develop.

Mayor Al McDonald commented, “This has been an incredible experience for our City. From the Phase I survey alone we have gained invaluable insight about our residents. Whatever the final recommendations may be, we will continue to engage the community and strive to make our City a better place.” The development of strategic priorities based on the four key areas has been the focus of Phase II, which began at the end of January. After a brief visit to North Bay in February and months of follow up meetings and intensive work, a group representing Phase II of the project is prepared to present the final recommendations to the community. “The North Bay and Baylor project has been a rewarding experience unlike any other, and we are eager to deliver our findings,” commented Bill Boyd, MBA candidate involved in Phase II.  

Pat Neff Hall
Pat Neff Hall on the campus of Baylor University (Kevin Hutchison)

Laurie Wilson, Director, Graduate Business Degree Programs at Baylor, stated “I am excited for the Baylor MBA students to share their research and recommendations about economic development opportunities for the City of North Bay. The students started with the results of the community survey and then compiled scholarly research and historical data, as well as conducted personal interviews with community members, to identify strategies that I hope will ignite further conversations in North Bay.”

“We’re hopeful and optimistic that the recommendations put forward will be constructive and actionable. We remain eternally grateful for Baylor’s generous gift and while the project ends on April 22, its impact and reach will be sure to echo well into the future,” concluded Invest North Bay Development Corporation Co-Chair, Paul Goulet.    

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Media Release - Baylor Project Final Presentation - April 12 2016 (PDF)