Cathodic Protection of Metallic Watermain

C.P. Systems will be working in various locations within the City of North Bay installing sacrificial anodes and test stations on existing metallic watermain to minimize the corrosion of the existing pipelines. C.P. Systems will be completing localized traffic control in the areas of their work that may result in short delays. A tentative schedule of their work is as follows:






August 21

Seymour Street

Venture Cres

Wallace Rd

August 22

Cholette Street

Patton St

Hwy 11

August 22

Regina Street

York St

Ellis St

August 23

Chippewa Street

Ferguson St

Fraser St

August 24

Chippewa Street

Fraser St

Cassells St

August 24

Oak Street

John St

63m North

August 25

Oak Street

Fisher St

80m South of Regina St



For more Information, please contact:


Gerry McCrank CET, LEL

Senior Project Manager

474-0626 x 2305