The Council of The Corporation of the City of North Bay invites applications from members of the general public (aged eighteen and above, and resident within the City of North Bay) who wish to be considered for appointment to the Public Art Advisory Committee. We encourage applicants that have experience in public art including visual artists, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, curators, arts educators, art historians, business representatives and other knowledgeable individuals. The term of office runs to November 14, 2022.


Note:  Appointments are on a volunteer basis only and no compensation will be paid.

Public Art Advisory Committee


  • To provide expert community input on City of North Bay public art policies, projects and procedures;
  • To promote awareness and understanding of the importance of high-quality public art;
  • Assist with the development of a city-wide Public Art Policy which will identify priority projects, locations and site selection, criteria and selection processes, and review conservation and maintenance of artworks; Assist with the implementation of the Public Art Policy (once completed) to determine prioritization, implementation, and budget considerations for public art projects;
  • Promote the activities of the Public Art Advisory Committee and raise public awareness and importance of public art in North Bay;
  • Make recommendations for the striking of public art juries and the development of Terms of Reference for juries;
  • Review and assist with the development of Call for Artists;
  • Advise and recommend to staff on proposed gifts, donations and bequests to the City in accordance with the Public Art Policy and other City guidelines;
  • Advise and recommend to staff the accessioning and de-accessioning of works associated with the City of North Bay’s Public Art Collection;
  • Advise and provide recommendations regarding applications for community group-driven public art projects.


Staff Contact:            Paula McCloskey                      

                                    Tel:  705-474-0626, Ext. 2322

Meeting Schedule:  To Be Determined                           


Persons interested in and eligible to serve on the above committee are asked to obtain an application form on the City’s website:

or in person at City Clerk’s Department, 5th Floor, City Hall, 200 McIntyre Street East, North Bay ON


Completed application forms must be


Delivered to:  Karen McIsaac, City Clerk        or Mailed to:     Karen McIsaac, City Clerk

      5th Floor, City Hall                                                   City of North Bay

      200 McIntyre Street East                                       P.O. Box 360

      North Bay                                                                 North Bay     P1B 8H8


All Applications must be received by noon on Friday, June 7, 2019.