City Council Highlights – July 25, 2016


Reduced speed limit for Airport Road

Council supported a recommendation to change the speed limit along the stretch of Airport Road between Bennett Street and Surrey Drive from 70 km/hour to 60 km/hour.  Reducing the speed limit is expected to help reduce accidents by providing greater sight distance and more time for drivers to react.


City to continue with corrosion control additive

Council unanimously agreed to a recommendation to continue the use of Cortrol Max – a corrosion control additive – in North Bay’s drinking water system.  In 2015, the City began a pilot study to help reduce instances of coloured water in residences and businesses.  After six months of intensive monitoring, the study concluded that the application of the additive had reduced the corrosion of water infrastructure and reduced instances of coloured water.


Chippewa Street watermain

Council adopted a recommendation to rehabilitate the existing ductile watermain along Chippewa St. between Ferguson and Wyld streets to reduce the possibility of further emergency repairs. The project will see a structural cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) inserted and formed to the watermains internal profile; once cured the CIPP will carry the full pressure of the system without consideration of the structural integrity of the existing pipe. 


Amendments to the delegation of authority by-law

Council unanimously endorsed a recommendation for changes to its Delegation By-Law No. 2007-228.  The changes would extend the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and City Clerk’s legal and administrative authority to execute contracts relating to operating purposes once the contract has been approved and awarded by Council.  In June 2015, Council amended the by-law to allow the CAO and City Clerk the ability to execute agreements for capital projects, which reduced the time between tendering and awarding.  This amendment eliminates the need for an execution by-law and will result in increased efficiencies and reduced time in the contract award process.


Study of the Marshall Avenue pump station forcemain

Council approved a recommendation to conduct a pipe condition assessment of the Marshall Avenue pump station’s 500 millimetre Asbestos Cement forcemain.  The assessment will help the City determine the structural integrity and service life of the forcemain in order to plan for replacement and/or rehabilitation.


Fire service protection

Council unanimously endorsed a recommendation to move forward with a renewal of Fire Service Protection Agreements with Nipissing First Nation, Union of Ontario Indians, and the Commonwealth Plywood Limited.  The agreements would see North Bay Fire and Emergency Services provide firefighting response to each of the bands and the Commonwealth until 2020.


Roof repairs approved for Heritage North Bay

Council approved a recommendation to provide Heritage North Bay with up to $40,950 +HST to complete necessary roof repairs on the North Bay Area Museum.  The deteriorating condition of the roof posed a risk for future damage to the facility if left unattended.


Emergency preparedness

Council endorsed the Hazardous Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Report that identifies potential threats/risks to public safety, property or the environment in the City of North Bay.  The HIRA determines the priorities for the City’s Emergency Management Program, and allows for prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery of these threats.


Council summer schedule

Council supported a motion to rescind its July 11, 2016, decision regarding its Summer Schedule.  The motion notes that Council’s previous decision to change the start time of the meetings made it harder for Cogeco Cable 12 to cover and broadcast Council meetings.  A revised motion will be brought forward at the next regularly scheduled meeting on August 8, 2016.



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