City Council Highlights – September 19, 2016

City Council Highlights provides a brief overview of newsworthy items from the September 19, 2016 City of North Bay Council meeting.  The full agenda can be found on the City’s website.

Wastewater treatment plant repairs

Council awarded the contract for wastewater treatment plant structural repairs to Adems Restoration for $573,100.00 plus HST.  Over the next two and a half years, the City’s wastewater treatment plant will undergo extensive structural reinforcement and concrete repairs to tanks, walls, channels and tunnels.  Work undertaken in 2016 will be funded through monies already identified in the Water and Wastewater Capital Budget.  Any work to take place in 2017 and 2018 will proceed only with sufficient funding as approved within the Water and Wastewater Capital Budget.

Marshall Park School conversion approved

Community Services Committee Report No. 2016-24 containing a request to rezone the old Marshall Park School property from a “Residential First Density (R1)” and Residential Second Density (R2)” zone to a “Residential Multiple First Density (RM1)” for the purpose of converting the former building into an apartment complex received full support from Council.  The site will now be placed under Site Plan Control. 

2018 World Women’s Curling Championship Bid

Council directed staff to submit a letter on behalf of the City confirming that should the City of North Bay - North Bay Granite Club Bid Committee or its successors not realize funding from third parties, a grant by way of loan would be provided up to a maximum of $129,000 less any funding realized to Curling Canada in support of the 2018 World Women’s Curling Championship.  The City would be reimbursed from the net proceeds of the Joint Bid Committee’s share of gate receipts up to a maximum of the City’s stated contribution to the event.

The 2018 World Women’s Curling Championships are expected to draw competitors from around the world to North Bay, with a successful bid. The event would be staged at both Memorial Gardens and the North Bay Granite Club in March 2018.

Renewal contract ratified

The City ratified a renewal contract with the North Bay Professional Fire Fighters Association.

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