City of North Bay approves 10-year strategic plan

North Bay, ON – March 21, 2017 – North Bay City Council tonight approved North Bay’s Strategic Plan 2017-2027, a 10-year plan that captures the priorities of the city’s leaders and residents.

The strategic plan sets out a vision for the City of North Bay to be economically prosperous for all residents, by ensuring that North Bay is a vibrant, integrated, and balanced community rooted in the natural beauty of Ontario’s near north.

The plan and priorities were informed through a year-long process that began with facilitated sessions with Council in early 2016 and included months of public engagement with business groups, community groups, residents and staff in late 2016 and into 2017. 

“I’m very proud of our strategic plan and the common vision that Council and the community have shaped for the future of our city,” said Mayor Al McDonald. “This plan takes North Bay into the next 10 years, creating a blue-print for how we can make our city even better. I look forward to working with council, staff, our residents and the business community to get started on the objectives that have been outlined in our strategic plan.”

As part of the strategic plan, Council has identified five strategic directions

  • Natural, north and near: Our North Bay admires, values and respects the natural environment as the heart of the community and recognizes the unique features that make the city a better place to live, work, play and learn.
  • Affordable balanced growth: Our North Bay is a city where we make strategic and efficient decisions, ensuring a strong municipality that allows us to keep our residents and attract new people to our community.
  • Spirited safe community: Our North Bay is a city where we encourage the health of our residents and a dynamic and innovative community experience for locals and visitors.
  • Economic prosperity: Our North Bay is open for business and creates a diverse range of employment opportunities for all residents.
  • Responsible and responsive government: Our North Bay is a city where we manage the municipality in an efficient, effective, and sustainable manner, and engage in two-way communication with our residents.

With the strategic plan now approved, an implementation plan will be developed by the city’s leadership team.  Staff will regularly report back to Council on progress and action items.

“The strategic plan will provide direction and guidance to staff when developing annual budgets and business plans, and will help council make decisions about how resources will be invested in programs and services that matter the most to our residents,” said Keith Robicheau, Chief Administrative Officer.

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